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  1. Warframe is cheap, it's actually free, should DE just stop putting effort into the game just because it's cheap? No, then why doesn't an in-game feature deserve some love? Price should not be a factror.
  2. Still, it could even be atleast a basic fold animation when walking or something, better than 2 stiff protrusions out your back. Making them go invisible is a bit lazy.
  3. I don't know whether it's only me who notices this, but it's like DE ripped some wings off a pidgeon and glued them to the frame, they slowly flap if you stand still, other than that, they are basically dead. They could atleast animate when you move, fold a bit when you crouch, just something, not just sit on your back stiffer than a statue. EDIT: When I say stiff, I mean they are constantly just streched out or invisible.
  4. I was reading stuff about Warhammer Vermintide 2 had variants of different classes/characters for replayability and thought, why don't we have like 3 variants of each warframe? It can be either to suit different missions or just an incentive to farm the frame again or just for the dressy barbie doll stuff.
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