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  1. A good example is the foundry. It asks you every time if youre sure you wanna build something. Your choice doesnt even matter if you look at the bigger picture. Even IF you built something by accident. You can cancewl it and get EVERYTHING back. So it isnt even a problem if you started any build process by accident, still you have to confirm it every time. I just wanna click on it once and have it be built
  2. Exactly, i didnt say enforce it and get rid of it for everyone. Just have the option to disable it
  3. well that may be true, but when its really so insignificant, a message box just bothers me. Like for example using a forma. Yes im aware it resets the rank to 0, yes im aware it uses the forma up. Ive done it over a hundred times. I dont want to have to confirm it every time
  4. So what? then i pick the right relic next time. Besides its not like the relic is just gone then, i still get a reward. And in 99.9% of all cases i click on the right thing anyway
  5. Id like to request an option to disable all the (for me) pointless confirmation dialogs. Like when youre building something, or using formas, or selecting a relic. Yes im sure what im doing, thank you! You dont have to ask if im sure, i coinsciously made a decission. Can we PLEASE get an option to get rid of all the unnecassary confirmation dialog boxes??? Please DE, please, ive been playing this game for years and it bothers me a lot
  6. As the title says. Its BS, if you dont have a frame that creates extra loot its near impossible to get 10 reactant in 5 minutes cause the spawns are too low, or the chance for reactant drops too low. Ive done everything right after the 3 pub noobs left and could only get 9/10 by the 5 minute mark. 3 times in a row. Its frustrating and NOT fun. And yes, ive mostly only shot enemies with that golden glow thing, since the normal enemies dont drop reactant. Its stupid and it need´s to be changed
  7. thanks that the bounty cutscenes are still not skippable
  8. Fix for the insulting arbitration rewards when?
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