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  1. Mine does this too, but it's just because they reworked the end of mission screen (poorly). Any time I look at the end of mission summary, the PS4 fans start revving up.
  2. Yeah, this is almost a legitimate excuse, but then No Man's Sky gave out seven drops per day for five days last week, so it's totally possible for more than five if DE actually put some effort into it.
  3. Let me equip the ghoulsaw in the k-drive slot so I can actually ride it.
  4. This is the behavior that DE is supposed to want to encourage, to keep you engaged. As it is, they've decided PS4 trophy hunters can safely quit playing. I believe the kids call this a 'smooth brain move'.
  5. This guy gets it. ^^ Also, remember the Braton Vandal drop? That was majorly great. But we're never going to see another drop like that unless DE gets its act together and stops doing grab bags.
  6. Bad drops take up the space for what could have been good drops.
  7. It's gotta be hard, when you try to post about a tiny hotfix, and get a deluge of replies about other bugs that need fixing. It's almost like fixing bugs needs to be the priority.
  8. @[DE]Danielle, see what Elder Scrolls Online has done with their trophy system. They added a second 'game listing', and then they started adding new DLC to that; completely works around the cap. They are not the first game to have done this.
  9. Some of this has already been said, but despite being closer to the original kingpin system as advertised, Railjack is too buggy to be included as part of a major gameplay loop like the lich/sister system. Any bugs we encounter in the base game get magnified by the bad experience in Railjack. Host migrations, scripting errors, every bug you encounter is worse when you're ten minutes into a railjack mission instead of a typical hallway mission node.
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After completing 'The Waverider' quest, Cephalon Simaris does not have Yareli blueprint in his offerings, preventing building additional Yareli for the Helminth system. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Complete 'The Waverider' quest, visit Cephalon Simaris in a relay, observe his offerings. EXPECTED RESULT: Simaris should have Yareli blueprint in his offerings after 'The Waverider' quest is complete. OBSERVED RESULT: Simaris does not have Yareli blueprint in his offerings. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% Fixed
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