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  1. yeah except this time the major update of the year(railjack) was an utter failure compared to the past years. sanctuary onslaught being grindy is ok, but the problem with scarlet spear is not just the grind but how much of that grind you can control. and it did not have the layered rng grind of railjack and liches as well. i am playing since the current prime access was the newest frame, and i cant justify advocating for them anymore. before, their experimental failures actually added something to the game. please tell me what does oplink add to the game? what does liches being rng infested bullet sponges add to the game? what does railjack having randomized loot added to the game? hell, what does railjack itself add to the game? every other update has plenty of stuff that you can use in other parts of the game. railjack has nothing but two meh tier weapons and the worst mr farm in the game. while community always get pissed off at new things, there are usually silver linings that still kept players in the game playing. which is not the case anymore according to steam numbers. and before people say the same old bs of "steam client is not every player" please dont. if steam numbers are decreasing, theres no reason to think that others are staying the same.
  2. if that happens too often, which it does with DE, theres a problem with that company. its almost like de has spent the goodwill they gathered over the years.
  3. it is entirely possible that they dont. which is a huge problem. they arent working on different products, they are all working on this game. they are supposed to know what each other is doing.
  4. they are a single company. companies arent communities, they are expected to have a singular vision and are expected to work in unison through their chain of command.
  5. when it comes to stuff like youtube partners and whatnot, "not a good look" is basically de's motto.
  6. theres a good reason why i said "non shotguns". congrats, you found it. the whole point was exilus mods are utility mods, and they are called that because they dont give the same damage/dps at every single situation. their point is make the build easier/more comfortable to handle. and flight speed would definitely not be an exilus on shotguns if this game did not have basically unlimited mobility.
  7. why do you think? cept they are not any direct damage buffing mods. no it does not lol. it definitely does not give a consistent 10x damage increase. yes, as i said, by increasing its effective range. not direct damage. good thing that its not that kind of a damage increase. which has nothing to do with my point. im not, you are just arguing semantics. damage mods increase the damage/dps of a weapon in every situation, not just a few. we call these exilus mods "utility". i never liked arguing semantics, nor people who make up bs numbers on the fly and you just did both. consider yourself as the winner, im very much done with this conversation.
  8. and how often are you going above that range falloff on most non shotgun weapons? vigilante supplies provide it through a set bonus. i wasnt proven wrong, because those guns give that tiny bit of damage they add (when they add that damage) its the secondary benefit of using those mods at best, which was always my point.
  9. which means it increases its effective range, which for vast majority of the weapons already long enough to cover most of the game without any kind of damage faloff. which is an indirect (and negligible) damage increase at best through making the gun easier to use. again, thats not a damage buff.
  10. none of these are true. at all. projectile speed gives more range, not damage. accuracy and recoil does not increase your damage, it makes weapons easier to use and ammo mutation is also the same deal.
  11. rivens are fine the way they are. and if you think riven market is too bad, dont buy/sell rivens then. i dont, and i dont feel the need to throw a fit at others spending stupid amounts of plat on pointless things.
  12. only gun thats worth its self damage is bramma and lenz, tho with the latter game basically holds your hand to avoid the damage. so if you wanna remove it, i'd much prefer it if at the very least bramma kept its.
  13. can you guys make it so that when im using wukong with this kavat, game prioritizes the revive of the kavat rather than the passive when i get downed? its a little annoying to lose a passive charge when kavat could revive me without wasting a charge.
  14. if you have these weapons, would you guys share your opinions on this comparison?
  15. its the first time i can actually justify using a weapon with self damage. its the first one that makes it worth using thanks to its ridicilous damage output. if it did not have self damage it would be way too op even for this game.
  16. i mainly use vazarin. i can get energy from other sources if i need it, but healing objectives and insta revives are too handy to not wanna have.
  17. Remove. Randomized. Stats. they dont add to gameplay. they dont add to replayability. all they add is player burnout especially with how its implemented in railjack. games with randomized stats on loot shower you with it. 4% of a drop after every 20 minute mission is far from it. and for the love of god please bring down the repair costs already.
  18. im not confusing anything, none of those weapons are objectively bland. they all have some unique mechanic that alters or adds something to the general playstyle. what is confusing is that you claimed to like explosive weapons, then proceeded to complain about de making them too much even tho thats not really the case.
  19. it sounds like you did not like the weapons yourself rather than being an actual problem. there are plenty of decent weapons for this year. fulmin, cyanex, komorex, shedu, acceltra are all pretty good weapons with a fresh mechanic to say the least. also we have nagantaka for longer than a year now if you want your precision crossbow since thats literally what that weapon is.
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