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  1. I really like the random fugitive spawns. It makes the missions feel dynamic and less predictable. It's also 100% optional so it won't break the game if people don't do it. Small but perfect. In terms of these weekly tasks though, it should be done smarter. Nightwave has a design function to funnel player toward doing specific things at the same time. So I'd like to see DE see the bigger picture to achieve bonus benefits. For example, it's almost impossible for new player to farm Atlas because nobody does that mission. So... maybe Nightwave can put a bounty on Jordas Golem. However, if it's a weekly quest that is dropped at the start of the week... everyone will rush to do it day 1 and it's still fairly tough to get group for the rest of the week. Instead, maybe it is a 48-hr quest for 5,000 points on day 1, then again at day 6.
  2. Frustration is an ignition point for toxicity, and this game is sometimes DESIGNED to antagonize the noobs. In normal content, having a new player isn't very detrimental to the success rate of the mission. That's why normally the community is very friendly to new players. Some content though... trap for toxicity. Spy Alert and Sorties? LONG TIME TOXICITY TRIGGER. Not familiar with a spy vault so you screw up? Entire mission fails 2/3 vault and you just wasted everyone's time and the game kind of trapped you to fail. No come back mechanic. No warning. Nothing. This has been a problem that's been completely ignored. Allow players outside the damn spy vault to hack the alarm and reset the vault already. Eidolon was fine when it was relatively hidden to new players. Teralyst bounty is fine since old players can solo carry it. But opening Tridolon to player with no amp and zero experience? You randomly put a complete noob into literally the hardest and most counter-intuitive content in the entire game and you expect things to go smoothly? Warframe community is great, but even we have our limits. Tridolon bounty should be hidden to new players until they have an actual amp built and maxed. New player should only be able to skip ahead to tridolon when they have a carry hosting/teaching them personally. Otherwise, they should just do enough Teralyst to get an amp before the game shows them "hey in case you never found out, there are 2 more!"
  3. Anthem has the graphics, the animation, and big publisher hype. Though most critics note the lack of innovation in gameplay. Warframe has innovative diversity in spades. It's what the critics say they want. It's what the players say they want. But even when I manage to convince someone of this, the first 3hr of gameplay is contrary to my sales pitch. Buggy first quest. Mandatory achievement grind in the form of junction challenge. Very basic and unrewarding node-unlocking to get to the actually interesting content. Want to do Cetus but can't because no mod, no archwing, no POTATO. Get destroyed in Solaris quest because MR2 and no potato. Affinity and Endo gain pacing doesn't match the content. So when I offer to carry them... It's easy, but the meta gaming kind of hurt the experience...
  4. Speaking of chat... some thoughts after playing as new player recently. There NEEDS to be a New Player chat channel that is visible both in and out of mission similar to Council chat. Sometimes new player get stuck in a mission and need help but no way to ask because they're soloing or everyone else in mission is also new. Recruit, Trade and Region chat should be default to off for new player. Clans/Mission recruiting for noob levels can be done in Newbie chat. At MR 2, player should get an inbox message explaining how to turn chat on/off.
  5. Many skins, especially Deluxe and TennoGen, are already lore breaking. So what about next-level skins that change the body type and animation (costing more plat?). Not every frame would benefit from this concept of course. But the ones that do can explore very different theme/style. For example: Male Valkyr. Bulky berserker with masculine hysteria sound effect. Claw is changed to spiked punching gauntlet or actual beast paw. Female Frost for an elegant snow-queen to contrast the the viking/bulky iceman. The beauty of snow/ice is completely missing in existing frost skins. Male Khora with a kubrow companion and chain instead of thorny vine. (maybe this concept can be his own frame) Female chroma. Draconic scale plate without the bulky figure. Male Octavia. the male version can have chains instead of feather. the modern music world is also about visual style, and a male version can explore different themes. Female Hydroid. Siren, female pirate, and/or water-elemental tranquility. a lot of visual themes for water isn't being used for existing hydroid skins. Slightly went off tangent thinking about these what-if. Have you thought of similar ideas? Has DE ever talked about this?
  6. Just one thing: Echo-Lure sound for Octavia Mandachord I legit tried to play holiday music with the kubrodon echo lure. It's very hard since the damn thing resets after each note.
  7. Please don't nerf archwing to make K-drive seem better. Focus on K-Drive fun stuff. More interesting mods. Maybe the tricks each add different effect to the landing explosion. Maybe the right combo of trick from the right height can dish out a 15m 5k damage explosion. That's a reason to use K-drive: a feasible weapon to handle events where enemies spawn in clusters. K-Drive-exclusive mission can be allowed, but should not affect regular free roam, where it's a huge pain to cover so much ground without archwing. It's warframe, not travel-frame.
  8. Most of those look fun! Though the important utility of warding halo to protect VIP is greatly nerfed. :/ 90% won't work for Safeguard augment unless they also buff the VIP's HP or maybe Safeguard can slowly convert halo shield into health to help regen VIP to 100%!?
  9. Will there be melee-only Rathuum with bosses using dark-soul attack tells/patterns? It always felt silly to do a long combo to kill one trash while his buddies bombard me with bullets/explosions. The combo chains special attacks would feel better if the situation/challenge calls for its use/mastery. Ex: Horde mode enemies mean we will gravitate toward Dynasty Warrior style of fast, low-accuracy, AoE spam. Combo/in-depth melee like Nioh, Dark Souls needs fewer, but tougher enemies that you can focus and study to beat with precision.
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