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  1. >Potential fix >dropping an update without even knowing if it will work or not :^)
  2. Another hotfix, another 20 minute grind for ZERO POINTS. 10/10 best waste of time
  3. Is this a bug / oversight or intentional? Pretty dumb if the latter, given that rocket launcher and handcannon secondaries can be made to look like pew-pew pistols.
  4. i'll take it if you still have it. Will probs be offline for the next ~16 hours a few hours after posting this.
  5. >Arcanes will require 21 Arcanes to reach the new Max Rank of 5 oh cool, spend another 1400p to max out grace, for less benefit than the previous rank 3 gave.
  6. I don't think zekti polar coil is rare. I have 7 of them.
  7. Wreckage armament tabs really should be reversed. Having to tab for stats makes comparison annoying.
  8. So many game breaking RJ bugs and none of them fixed...
  9. Hard disagree. Except for the bugs, I think it's great. maxing out my RJ and having big space battles / boss fights sounds amazing.
  10. I was just piloting an enemy railjack when it blew up. I was then deployed back into space in archwing mode, but my archwing was invisible. I then returned to my railjack, but was still in that bugged archwing state and could fly around inside my RJ. I entered a side gunners seat, my camera bugged out and got glued to my back, and i lost all inputs except escape menu.
  11. Would be nice if the camera was closer to the frame / window when piloting railjacks. There is a lot of needless window-frame / ship in the frame when piloting. Also am i missing something or is it not possible to roll? I hate having to do weird yaw/pitch combinations instead of simply rolling the ship. Also a larger / customisable dead zone in the center of the piloting HUD would be nice.
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