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  1. Yeah I do. I don't care about the economy for that one lame grind. That was the Braton Vandal, but that's my point, they might as well do it again for the other one. Also, I'm well aware it's not a Corpus weapon, in case anyone else wants to chime in with that.
  2. How about that Lato Vandal, that's Corpus themed, amirite?
  3. I appreciate the end date finally being announced. But what I really wanted was the announcement that Nightwave was unsustainable, no further Nightwaves would happen, and you'd turn alerts back on. Maybe in a few months you'll be ready for the truth.
  4. I asked about this specifically in the official discord chat and was assured by @[DE]Danielle that it would work. I hope they look into this for you. link to specific discord post: https://discord.com/channels/552966801558863896/778721960329871390/781600632573788180
  5. @[DE]Saske How is this still not fixed? I've had unreachable medallions in two missions today with this tileset, both the cannon room and the exit tile. @[DE]RebeccaThis is pre-Deimos content. This is what we want you to be fixing before spending time on new content.
  6. Sadly, [DE] doesn't know how to do incremental improvements. They 'repeal & replace' or more accurately 'nerf & replace', e.g. the alert system and Nightwave.
  7. This would go a long way toward a better alert system, which is what DE should have done in the first place. Instead of replacing alerts with Nightwave, they should have iterated on making alerts better to resolve player concerns with timing and not being around to play when the alert is active. It's really simple. (1) have random alerts award variable alert credits, (2) have a shop that uses alert credits for the stuff alerts yield, cosmetic helmets, potatoes, nitain, vauban parts, other junk as desired. There was never any need for Nightwave, and it didn't do a good job of replacin
  8. Nightwave was never worth the effort. They took a simple system that required no effort (random alerts) and replaced it with seasonal, themed challenges, which continue to require time for more lore, character design, one off environments, themed cosmetics and weapons, voice acting, and one off boss fights. It was a bad idea from the start. That time could have been committed to improving the game and fixing bugs, but now it's lost on ephemeral seasonal content. What replay value do you get from Wolf of Saturn Six right now? Do you buy Wolf tokens to spawn him to fight for the fun of it?
  9. You had to be the contrarian, eh? This is going to end up being the one post Steve reads, and we'll get no meaningful change. I'm sorry alerts were too hard for you, but Nightwave is not a good replacement. Here's the thing with the old alert system, if you were playing and an alert happened that you wanted the reward for, you could do it. If you missed it, too bad, but it wasn't the end of the world. All alerts would happen again. Nothing was limited edition. Nightwave makes you slog through a bunch of challenges, and for what? Limited edition stuff you can't get elsewhere, some items yo
  10. Please end this madness and bring back alerts. No more unwelcome Nightwave enemies popping into missions, no more weekly grind or face missing out on limited rewards, no more punishing new players with challenges they have no chance of completing. No more nagging Nora and her cutscenes. There's plenty to do in this game without 'seasonal' challenges. Put Umbral forma BPs back in the game proper and turn the alert system back on.
  11. How long will it be available? @[DE]Danielle Direct link to PS Store: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2097-CUSA00080_00-6479553343986022
  12. Yeah, but they should add them back into the game instead of making them a reward a couple times a year. Maybe @[DE]Megan understands now that she flushed hers.
  13. This is likely suggesting that you farm prime parts/sets, trade them with players for plat, and then buy the glyph you want.
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