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  1. Well, not really, because they moved the goalposts. You can farm up a bunch of mother tokens and max your standing, but there's not a whole lot to buy with standing. Most of the stuff you want to buy, you need to buy with Grandmother tokens. But you can't just convert Mother -> Grandmother. Sometimes that's an option, for one token. But if you want a lot of Grandmother tokens, you're really forced to play all the side activities, to accumulate all token types, to manage to buy out more of the Grandmother token swap opportunities. That ruins the idea of choice of activities from the oth
  2. TL;DR. But this bug mentioned, oh man, how embarrassing is this? This happens to me in regular, non-open-world missions now, and it is super sad. Nothing like being unable to leave squad after a mission and getting dragged into something else. Also, end of mission screen change, who thought that was a good idea? My ps4 fan kicks on with all the particle effects and fluff in there, and I have particle effects turned off. And it doesn't even show the useful information without clicking around and hovering. MORE HOVERING. Have you learned nothing?
  3. Another abandoned feature . No, I much prefer yours.
  4. Finally, a shared Google calendar. Why didn't DE make one of these ages ago?
  5. @[DE]Glen I'd love an option to turn off all the voice acting/talking heads/cut scenes and other such fluff and remove those assets from my install space. It takes SO LONG to load into open worlds on PS4. Anything to trim the fat would be good.
  6. That end of mission screen *shakes head* it's like they're not even listening.
  7. Go check out the Simaris offerings, you can buy duplicate quest rewards there.
  8. Why not 30? Maybe they should fix open worlds first? Or matchmaking/host migration issues in general? Or make the Grendel missions less awful? Get rid of the amino beacon gate on Ambulas? Bugs before features, guys. Fix the bad parts, no more lipstick on the pig.
  9. You're right, it's for the plat drawings. RIP Mixer.
  10. Ah yes, a game mode that makes heavy use of the ill-conceived R3 thumbstick button. Good thing I picked up a DualShock Back Button attachment and can remap the stick buttons.
  11. Third moa glyph tonight. Maybe I can trade the duplicates with Teshin for Hard Mode Conclave creds.
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