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  1. What's with this crusade to make every useful weapon riven useless?
  2. If somebody is so new to the game that they have any reason to care at all about an increase in mod drop rates, they almost certainly need credits more. Credits are always useful, even if it's just to buy 100 pedestal primes once a year. Making the credit farm doubly efficient is far more useful than an arbitrary increase in mod drop rates.
  3. Why the #*!% would you replace the credit booster from sorties with that worthless mod chance booster? Absolutely terrible decision.
  4. Still not fixed for me. How is it possible for this S#&$ to b broken a year+ after release?
  5. Dunno why i let myself get hype for this update. It's just more disruption. it's still one of the worst game modes. Lasted around 5 C rotations with nothing but relics and logged off for another few weeks.
  6. you win the dog days event if you draw, i.e score of 0-0. you still get the 50 tokens if you afk for the full 5 minutes. This game mode is literally just afk mode. and you hhave to do it for hours to get the rewards. wtf are you doing DE?
  7. I was so hype for this deluxe skin, but you totally butchered it. The materials are all far too reflective. The 'hair' doesn't have a consistent form and just looks really low poly in places, and is way too short to pull off the curving asymmetrical look. The semi-glossy torso panels are impossible to tint with dark palettes without look terrible because they reflect white from a very wide angle. The staff texture looks like it's stretched and low res/ low detail. The broken-up energy texture in the cracks on everything just reads as noise when anything moves. tl;dr
  8. I just want his deluxe skin 😕
  9. Not swept under the rug. De have stated multiple times that this is how loot frame abilities work now. What news are you expecting?
  10. Can you PLEASE enable Operator earpiece visibility when wearing an open umbral scarf? Even closed it wouldn't look strange.
  11. So you nerfed a useful farming interaction because of 1 fringe use-case that awards of couple mediocre drops. Why not just change the way grove mods drop? Make them spawn from the statue thing when the grove guardian is killed or something. I don't buy this reason at all, but if it is true it's just idiotic.
  12. Are there no templates for the products? No specifications of any kind? Can / should the same design be submitted for different products?
  13. Clan name - The Shadow VagrantsClan tier - Ghost Clan Clan platform - PCClan Role - Founding Warlord/Architect Our clan Dojo was a series of empty, sterile, halls until I saw the winners of the first Dojo competition and was inspired to start decorating. Everything here is designed and funded by me, so I don't have as many rooms as some other clans, but i think i make up for that in quality. I put off entering last competition because I didn't think my rooms were polished enough, but that is a never ending battle for perfection, so I guess it's now or never. Featured Image - Tea Time Rooms Gallery - I hope these images entice you into clicking the links below them, where you will find much more detail for each room
  14. Can the texture for waterfalls in dojo be offset randomly so they don't look the same when next to each other?
  15. bring a max range Gara and drop a mass vitrify around the general area the boss walks around.
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