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  1. Why would you play in RJ if you don't have one? What's the point? It's a real question.
  2. Hi! After redecorating my ship, I came across an annoying bug related to lighting management in the orbiter. Both walls on the sides of the arsenal have a "dark zone". This issue isn't only there, but it's also in our personal quarters and in the Helminth room. Unfortunately, that's not it. This lighting issue also affects the colors in the arsenal. See here : Accent color : Storm / C4:R3 As you can see, the accent color isn't the same on Wukong's feet. I went into captura and the accent color was the right one. This has been repr
  3. The same data that will suggest that 75% of the playerbase used a necramech in the last 10 days. Let's be honest, forcing players to use a "content" that no one has ever asked for just to boost the stats isn't right, and so is their data.
  4. Glad that I could help ☺️ And thanks again Glen! 🖤
  5. First of all, using transference on its own doesn't do much, so I don't see anything wrong here. Indeed, we can heal ourselves, we can also gain multiple buffs thanks to arcanes. But what does it imply? You have to farm your syndicates every single day You have to do your quests as well to unlock your Tenno or you have to farm plats to buy these arcanes So, there's a certain investment here. The operator's stealth mode is time limited and energy consuming, there's a certain limit there. What strategies are you talking about exactly? How did it feel better b
  6. Hey. I was trying to level up stuff when I saw the Arquebex in the UI. I also saw that it was getting bonus affinity and not regular affinity. At the end of my mission, it was lvl 30, so I thought that I was done with it. I went to a capture mission and I saw that the Arquebex was back at lvl 0. That's pretty annoying since it takes a lot of bonus affinity out of what was supposed to get it (Vulpaphyla + Archgun). After Hydron : During a capture mission :
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