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  1. I feel sorry for the people in this thread who think sitting for 60 minutes in a boring mission is a worthwhile expenditure of time. I could spend that hour doing actual fun things instead of doing nora's chores to get my weekly good boy points. "You don't have to do it" I don't have to do anything but I do want to get my nightwave rewards asap so I can ignore this tedious tedious system. Will I do the two elites? Yes. Will I enjoy it? No. Do I think it should be changed? Yes. Are my squad and I gonna AFK and play monster hunter with each other whilst we hide in a corner? You know it.
  2. Why do so many of you find tedium fun? What is the appeal of spending 60 minutes in one mission for 5/10k standing? I know when I actually do those challenges my only thought is gonna be "Man I could be having fun playing something else right now." Just because something is tedious doesn't mean its difficult.
  3. I mean technically yeah? But the grinding is more something we tolerate because the game's free, high quality and constantly updated. I don't mind the grind but I don't play warframe for the grind.
  4. I'll be honest. I'm not really a veteran and I could easily get the sword, I just don't personally feel its worth it. (Will I eventually cave and make it just for the sake of it? Probably but still eh.) The thing that would make it a 'Veteran Reward' isn't even the ducats anyway. It's the eidolon shards, so I guess at the very least DE have given me a reason to care about eidolons since I didn't put much time into my operator. (I like them lore wise, but gameplay wise I'd rather play a robot, infested ninja thing than a kid.)
  5. My problem is just...it doesn't seem worth it? Like yeah it can go up to rank 40 which is neat but I have both Galatine and Gram Prime to fulfill my 'powerful heavy blade' quota and I can stand being a little bit below 100% efficient. Sure it can kill sentients (apparently) but umbra can just shout really loud at them and that does the trick. I don't feel like a little extra mastery is worth 1000 ducats when I could spend that money on multiple interesting things from Baro (and possibly even profit by re-selling stuff I buy from the good martian). Could I make enough ducats to make this sword? Yeah, easily. Does it feel worth 1000 ducats? To me no.
  6. Dunno if it's been touched upon (missed a few devstreams) but could we please get the ability to put the original skin on our prime weapons like with warframes? I love silva and aegis prime but some days you want a flaming sword instead of a golden mace. EDIT: Almost forgot. Some more peculiar mods would be fun too. Maybe not locked behind Elite Sanctuary Onslaught?
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