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  1. Our builds are exceedingly close on chroma, looks like the only difference is I use Augur Secrets over TransFort, and I'm using Nourish Strike in place of the 1 for SP, though admittedly I don't generally use Chroma in SP, just saying even when I do sometimes, I don't really get these numbers ever. http://prntscr.com/1al09to Glaive builds are pretty close too, only change is the stance and using Vicious Frost instead of Psmite, because I'm too lazy to change my config depending on my faction, and the viral procs are pretty sweet on the forced slash proc. http://prntscr.com/1al0p95 These difference should translate to slightly less top damage from your build if you're getting viral procs from elsewhere etc but I can't fathom how it could turn the range I see, which is basically anywhere from 1k~4M (depending on procs, buffs, target armor, etc) to the ranges I keep hearing.
  2. I don't get this, I keep hearing it, but I've tried all the popular builds, and variations on them, and even with things like Chroma/Mirage etc, I don't hit anything like these numbers, is it still one of the better melee options and plenty viable, sure, though the extra charge time just feels bad compared to what it once was.... but I'm not seeing the craziness that people keep seeming to site anywhere.
  3. Melee, overall, feels really bad compared to before... just makes me sad.
  4. Update: Have tried completing the lich but cannot, can't change my parazon mods either due to buck so I'm effectively locked out of liches.
  5. After using Oull, my Parazon screen has bugged out, giving me a white screen with partial mods on the screen that locks me up, I can't hit escape or click anything, every time I relog and retry, it locks up again. Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/1935ssa http://prntscr.com/1936c2b
  6. I can't speak for the past, only for this thread, not to mention, irrelevant, it is the quality of the argument that matters, not the arguer. With only this thread as a basis, I'd say that those statements are true about your own posts, rather than his.
  7. For what it's worth, I agree with most of what master_of_destiny has been posting, and very little of what BunnyHunny94 has, I think almost everything within The Arsenal Divide Workshop is a bad way of handling the changes they say they want, and I'm very frustrated with a lot of the changes that have been coming down the line lately, I'm certainly not someone who is always happy with DE lately, especially the nerfs, they really disappoint and frustrate me. That said, I really like Steel Path, it's probably my favorite game mode, all game type availability, a place to use our higher power weapons and them to feel good, and Steel Essence felt like a goodly rewarding renewable resource for Kuva and other evergreen rewards. Though it feels less good than what it once did, with the ability to farm large amounts of Steel Essence with a long stay through farming eximus units, as well as the upcoming Steel Essence decaying so you can't wait for Smeeta procs... and the new weapon changes incoming seem like they're also going to make Steel Path less enjoyable the way I most like to farm it, long survivals. (Though I like the addition of the Acolytes.) I'm also with you that some grinds are completely unreasonable, in terms of time input, especially where RNG is involved (Rivens, Khora, specific Ephemera drops, Bloodshed sigil, etc...but also things like Hema and Sibear) I just wanted to point out that just because someone actually likes The Steel Path (or at least did) does not make them a "fanboy" who agrees with all changes made. Changes to Steel Path have made me enjoy it less, and I think this upcoming change will do so again.
  8. At the very least it splits some of the power up as a stepping stone to be able to approach steel path easier for those who haven't engaged with it much yet, I think it's a reasonable change, especially since the mods are a shorter farm than the arcanes, of all the bad changes in this patch, I think this is one of the positives.
  9. The melee nerfs feel bad, but effectively the only thing they will change is making the weapons that were "good enough because all melee weapons are good" not feel good enough anymore, and the best weapons will stay usable, once again having the opposite effect of their stated goal, it will only narrow the meta in terms of melee. The gun buffs will make guns better, but the move to making so many buffs "On kill" mechanics feels really ill-advised, it will work fine in most mission types, but for certain types, where it's often quite important, your "on kill" buffs just won't be active, when you're fighting a boss without adds, when you're chasing down a demolyst and it takes longer than a few seconds, when some of these buffs would be at their most important they won't be active, and that just feels crappy. There's a reason we don't generally like these kind of gimmicks.
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