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  1. Thread closed, not goign to argue with anyone else, people are too ignorant. Enjoy living in your bubble.
  2. Then stop being ignorant and realise the reason everybody is saying it is because its a PROBLEM that needs tobe addressed. Peopel shoud stop ignoring it and do something about it.
  3. Heres the next question, is that all? Is it going to be sustainable, will it be enough?
  4. "Another one of these" If there are so many people saying this, then something needs to be done about it, the fact that you are seeing so many of these proves that im right and that there is a problem.
  5. Some people are afraid to say it because of how toxic people are here, but the recent content drop was by far, minimal, one warframe and a mission for nightwave which is basically a normal mission with a few new enemies, technichally, there was no new mission, just new enemies for a single mission that's locked behind a key. Is there any ACTUAL content coming anytime soon? I know you guys love to hide the truth because the truth makes you sad, however this needs to be said.
  6. I guarantee you it's going to get the famous DElayed 🙂 Things such as "released this week" are always a lie, always an "unexpected" bug. DE lied too many times and lost my trust. Just a PSA. Happy jumping around tenno.
  7. Hey, not going to be a sheep and copy the rest 🙂
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