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  1. Erm, will there be Galvanised variants of Projectile flight speed mods for rifles and sidearms? Edit: Yet again, no new crit mods for shotguns... Critical Deceleration still only grants +48% crit chance...
  2. I hope it's either Loki or Volt Prime, as they've been unfarmable for years.
  3. I have spare BPs of both Wars. Shame that they're untradable.
  4. They buffed the other two mods (Creeping Bullseye and Critical Delay), I just can't understand the reasoning behind leaving the shotgun mod as is, if there is any reason at all...
  5. They still haven't buffed Critical Deceleration, it's still only gives +48% crit chance.
  6. Frost Prime, Saryn Prime and Nova Prime could use a makeover. Mag and Rhino could get Umbra variants instead, given their age.
  7. May we please have Volt Prime and Loki Prime unvaulted next? They have both been vaulted for years, I enjoyed both of their stock variants, and I very much want to get my hands on Bo Prime.
  8. I'm all for more stuff being added. I do have a lot of spare standing, waiting to be spent. Though, they should first of all be for compulsory things you will have access to regardless (Archwing, Operator, Railjack, Parazon, Liset, Heavy Blade (Paracesis) etc).
  9. I have some fashion requests: -Make Excalibur Umbra's scarf a detachable auxiliary -Make individual armor parts separately colorable See you in Friday. ❤️
  10. Valkyr, she crazy. She'll rip you apart like a rabid dog. Also Wisp. Not only do you get roasted alive by a freakin' star, you also get severe radiation poisoning in the meantime.
  11. Some of the current passives are... Not very meaningful. I'll pitch in some new/improved ones: Rhino - Each step he takes causes a shockwave which procs impact in a 5m radius. Hard landings create a 15m knockdown. Ash - Finisher kills grant Ash 75% evasion Excalibur - When wielding swords, nikanas & rapiers (both one handed and two handed), gain 360° blocking angle. Revenant - When shields break, blind enemies within 15m for 15s. Can occur after fully recharging shields. Nyx - Emit a 10m aura that has a 33% chance to proc Radiation every second. Frost - Emits a 5m aura which procs Cold upon enemies every second. Trinity - All in her squad (including you) come back to life after 10 seconds, with a 90 second cooldown for each member. Saryn - Gain 3% movement speed for every enemy afflicted by status effects. Mag - 15m Loot magnet. Loki - Being invisible engages shield regen which cannot be interrupted. Nova - Knockdown shockwave radius increased to 10m and now ragdolls instead. Equinox - Health and Energy orbs within 5m of you turn into Universal orbs.
  12. The ability to color each armor piece individually, and to not have the drop tables be oversaturated with relics and fodder mods.
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