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  1. For nearly 5 years, I've had trouble falling asleep. It would always take 3-4 hours to enter deep sleep. What would you do about such a problem?
  2. I'm all for comfort settings. Also, I wish Adhesive Blast allowed you to detonate remotely the grenades that stick.
  3. I mean, open world games aren't anything new. For example, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dragon's Dogma, Jak & Daxter. Also Breath of the wild and so on. I personally dislike Mihoyo's games, mainly because they're themed around ultra-weeb tier stuff, tropes and archetypal anime girls. For me, Miss Pauling from TF2 is a better 'waifu' than 90% of anime girls I learned about.
  4. Gods, I hope not. This is one game that truly blew me away, and kept me playing daily. I lost Robot Rising & Darkspore, I don't want to lose Wf. At least let it live for another 10-15 years.
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