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  1. Hey there! After going through every Captura scene available, I thought that we didn't have enough to play with. There's a lot of Deimos scenes, and to be honest, they're the least attractive to me. I also think that 50 Grandmother Token is too much for them. We also have a lot of Gas City scenes, which is understandable. I loved the way we had to farm them, it was simple but efficient. Now, I do think that we're missing some great scenes : - The Awakening scene : The tileset was previously under Iron Wake, but since the rework, of the introduction quest, it's on its own level. There's so many great spots on this tile, this should be a reward after completing the quest. That's also super sad to see how hard the team worked on this tileset only to see it once. - Railjack Dungeon scenes : I genuinely think that every RJ dungeon are the best tiles I've ever scene while playing Warframe. The lighting, the assets... Add each of them in the drop tables, that shouldn't dilute them too much. - Lunaro Arena scenes : We only have the base Lunaro arena, and syndicates arenas are awesome. Let us swap from a scene to another, and please, let us use our regular loadout there. I don't know why it's still bound to our Conclave loadout since it's supposed to be a simple scene. - The Pyramid scene : One of the best tile of the Corpus Ship remaster. Add it to the Granuum Void drop table. - Yuvan Temple scene - Ceres rare (factory?) tiles : I bet that only a small part of Warframe players have seen these big hidden tiles, which is understandable. Aside from a few containers, there's nothing there, but they're amazing. There's two of them iirc. I'll make sure to add a screenshot if I see them again. Add them as a super rare end of mission reward. Something like 0.5% drop chance. - Orbiter Scene : allow us to use our Tenno like in a regular mission. - Skyboxes : You did it for the dojo, maybe add *every* skyboxes available in the Color Key scene. - Plains of Eidolon scene : well, it's already available, but caves are locked by Grineer doors, and there's no way to unlock them. So just let us go though the doors since they're loaded anyway. Something that I'd like to see, but it might break the game, is the ability to place an enemy wherever we want, like any decoration. I would also love to be able to make NPCs, such as Hexis' council, stand by my side during a Captura shot.
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