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  1. I 100% agree, a Rubble rework is what I wanted most from his prime release. Instead we got nothing at all. Also, I don't like exalted weapons as a concept so I'd prefer if Atlas doesn't move in that direction.
  2. Would be interesting for dedicated party supports if instead Trin's passive had a limit that stacked with Vazarin - so if you're super into that playstyle you can focus on it with Trin even more so.
  3. 100% with you. At this point there have been so many feedback threads about the problems (and potential solutions) for his kit, that I really just want any change to help him. The stat changes were unnecessary, especially the +50 to shields. He could have done with the +25 armour and +0.1 sprint speed and gotten a rework and I'd be much happier.
  4. I disagree, Atlas is in pretty poor condition. His kit, while operating with synergy and being less broken than others, is one of the weakest in terms of the return you get from playing him effectively (ie: low return of damage/effectiveness in play on your investment of energy and difficulty of use). There have been many feedback threads lamenting the outright uselessness or weakness of both his 2 and his 4 as well. In my opinion, there was no situation where an Atlas Prime release without a rework makes sense, because his kit fundamentally makes him a chore to play. Agree with this completely. Both of you have ideas that I think would've made this prime release worth it for me. As it is now, we need at least something to make Atlas interesting and worth spending our money on his prime packs.
  5. I won't be purchasing the prime pack for this reason specifically. I completely agree, this was a bad prime release and DE would have been wiser to delay it if they needed to make time to work on a rework. I think few Atlas enthusiasts are happy with this release right now, judging by feedback I've seen.
  6. I may have come off harsh, and that stat increases are really a big buff - but in my view, those stats weren't the issue. The issues were fundamentally with how Tectonics and Rumblers worked, along with the overly-punishing decay and maintenance of Rubble. From the feedback I've seen and shared, these are the common complaints, and they've gone unaddressed. For me, the stat changes mean very little. Plus, +50 shields is kind of silly for Atlas. I have heard arguments Atlas shouldn't even have shields and instead should have his Rubble buffed (a sentiment I have sympathy for). I agree they should've ignored sprint speed and shields for something else like you said. My big fear for Atlas was that he'd be pushed out to meet schedule and his anticipated rework opportunity ignored, much like Equinox. To me, this fear seems to have come true. Bizarrely, people asked for shrapnel Tectonics... but we got shrapnel Rumblers? It's just... not a solution.
  7. No significant changes to the main issues plaguing Atlas' kit. This is a bad prime release, and the stat improvements won't address the problems or feedback you have recieved over the last several months. This wasn't among any of the common solutions I've seen shared to fix Atlas, and I'm not sure which concerns it is even addressing (the concern was always that Rumblers are weak, and a poorly conceived 4th ability in the first place). Hopefully the energy increase makes Rubble accrual much more viable without maximizing for efficiency, but I find it unlikely. As an Atlas enthusiast, I find this update very disappointing. Do not release primes of poor/underperforming frames if you do not put in the effort to rework them. I personally will not be purchasing the prime pack, that I certainly otherwise would have, for this reason.
  8. I would argue this isn't a problem. Accidentally sliding and blowing up a wall on a defense target is something you have decent control over right now (I rarely hit an enemy I'm not intending to in the current state of Landslide), and if we were to enable it as a function to both a) drop Rubble, and b) keep your Landslide combo counter up, then I think it does more to continue and empower his gameplay loop as it provides targets during moments of silence around defence targets. The concern about accidentally hitting your defensively placed walls is minor in comparison to the upside in my opinion, as you can always place new walls - and that's saying nothing of the likeliness of actually accidentally detonating your own walls in the first place.
  9. Just a short request: when fashion framing Volt, the tertiary colour (same colour slot that effects the lining or "racing strips" on him) also colours his fingers. Not the glove, just the fingers... Personally I really dislike this and would prefer to be able to colour the lining without creating an ugly contrast on his hands. For example: I usually will go with a muted colour or white/black as his base, and a vibrant colour like red or intense blue as his stripes, but it ends up making his hands look somewhat silly. I may be in the minority but I would like this colour mapping changed personally.
