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  1. I'm all in favour of reworking Atlas, but I don't think these changes will make his kit more dynamic. It's only adding to the level of complexity (and therefore energy) required to pull off a synergystic combo among decent (Landslide) to bad (Tectonics) abilities. I don't think stringing together his existing abilities in new ways does him justice or with satisfactoriyl revitalize him, he needs issues with his abilities themselves looked at. They all already synergize around his Rubble. The problem is the current synergy is weak and his kit, as you said, lacks oomph. Just need tweaking and some TLC.
  2. Unfortunately, given Atlas an exalted melee weapon wouldn't make sense due to Landslide being in his kit. I think like others, it's be better to just have his Rumblers revsisted and buffed (so they could be beefier and draw more aggro, in my opinion).
  3. People have brought up good points about old frames being focused on one role in a team comp, but OP has a point. Though I want to make sure frames suit their roles in squad play (I don't enjoy solo as much), older frames definitely could use some fine tuning. Many of the newer kits have synergy between the abilities that some old frames do not. You can improve them to have more synergistic kits without making them the all-rounders we have gotten lately. Saryn does this well, by being a great damage frame where her whole kit seems useful for the one goal of running around dropping spores/miasma. And OP is right that the models aren't quite as detailed as well, and fashion framing is important. I'd like to see old frames and their kits get some TLC.
  4. Aren't you usually running power strength for Landslide though anyway?
  5. I'm most excited for the Glaxion Vandal. This is the update the people want.
  6. Unfortunately I can't agree with any of these changes. Rhino has one of the most reliable and well-balanced kits in the game. His passive seems outdated, but any passive which changes the feeling of movement in the air is a passive I'm strongly against on the basis that it can disrupt the flow of your parkour (I dislike Zephyr for this reason). Better not to change it than to change it to something that might make the frame feel worse. Also: If there is one aspect of Rhino's kit I don't like, in that he has no ability to draw aggro, which is expected of most tanks in most games which have an element of team composition. This change would do the opposite of that and would be a problem. His 4th ability is already one of the best crowd control abilities in the game (and not in need of changing), and in my opinion if his 3rd was to be changed at all, it ought to be changed to draw in aggro, not do the opposite by causing a enemies to flee. I appreciate the thought that went into your suggestions and post, but I think ultimately they will dilute the purpose of the kit. It's probably better not to break a frame that's not in any need of fixing.
  7. I am also a big fan of Atlas, and am really hoping to see him reworked before the upcoming Prime release. I think his kit generally underperforms the two main things he is meant to do: tank, and beatdown enemies with Landslide. I particularly would like his Rubble to be updated and reworked to be better for sure. For your suggestions, I think they need some tweaking: Shield is very out of character and off theme for Atlas, as well as being one of the less useful survivability tools available to any frame. I'm not sure what situations you are finding where armour is not that helpful, but to myself and a great many players it is the second most important factor after health in determining tankiness for a frame (sometimes the first most important even) and is far more important than shields for any of Warframes best beefcakes. I think the issue is more the painful tedium of accruing rubble and maintaining it, as well as how limited the armour help is in most situations. I've suggested in the past that rubble should accrue a pool that has an effect more like Nezha's Warding Halo, or at the very least shouldn't degrade. However, shields are a bad alternative to the current state of rubble in my view. Status procs would help make Landslide much more effective and dynamic/diverse to play. The issue comes at its base 5% status chance. I have argued it should instead have a scaling status chance, suc that when Landslide's modified is at 2x, the status chance should be multiplied likewise. With the status chance in place, it would imply at 2x the chance should be 10%, and at 4x, the chance would be 20%, which is still low, and I think should be improved or messed around with, but I don't have hard details on what I think would be right in this regard. Rumblers won't ever be damage dealers in this game until enemy and companion AI is significantly reworked and improved. Frankly, I don't think much needs to be done to their damage mechanically, it may deserve just a raw buff. However, the base two rumblers ought to be able to taunt as the augment provides, as this is gives them essential utility in being an aggro distraction, the main thing I think most would want to due with summons of the sort (and a useful ability for a team's tank). Tectonics needs a lot of TLC, but again I don't think it can ever have its concept reworked for damage dealing in a satisfying way. It's primary purpose is as a wall, and as a rolling boulder it is simply too niche of an ability to really be able to be a significant damage dealer in his kit (especially when he already has his 1). I think its default mode should be its augment (three walls) or the walls should be larger, or form a circle. This way it could at least be useful around a defense objective. Clogging arteries with the one wall it has its base is less practical when actually used than it sounds - and it doesn't even sound all that practical compared to other options like Frost's Snow Globe or Gara's Mass Vitrify. I had some ideas on how to rework Atlas in my own thread a while ago, which includes some other options to make his kit smoother and more synergistic. One thing which I think deserves mentioning is having his Petrify angle increase by ability range, as it currently can be quite unforgiving. I definitely agree with the issues you identify as being some of Atlas' main problems, and particularly your second point about status procs is one I wish for as well. Hopefully action is taken to improve his kit before his prime release. Cheers
  8. I disagree, the rumblers as they are currently are a weak 4th ability in my experience. I like the point you made about how the rumblers are one of the only aggro abilities, but you really need the taunt from the augmented ability for this aspect to shine. In my own thread a week ago I floated the suggestion of changing the two base rumblers to have the same capacity to taunt as the augmented version does, and that this should be a baseline upgrade to get the rumblers working better. Though I would also think they need a significant buff. They are supposedly Atlas' ultimate ability, I think they deserve to be improved.
