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  1. you are wrong but thats alright. He is a lot different now from how he used to be when he was fresh, and actually had stuff worth getting that was new. Casuals cant dump a bucket load of spare prime parts in for ducats simply because they either need the prime parts themselves or they simply dont have them
  2. When he was first introduced he was cool because back then he had new mods that effectively made you stronger or better. But yeah, silly me for getting hyped. I guess after all these months i shouldve learned
  3. Another 2 weeks passed and again Baro brings primed disappointment. I cant believe i was foolish enough to be excited for baro for the first time in months after Red Text hyped him up yesterday. Then i arrive, click on "hide owned" as usual, and think to myself "You did it again Baro, you piece of sh*t. A stupid cosmetic i couldnt give a crap about". Where are the new primed mods? Where the unique mods? Something to keep me going as a veteran, not the same old boring offers i already bought months ago. Since we're on the topic of new, where are the new augment mods for the newer frames? Their Augment mod schedule has been more than lackluster too. Many of the newer and less newer frames dont even have any augment mods
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