  10. I agree 100%. One of my main dissapointments with Atlas currently is that his gameplay loop doesn't feel like how the frame looks. I was drawn to Atlas because he is a frame with a lot of character, and his kit is incredibly synergistic with itself - it's just weak. Weaker than it should be for what it markets itself to be. I like this. I strongly disagree. We do not need more exalted weapons, and Landslide is his most functional skill currently. I would hesitate to change landslide in any drastic way like making exalted weapons, and prefer to just try and add some better scaling mechanics to the numbers. Frankly, if they fix every other part of the kit to satisfaction, I'd be comfortable with them leaving it be. Not sure if it makes sense to fix tectonics with a focus on the boulder. I'd argue the boulder is the worst aspect of the ability. there was a suggestion in this thread, which I thought would work a lot better. For me, I'd like the ability to have base three walls and be farmable for Rubble. I really like this, would be a great change. Also, I think the range/angle of the cone of effect should scale with ability range. I think this approach is just not going to work. I don't see two AI dudes running around being useful late game, no matter the scaling. Also, I oppose adding exalted slots to Atlas in any form, and I think the base duration is sensible. I do like the idea that enemies truck become petrified. It would synergize with the taunt ability on the augment in the sense it helps them CC/draw aggro and help cool of tense crowd situations I suppose. The best idea for a Rumblers fix I've seen has been in this thread: Other than that, I think your idealized rework does too much to deviate from who Atlas is now, and is a very different image of who Atlas should be than what he currently is, or what I think the people who are drawn to him like myself would want to see. Otherwise some really great suggestions! --- Uncapping it completely? I think it might be weird for long missions if you get up to like 20,000 rubble, but it sounds fun! But I'd like to see the cap increased to at least 3,000.
  11. These two points I see a lot and are honestly what would bring Tectonics up to speed as a relevant defensive ability. If we could get this, plus exploding walls dropping Rubble (so that you could farm them for Rubble like you can with Rumblers), that would be the ideal scenario in my opinion. Best suggestion, cheers!
  12. Making the 3 walls the base ability is something I can totally get behind - I'm not sure if it makes sense (or is even necessary) to keep the rolling boulder functionality. I would love it to actually function as an effective wall for defense targets, or at least more than one door. One tiny wall as it is currently is simply silly. Also an expanding, single-wall augment is an idea I could also get behind, if you could develop where its utility is. How wide though? Three walls long? Then its not much of an augment, it would need to be longer to justify it, but then you are talking about distances which become less and less useful practically in game. So I think that needs some development to be implemented. 100% with you on the Landslide synergy. It's a suggestion I see often and really hope is implemented.
  13. Really love this thread, some great suggestions for changes! I love Atlas and use him frequently, but I have always felt since I got him that he is just not up to par with the better half of frames in the game. I have felt for a long time his greatest issue is Rubble/Energy, in that the desired gameplay loop required to build significant stacks of rubble (Petrify + Landslide combo) is incredibly difficult to maintain due to energy costs and the decay rate forcing you to spam the abilities. My solution has been to run maximum efficiency, which generally does an okay job (and allows you to sacrifice a dozen or so Rumblers to the Rubble god at the beginning of a mission to get a head start), but it means making sacrifices you really shouldn't have to in your mod choices. Any change to address this would be welcome (and necessary for the Prime release, in my opinion). Your solution would be a welcome one! --- As an aside, there is an additional issue like this: Where, from my experience, Atlas cannot target the drones in Arbitrations with Landslide (which you expect to be using more than anything else). This makes him more impotent in the game mode than other frames. I think this needs to be addressed as well.
  14. The numbers may need tweaking but it certainly would be a huge upgrade to his currently defunct 4th ability, and much more useful than the current augment. Even if it turned out to be gimmicky, he really does need a big change to his 4 to make it useful. I like the idea.
  15. I will be extremely disappointed if Atlas receives no rework, particularly with respect to the viability of his Rubble. I think Atlas is in a poor state right now and I'd hate to see a repeat of Equinox, where the prime was released without any changes and some essential QoL fixes to make the kit more viable for more diverse strategies were ignored.
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