  9. I definitely like the idea of having more amalgam mods, but like others have said combining things like Point Strike and Serration is already achieved via Rivens, and quite honestly if they were applied in addition to Rivens would probably make many weapons far too powerful compared to where they are now. This is the best suggestion in my opinion. The set mods we have opened the door to much deeper synergy with each aspect of the build/loadout. I think combining mods should be a way to achieve more of this streamlining of existing build characteristics (where many utility mods are sacrificed for maximized range, strength, or duration). Additionally, I don't think the implementation necessarily needs to be a full system that operates as a "Combine X with Y to output Amalgam Z" taking any input. I think a slower, palytested and managed integration of a system which has amalgam mods already designed, which we can then amalgamate our old mods into, would be better. What I mean by this is a system where DE releases more mods they have personally crafted, like Amalgam Serration, and introduces a system (via blueprints or through the mod menu or what have you) that allows you to amalgamate your existing mods, so you don't necessarily have to do the alerts/events in which they are released in order to obtain them. An example amalgam mod I'd like to see: Amalgam Fury w/ bonus Friction reduction like Cunning Drift
  10. The Iron Skin on Rhino Prime definitely serves as a limitation on your fashion framing. I felt forced to spend a lot of time experimenting with skins and accent colours to find one where the shine wasn't brutal or distracting. Especially how brightly you can reflect the lighting with a lighter colour. A toggle option would be appreciated, or simply a revisit to the way the effect is applied visually (maybe make it like an aura-looking ability similar to Nezha's Warding Halo?).
  11. 100% with you. I really love the Karst skin for my Atlas, but it left me so confused: why release a skin with beautiful crystals in a white rock exterior if the rubble clumps don't match at all? Someone mentioned in my thread about him about having the rubble match his chosen colours, but honestly a toggle would be just as well (since we have the rubble indicator displayed on the HUD anyways).
  12. I can't endorse this enough. It's just an extra layer of management with the many mods we have and are keeping track of that would be easier to do away with. Alternatively, come out with a set of Robotics-specific mods, the same way Shotgun mods are separate from Rifles, or Pistols, etc... no two slots on one Loadout should be conflicting with the other. To me, it's a QoL factor.
  13. Absolutely! Why release the Karst skin with beautiful crystals encased in white rock if the rubble build-up is going to be the same boring grey texture? I had to recolour it to somewhat match the rubble grey as I didn't like the contrast of it while playing. Yeah, Tectonics definitely needs an upgrade. Discussing it with friends I think the skill would be simply better if it was just the augment version instead. Three walls can cover most of a defense objective. Though if they could buff the Indiana Jones ball to actually deal significant damage or something it might still be cool to have. It's hard to know the best way to fix it, but the way it is now really isn't all that helpful to the kit, even just for blocking doorways and such.
  14. I like the detail you included in your post, but I disagree with the premise. It's true that most, if not all effective weapon builds run Serration, for example, but I don't think that implies an issue with the modding system as you insinuate. Think of it like this: building a weapon is part creativity, but also part knowledge and understanding. If, for example, we look at the premise that "all strong builds use damage mods" this is because, for building powerful and effective weapons, these mods are exceptionally useful and important to achieve that. If there are mods which are deemed necessary for another, more specific type of build, then that mod is suffering from the same fate of redundancy, or elimination of player choice, as the damage mod. By this I mean: just as damage mods effect all builds in this way, mods like Point Strike have the same effect on any and all Crit weapons/Crit builds. The limitation isn't the mod in these scenarios: it is your decision to make the builds optimal for whatever you want (which at the broadest level that you are discussing in the OP, is just dealing damage). You never lack the player choice, you are merely persistently choosing wisely for optimization. So long as optimization is a thing in builds, you will end up with the same circumstances. Just as damage mods are 'essential' for any build, I think you'll find most weapons have some mods deemed 'essential' by their power users in the same way, even though those mods are more niche. There are two competing ideas of modding systems here: mod systems which can boost and enhance stats which make weapons merely more lethal, or mods which make builds more unique or empower variations of what the weapon is capable of. I definitely like running augments and am massively in favour of build diversity, but I don't think these two philosophies of modding need to be as mutually exclusive as it appeared to be made out in your OP. All said and done I hear your argument, and I thought it was a good, detailed post, but I just don't think it is a fix we really need. Cheers
  15. I understand the want to have more energy as Rhino, I certainly do. I use Rhino quiote a lot due to his ease of use and reliability and I know I have come up short on energy more than once, but I think you have to adapt for what you build for. Usually I drop a squad restore if I'm in a bind - but unless I need to recast his Iron Skin, usually I can wait around long enough for an orb drop. If you run Blind Rage, you run it knowing that you are sacrificing efficiency. Instead of seeking a buff, prepare for that situation. It's a core aspect of dynamic builds - you make choices and tradeoffs. I personally run Rhino for all sorts of content - sorties, arbitrations, whatever - and I find him exceptionally tanky and find his Iron Skin very reliable (I use the augment so I can recast it on demand as necessary, an essential QoL augment mod in my opinion) while still providing a strong buff. I think you should try to experiment with alternate mods for your build, and also try out other solutions in your playstyle while using him. You can build squad restores by the bushel, and you also have the Zenurik tree at your disposal. One immediate suggestion would be to replace Redirection with Vitality or Adaptation (which I see you have ranked in your build image) for an immediate help to your build, there really is no purpose to redirection on Rhino in my opinion since he relies on health and armour. So I would have to disagree, I think Rhino is in a really great place: being easy to use, dynamic, useful, and fun even at the endgame content we have. I'd say we are safer not trying to fix a frame that isn't really broken, when there are many that still are. Cheers
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