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  1. Mainly prime hunting: 1. Get the rare parts of Corinth Prime 2. Get Octavia Prime and both her weapons 3. Get Nezha Prime's weapons And to get some ranks up in Nightwave.
  2. I have the energy needed, I even inputted new key bindings, I still can't cast. Also, why did the Options revert to default this specific patch? In no previous patch did I experience this.
  3. The Crucible from Doom, Star Wars Lightsabers, Blades of Chaos from God of War, Psy Blades from Starcraft. As for guns, the Beam Reflexer and Needle Laser from Jak 3. Lastly, the Shock Cannon and the Vortex/Suck Cannon from Ratchet & Clank 3.
  4. Nerf base damage of all melee weapons. A sword shouldn't do equal or more damage than a sniper/shotgun.
  5. Arcane Intellect: -learning capability increased by 1000% -long term memory duration increased by 1000% -100% resistance against procrastination and laziness Arcane Olympian: -muscle mass gain increased by 500% -fat burning rate increased by 500%
  6. Probably cause Balefire's projectiles only have the explosion component, not direct hits (projectile physically hitting a target- 0% damage, explosion - 100% damage). Not that AoE weapons were good against Eidolons to begin with...
  7. Seems a good idea, especially if it can be toggleable, so the player can choose. Only tricky bit would be making the grind bearable to the average player.
  8. Or linear scaling, instead of exponential & S-curve.
  9. I unironically like and use Vile Precision on some of my rifles.
  10. I'd just nerf the base damage of all melee weapons. Since we can reach 12X combo, using Blood Rush, Condition Overload and Weeping Wounds provides more than enough damage amplification.
  11. They could always just announce a hiatus for making new frames, focus on tweaking/reworking existing ones, and once we're all happy, continue making new ones. These little 'rework' seasons would be healthy for the game and steadily equalise usage percentage among all the frames.
  12. I've been looking to get my hands on a 1660 (basic or super). Problem is the prices have become horrendously inflated (local retailer offers a 1660Basic for 380$, while 1st party price is around 250$). Anyone know a site with better prices, and also does delivery across Europe? (I'm not in the EU, btw). Cheers
  13. Nezha, for he is the most fabulous of all ❤️
  14. I'll put Warframe down when its servers get permanently shut down. I truly love this game, for all its beauties and flaws.
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