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  1. Hi Tenno! Today I'm not here to write about endgame content or how I'm feeling about the game, but I'd like to show you what I did during the past week. So, for the past few months, since I have nothing left to do, I have been experimenting with the captura tool. My first drafts were... Well, you know, just like a McDonald's ad : you're expecting a lot but it doesn't look as it was advertised to be. After a few tests and adjustments with the game's settings, I decided to use Reshade and Photoshop to see if it helped, and it did help. A lot. Anyway, last week, I had the id
  2. Because it's a free market. If I think that my rivens are worth 75k, then I have the right to sell it for this price. And yes, people do pay a huge amount of plat for god tier rivens. Well, yes, anything is worth what people think they're worth. Just like I said before, I could sell something for 30pl or 75k, it'll be the same. If there's a buyer, good for me, if not, whatever. Let's say that you have a perfect roll on an Amphis riven, with S+ graded stats (obviously for Khora) : Your riven will be unique, you're the only one offering this on the market. Would you sell it
  3. I'll do my best to give my opinion on everything that was said in the last few days : That's what I've heard a lot when I talked to a few players, but it seems that, to them, it's not the fact that there could be endgame or elitist content, but the fact that interesting rewards could be locked behind the said content. That's also something that we talked about within our group : maybe DE is too scared to put real rewards behind a content that would require a certain investment, and to me, that's wrong. And even if there was no reward, if it fits our definition of endgame and if
  4. It wouldn't give more choice, but it would add even more power creep to the game, creating new metas that are useless anyway because there would be nothing to use them on. As for the skin, I always found completely dumb and nonsensical the fact that people are playing a certain thing because of how it looks. Who cares? As long as it's working, play it, idk. It's Warframe, why would you be a main of something. Diversity exists in this game for a reason. "People" : who exactly? And monetizing reworks when it's their job to tweak things... Well, no.
  5. Mmh... You know that RJ is based on WF, right? Build slots, mods, skins (deluxes/tennogens) and helminth... Everything's already here.
  6. Grind? Fixed? In Warframe? That's the purpose of the game. If you haven't played for five years, there's a huge chance that you'll be overwhelmed by the amount of grind that there is today. Void towers (they have been replaced by fissures) and trials are completely gone. However, the new content has been simplified and there's less grind to access it (Raiiljack/Helminth).
  7. I couldn't agree more with that. It will take a lot of time but small changes can make a difference. Look at Sprag and Ven'kra Tel : they're finally reworked but we're still waiting for a quest/event to see that. So that means that they still have some inspiration! I mostly agree. And just to let you (and everybody know) the first 6x3 has been done solo a few hours ago! 😂 (Right here) Arbitrations have been simplified twice and specters have been "fixed". It was an endgame content when it launched, but now, it's just like any other regular mission. DE said it themselves : S
  8. Hi Tenno! Today I wanted to talk about endgame. I will start by saying that everything that will be expressed is the result of my experience and that I have agreed with a few of my regular squad mates to speak for all of us (which is about 20 people that are still active, coming from different countries). This group involves multiple profiles such as a “new player” who understands the base mechanics and that has grinded enough to get to our definition of endgame, to the tryhard veteran. We are aware that our opinion isn't representative of the whole community nor it is of the
  9. Again, I spoke for myself, never said or implied that my opinion was universal. If that's how you understood my statement, that's on you, but don't claim that I've implied things when I just, again, spoke for myself. And thanks for quoting my replied without quoting the most important part : "Not saying that they don't exist, they do since this post is here." So thanks for your personal attacks, but don't try to play the mind game here, just keep it constructive. It is not disruptive at all. I'll say it again, if you're using an optimized speed build, you can get rid of ONE single
  10. I spoke for myself, didn't make any generality about what I thought. However, you did that. An augment wouldn't be disruptive at all, in an optimized speed build, you can get rid of one mod and replace it for an augment. It would also avoid people complaining about it, but I haven't met any of them since... uh... forever? Not saying that they don't exist, they do since this post is here. But Volt is one of the few frames that has a functional kit for EVERYTHING and that is balanced enough for the game right now. And that's not my opinion, that's just a fact.
  11. I'm sorry, but I am not part of that "we". I find the current ability fine as is. However, if it really annoys people, then you could make a suggestion about making an augment that would affect allies with Volt's speed. I am also not part of that "everyone". And I am really happy about the current ability. I agree with @taiiat, that would just make the ability useless.
  12. You won't be handicapped for Call of the Tempestarii. There's a few interesting weapons, but you can do everything with the previous ones. Currently, you can already max your mods (they will keep their ranks) and farm for Dirac (which will be converted to endo. And since it's super easy to get... You know what to do). RJ weapons are also super quick to repair now, and they're not super hard to get. The same thing goes for the plating. DE can't release two different updates in a row without going through the certification process, which is why Railjack Retrofit is compiled with U30 on
  13. Hey there. Yesterday I was unable to use Helminth and I thought that it was just a bug. Today, when I logged back in into my account, I was still unable to use the chair. When I press X, either with a controller or with my keyboard, the camera moves, but nothing else is happening. Here's the video : I've asked a few people around me, and it seems that it's an isolated issue.
  14. Because it is getting too common.
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