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  1. He means the Arch gun on rhinos crotch.
  2. Would be cool if we could keep that necramech as a basic starter one like with the K-Drive, it's a shame. Also the mechs in the vaults don't seem to drop any parts.
  3. Just found out the Helminth Segment is 15k, so I have to wait 4 MORE days to use it now, why are you guys at DE trying to drag it out for so long? Like I have to wait till tommorow to rank up to rank 3, then wait another day to get enough standing to buy it and wait yet another day for it to craft. What's the point? Why are you trying to make us wait so long to use the system you know we were all excited for? I did all that grind, now there is no point of me playing the game except for when i need to trade in the tokens.
  4. I saw a post, the feedback in this is highly valuable and needs to be adressed in a hotfix : I think the most awful thing about universally-hated mandatory tacked-on minigame that's called "Conservation" is the fact that it feels like it's engineered to be the absolute worst it could be.1) You have your tranq rifle, which gives nothing but godawful beeps that say "There might be an animal in a 100 mile radius around you, who knows!". The animal silhouette is #*!%ing periodically showing, you have to wait for every #*!%ing beep to try and search it out. And, of course, cherry on the
  5. +1 Took the words right out of my mouth, this is what needs to eb adressed. This is spot on! If only DE listened rather than stamping their foot down and demans we do the captures that are extremely annoying/bugged and difficult or miss out.
  6. Being forced into doing these conservations is extremely annoying, others will say the same. A change should seriously be considered. Also the requirements for Son is way too extreme.
  7. So theres 3, one is some piles you click x on are not visile and are impossible to find, second bug is that on some, there are no footprints and third, the aveacha bird doesn't always show up, specifically when you are in that cave that glows white. This makes capturing the bird one impossible because the pile either doesn't show up or the bird doesn't show up, and the locations are almost always the same.
  8. Can we please have a "fix" for the son standing? The majority hate it, why so insistent on keeping it that way? Why the self sabotage? The Btec pokemon ripoff is extremely boring and many will agree. Atleast make the requirement for the tokens a little more realistic. The numbers are insane.
  9. Seriously, being forced to do animal captures is really toxic, also why is Scintillant still extremely rare to get? This is a game where people come to have fun, no work them selves to the bone and waste their time just to be able to slap a single ability on another character or build a clunky slow robot. The community is literally crying out about the laboursome token system but you guys ain't budging, what's the point of chasing away the players?
  10. Just here to thank you for ruining the hype for the new helminth system and locking it behind a syndicate grind wall. Shame because you guys lost quite a lot of people who were planning to return (Based off youtube comment sections on multiple videos). It not only impacts the players fun but the game it self. Have a nice day.
  11. Why should newer players be restricted from enjoying this new system? Why do you care what other people get to use? How does it affect you in any way?
  12. Same here. Happening now. You got it fixed? If so how?
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