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  1. Whats the deal with that? Im getting it a lot lately. If i try again some time later it works, usually. Ive never had that issue in the past. Nothing about my hardware changed in recent years. Do they have massive server issues?
  2. how far we have sunk....PC is just a footnote now. Not even stated in the OP
  3. Im gonna word this question very carefully so you can try to give an answer: Is the Duviri Paradox still something you would like to add to Warframe?
  4. yes, but you need 5 forma to get the most mastery points out of them, because why wouldnt you?
  5. What the title says, just happened to me and another guy. We have had selected a relic and had 10 reactant. We were both in our necramechs when the 5 minute mark hit. Our two allies could select a reward but we couldnt. Both of us werent afk, we had 10 reactant and we had selected a relic. But it said "not enough reactant collected", which is weird since reactant, just like other drops, is shared in railjerk. The next 5 minute marker hit and we purposely switched back into our warframes shortly before it and bam, bug gone. If we go back into our necramechs for the next 5 minute marker and same bug again. So TL;DR What? Cant select relic reward even when 10 reactant was gathered Where? Railjack void storm survival Why? Being in a necramech when the relic reward screen comes up can bug it out
  6. So is "Using your necramech in any mission" ever gonna be a thing or are we just done with that and it will forever be damned to a life of railjack obscurity?
  7. Makes you wonder, long ago they used to release Warframes that were good on release. Typical "release now, fix later" mentality, as with many things "Warframe" these days
  8. then you die to stray bullets or AoE. And also, tanking everything worked really well up to this point. We had a rennaisance of crowd control in the early days, but things shifted to stacking survivability.
  9. i guess playing Inaros or dying every 15 seconds is the new meta
  10. I did have Adaption equipped too, so i had 90% damage reduction on top of the vex armor armor-boost and still i went down quickly, and so was the rest of my team. Some corpus enemy's damage is totally whack
  11. Me and my squad just did a round of Lu Yan or whatever its called, a RJ survival and the enemies inside the ship did ridiculous damage. They were below 60, around 58-59 and their damage was just ridiculous. They one shot my hound with 1500 hp, and me, a chroma with vex armor on and umbral mods, they take me down in 2-3 hits, sometimes 1. Im mastery legendary 1 with over 4180 play hours, so im not a noob, im not running a normal Loki without vitality on. I have a good feel for enemy strength from playing this game for literally years, and compared to other enemies at lvl 60 theyre WAY too strong
  12. the kuva grattler in its current state is trash, mastery fodder at best
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