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  1. Pretty please? Would make it much nicer to use, especially with the orvius to make not fully charged throws. Can be a very short duration like 3 seconds, that would be nice. Thank you. PS: Why is there no Mod feedback subforum?
  2. Seems to happen while scrolling through the foundry.
  3. Why wouldnt the alerts run for the entirety of the event then? Would it cost them millions of dollars? No. Would the server load increase dramatically? Most likely no. Would anyone complain? No.
  4. Is there a way for me to get the glyph? I barely just missed the alert (since there was no notice in advance about these 3 short times alerts) Also: the typo is a joke, i know its feasting hamster
  5. well i literally have over 102 lith c4. d1 and s8 relics, so i think you can hold at least 999? but if its 999 it may as well be 4096, or 256, depending how the data is saved
  6. personally id prefer some kind of high risk high reward relic cracking. Allow players to open multiple relics at once, but for each relic thrown in the enemy level goes up by XX. Anything to get rid of relics faster, i have literally over a 1000 lith relics.
  7. Oh i guess now people are screaming at you to pick a different frame when using Ash and thats better. Oh wait, that actually doesnt happen because no one uses ash anymore since they changed bladestorm dramatically. I guess its more "fitting" for Warframe to have Warframes that no one uses because theyve been changed to S#&$. Why dont we just remove Ash completely at this point and forget about him. But hey, at least its more "interactive" while no one is using him. So you got that going for you.
  8. Heres how to fix Ash: Bring back the OLD Bladestorm. Before that marking target Bullcrap
  9. Whats funny about this is that with the change to the first ability no one will even use the unreliable and dumb shield anymore, since you cant use her first ability with the shield in hand (at least last time i tried). That "shield" is one hot mess. It blocks nothing! And no, im not saying it has a low health pool and doesnt last long enough. It actually doesnt even work 95% of the time. Whenever i just stood still and tried it, had some enemy shoot at me from the front at any angle, the shield simply didnt block anything. Its crap.
  10. Well the intent is to use a residual with a theorem together. But they still suck if you do so whats the point, i dunno. Maybe if it was impact damage with 100% status chance youd get some finishers out of it at least
  11. Thanks a lot, 30 minutes down the drain. Another alt F4, "I cant deal with this S#&$" moment
  12. I have the current bug. I was working on my operators appearence and i clicked on the Spinneret ephemera to see what ot looks like (i did not equip it, just looked at the preview in the selection menu of the ephemeras) but now the Spinneret ephemera is still on my operator, even though ive never equipped it
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