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  1. I was running Hydron, was leveling my Kuva Ayanga. I sometimes noticed that I had a corrosive proc on myself (same element modded on my Ayanga). Seeing as no known Grineer unit can proc corrosive without any Sortie modifiers, I suspected it came from my corrosive-modded Ayanga. After testing it in the Simulacrum, I tried to catch up with the grenade. And so I did, and I confirmed that the Ayanga indeed still has self-damage. I suspect that the same issue is present with other weapons with minimum detonation range, such as the Acceltra and the Tonkor. I would really like it if you at least considered patching this, as well as removing the minimum detonation safety precautions, seeing as we no longer have self damage in the game.
  2. Thanks for the notification. Take all the time you need.
  3. You are not gonna mention the primary kitgun parts you put up for preview at Zuud's?
  4. 1st ability - Somatic whips (channelled) Broken whips out Somatic Fibre tendrils and uses them as exalted melee weapons. Hits on enemies steal health. When hitting squadmates, he consumes any status procs they may endure and gains attack speed and movement speed for a refreshable duration. 2nd ability - Biotic Analysis (instant cast) Broken latches onto an enemy, dealing a moderate amount of damage and scanning them for weaknesses. At the end of the scan, Broken gains an elemental damage bonus dependent on the enemy that was scanned. When cast with Somatic Whips, Broken pulls the enemy toward itself. 3rd ability - Epidermis (channelled) Broken strains his skin, becoming immune to crowd control and gaining a buff which reduces duration of status procs upon itself. It also glows with harmonic energy, granting himself and squadmates health regen and an armor bonus. If you cast Analysis with Epidermis on, you will gain a shield whose strength and hitbpoints depends on the scanned enemy. Ultimate ability - Hyperspasm Broken starts spontaneously mutating, spiking and stabbing all foes around him with his tendrils, gaining a damage and armor bonus bonus dependent on the number of enemies hit. The explosion of tendrils procs bleeding and puncture procs on those unlucky enough to have been hit. Passive - Retaliation When Broken's shields deplete, he emits a 50m radius flash which blinds and deafens enemies for 15 seconds. Looking forward to the winner 🙂
  5. There are still mods that need a check-up,the following being: The lower value IPS mods (Jagged Edge, Razor Shot, No Return etc.), Energy Channel, Reflection, Critical Delay, Deceleration and Creeping Bullseye, As for Conclave, the main issue is that is played with warframes. You could to change it to class-based Grineer vs Corpus gamemodes, classes being: (Elite) Crewman/(Elite) Lancer Detron/Trooper Sniper/Ballista Tech/Heavy Gunner and use those conclave loadout slots to customize our avatars with the our owned (or new and specialized) cosmetics. You could also include the Ludoplex games and introduce new ones like Chess, Texas Hold 'em, Go-kart racing and the like. PvP is just not suited for warframes.
  6. There are still obsolete mods that need buffs. Energy Channel The 7-cost IPS mods like Jagged Edge, Razor shot and Piercing rounds Critical Delay / Deceleration and Creeping Bullseye Also, any news on Corpus liches and Modular Archwing?
  7. Wait, Is this gonna be just a one time only event, or will it reoccur like Plague Star and Buried Debts?
  8. There are still some rather obsolete mods, like the +ips mods such as razor shot, jagged edge, piercing rounds etc., some of the corrupted mods like critical delay and Energy Channel. Also, any news on Corpus/Infested Liches?
  9. A chemical-themed warframe, who has the solution for many situations. Disable your enemies with a sleep-inducing gas. Freeze the opposition solid with liquid nitrogen grenades. Empower your allies with various combat drugs to maximize your team's efficiency. Unleash the power of the elements as you combust in a nuclear reaction and vaporize your foes. Some names to go by: Alchemist, Mendeley, Reagent.
  10. Arcane Detoxifier doing the same thing as Arcane Resistance? Are you sure you didnt want to change Resistance to grant Blast Immunity?
  11. Will there be a revise of obsolete mods, like Melee Prowess, Critical Delay, Energy Channel and the like?
  12. Would you consider reworking the enemy AI, it feels a little stale having them all zerg rush at you without any strategy. Cephalon Jizo made a video about it this day.
  13. Syndicate armor sets? Also, are there any plans to revise/update old content? Lastly, will you consider buffing some obsolete mods, like Critical delay, Energy channel, Sure shot, the +IPS mods like razor shot?
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