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  1. That is the most bs way of giving out rewards... I did a run with a friend who's MR16, their Traces cap is only 900 while mine is 1600 at MR30... Huge discrepancy there as they reach it a lot more quickly than I do. Not to mention I don't actually stay at the cap very often anymore. I got Void Traces x100 from a bonus and they got Sevagoth Neuroptics, the last piece we both needed, now I just need to keep doing more runs. I guess I'll work my way up to 1.6k and keep it there until I'm done farming Sevagoth and Epitaph.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix! Fixing a syandana but Octavia Prime's energy is still bugged (now 3 months old), as posted here: Paradiso Leg Plates are also bugged on Limbo's Limina skin, presumably since release:
  3. The bug is in the calculation of Ironclad Matrix itself (or the Plexus' calculation and display), not other players messing you up. It's supposed to give only +22.5% to Hull and Armor, even with a maxed out Lavan Mk III that gives +6000 Hull, a 22.5% increase should only take your Hull to 7349, which it initially does in the Plexus. But once you close and re-open the console you're modifying your Plexus at, your Hull now shows up as 11399, which is roughly a 52.6% increase. This bugged ~52.6% increase also happens to a Mk III Zekti Hull I own. The bug applies to Armor values as well.
  4. You have the answer in the very text you quoted...
  5. Same here. I just got to Reward Tier 28 in the current Nightwave: Intermission III. I received the Emissary Operator Collection as a reward, I already owned it from the previous Nightwave Series 2. This time, I did not receive 50 Creds for Duplicate Protection as instated in Update 29.7, instead I got nothing at all (see inventory screenshot), not even a second copy of the Emissary Operator collection. The other cosmetics and such from previous Tiers (like the Protosomid Shoulder Guard from Tier 25; the Wolf Howl from Tier 23; the Spore Ephemera from Tier 18; the Wolf K-Drive scrawl from
  6. Same bug herehere, Kubrodon lure is gone from my Tranq's Lure selection wheel even though I definitely own it. This seems to be a problem since the 29.10.0 update (Railjack 3.0). But I can equip the Kubrodon lure just fine in my normal gear wheel.
  7. TYPE: In-game mission bug, Assault node (Koro and Taveuni). DESCRIPTION: Playing the Assault node on Taveuni in Sortie earlier today (before the reset), and then the Steel Path Incursion a few hours later on Koro, the Kuva Dargyns seemed to follow the player or spawn in the defense area after inserting the 3 "keys". VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Just playing the Assault mission type while in a Sortie or Incursion/Alert should recreate it. EXPECTED RESULT: Kuva Dargyns shouldn't be in this part of the mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Kuva Dargyns find themselves in an enclosed spa
  8. Didn't get any Veteran rewards except 2 Rush Repair Drones that I'd used previously (on top of the 2 free for all), implying I qualify for Tier 2, but I got nothing else...
  9. Got my Octavia Prime literally 5 minutes ago and noticed the same thing. Gradient on helmet isn't as strong because the colours I chose aren't as strong, the problem of all the other strings not following the same colouring still persists though.
  10. Title says it all, here we go: They just... float there.
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