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  1. So from what ive read another mainline thats riddled with game breaking bugs? What a surprise
  2. I can feel you there, im pretty much burned out on the game too. And this patch only brings grind. Grind, grind, grind and nerfs.
  3. Still no necramechs in all missions, huh? Alright then, see you next update where ill ask again
  4. I dont understand the point of the damage portion of abilities such as this: "Unleashes a series of shockwaves that knock down enemies within 15m and deal 300 damage. " Does the 300 dmg scale with anything? Because 300 damage in warframe is barely enough to break a container, but it wont do much past enemy level 5 or so.
  5. a single forma takes 23 hours to build, just saying. The main issue is that steel path isnt fun and no one wants to play it. Theres hardly an incentive to. But sure, fanboy along as DE makes this game worse and worse. Youre probably the first to yell "Its not a bug its a feature!" when DE releases tons of game breaking bugs again or adds tons of unnecessary grind: "Its not that bad. Grind is what makes warframe fun!"
  6. I totally love the idea of "Arcane Slot Unlockers", arcane slots used to be free but no, youll have to grind for that, for the rest of your warframe life (which will probably end when this abomination of a mainline patch gets released). Whenever any new primary or secondary will be released youll have to grind for that stupid thing again, and again, and again. Because its either that or youll simply miss out on a large portion of potential dps. This will kill the game. Adding more and more "perma-grind" to the game. Instead of good and quality (= not riddled with tons of bugs) content, we get a grindfest. Amazing
  7. what for? most scrubs leave after wave 5 or minute 10 because they cant be bothered to play the same mission for more than a couple minutes, but generally id say yea
  8. yea and being mediocre at best. Id trash anyone of DE in a match. They have surface level experience of their game, not in depth what people actually do and how they play the game
  9. unlike those bug riddled mainline patches we get? lol
  10. The game is already dying. Declining player numbers, being bought out by tencent. The game getting more and more grindy. Most people just moved on or are about to move on.
  11. My sweet summer child. Youre forgetting, or maybe you werent aware of, DE's number 1 golden rule: "No fun allowed". If a weapon is too much fun because its strong: BAM! Nerf. If a mission mode makes the grind a tiny bit more bareable? BAM! Nerf. Draco anyone? Remember that? Remember steel essence farm? Also nerfed If anything is too much fun or makes warframe life a little bit too easy, its nerfed to S#&$. The kuva Nukor for instance was already nerfed before. Now its nerfed again. Next theyre gonna make it so the K Nukor chains to yourself as well and when you reload it it just explodes in your hand
  12. Well the easy answer is: dont play with randoms. Randoms suck, all the time (almost, roughly 95% of the time) But then you run into an issue: none of your friends play warframe (anymore) Your clan isnt super active anymore And now youre wondering "Cant I just solo this and have fun?" And then the game is like "No no no no. Interception, 4 points to hold, all da time"
  13. Would be perfectly fine if there were no drops (except life support modules and energy cells depending on game mode). I only care about the fun it could provide. Something Warframe is lacking for me and MANY others.
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