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  1. Hey. I was trying to level up stuff when I saw the Arquebex in the UI. I also saw that it was getting bonus affinity and not regular affinity. At the end of my mission, it was lvl 30, so I thought that I was done with it. I went to a capture mission and I saw that the Arquebex was back at lvl 0. That's pretty annoying since it takes a lot of bonus affinity out of what was supposed to get it (Vulpaphyla + Archgun). After Hydron : During a capture mission :
  2. There's a spawn in the Corpus Ship that disables every hand in the entire tile. I don't know if there's a way to trigger them or something, but if you spawn in this rounded room with a big hand in front of you and a glass ceiling, yeah, don't waste your time and reload the mission.
  3. Prior the arrival of the primary kitguns, when you linked a riven in a chat or reviewed it in the mods section, it showed the stats as if its disposition was 1.0.
  4. It's a known issue. The real value is the one that you have in the arsenal.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. IGN : .ZexalMastery Rank : 28IG Hours : 1900+Country : France Languages : French/EnglishPrevious clan : Eagle RisingStarted playing : February 2018Discord ID : Vitruvio#0001About me : I've been playing Warframe since 2018, and until now, I used to do pretty basic stuff : relics, syndicates, fashion frame (lmao), helping newcommers. Recently, I really got interested in tridolon runs after seeing some of the Q members doing one. I was really impressed and in one live run I saw what I did wrong all this time, that's why I'd like to join Quasars. I did some arbitration runs, I liked it but I
  7. They did say in the last devstream that it was supposed to be released this week BUT considering the current situation in the United States, DE's statement and the pandemic, it is perfectly understandable if it's released next week. The only thing that's bothering me is the lack of communication. Again. Even a tweet would be sufficient.
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