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  1. Might be a hardware issue or game issue.


    By the constant crashing, I would first say something might be wrong with the Ram on your Pc, but I'm not really sure if that is always the case. I have 16gb of Ram and it works fine always. 

    It's more likely that something is wrong with the game file. Try to uninstall and then reinstall the game. Your progress is saved on your account with your password, not on your device, so you should not have to worry about losing your progress. If the crashing continues, then I would really suggest contacting support or trying to reinstall steam (if that's what you play warframe on). 

    Hope it helps


    Edit- Just realized you said your computer turns off when the game crashes. Hmmmmm. Might be a power supply issue or hardware malfunction. 

    If your entire computer is shutting off then it is most certainly a hardware issue I would guess.

  2. I've been playing for over a year on PC now, played on xbox for 2 years before that so I know the game quite well. However, I've been saving up plat for the last couple of weeks and have about 300 or so now and was wondering what weapon sets I should buy. I already have the braton, soma, vectis, latron, and the boar (also have burston set but not mr 12 yet). I was just wondering what good sets I could get nowadays.

  3. Okay so I am Mr8 in warframe, and I have been using the marelok as my sidearm for a while. I put a potato on it and it works fine, but it has gotten so monotonous.Fast forward to tonight and Im doing some ghoul missions and I get this stubba bp. I was wondering if this is a decent sidearm. I also see this quratakk as well, not really sure if they are usable or not.

  4. Alright, before I ask this, I just want to say I love shy and her videos. She is hilarious and one of my favorite youtubers. However, I have always wondered if she can talk. Like really speak. I think its most likely that she does not like to, but I have heard rumors of her being possibly mute or something? again, I don't mean this to offend anyone, i just really want to know. i was hoping someone here knew some info. 

  5. Alright, so today I was getting on warframe and I found this "show fps"" button. I enabled it and now it shows my Ram, fps, and ms. My friend enabled it too, but he can also see his ping in the same bar. He says he did not press any buttons besides "show fps", yet I am stuck with just the ram,ms, and fps. I've tried to show ping but it does not work. I was wondering if anyone can help,and also explain these stats to me. I have 60fps, 16.7ms, and about 672 ram showing on the bar. I really have no idea what most of that means, I have only had my pc for a month. Hoping someone could just help with these stats and ping. 



  6. Hey Guys, just me, but I think that the Saturn Junction was really hard. I am only MR4 on Pc, but I am MR14 on xbox. I recently moved over and I have Rhino and Volt. I went to the junction, but since my Rhino is under level, I brought volt. I assumed the fight would be easy, but I had to stun ember, run away, and keep headshotting her for 5 minutes straight. If she hit me with fire, I was killed instantly. Everyone seems to complain about The Jupiter Junction, but I do not remember that being a problem. 

    Did anyone else have trouble with Saturn Junction?

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