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  1. You're in good company. Unfortunately I've been stuck at 950 for 12 days now, and support is not updating my ticket.
  2. Feels bad when Xbox has had a serious bug for weeks, and all you can do is stop the drops.
  3. The point of these grab bags is someone at DE still hasn't learned how to use Twitch's current drop system, and setting up a different reward for every day is 'too hard'. Meanwhile, Sea of Thieves can setup a single weeklong campaign with unique, guaranteed drops for every 24hr period. If only there were some way to ask them how they do that ... like reaching out to their community team.
  4. C'mon, stop with the grab bag. Go talk to the Sea of Thieves guys about how they setup their week long drop campaigns.
  5. I would rather have this fixed than have any development time spent on new content. Matchmaking UI issues are core to the game and need to be fixed. Another important issue not mentioned, end of mission screen is still not great, and apparently is so resource intensive that it kicks the fan on the ps4 into high gear if you idle on it. That's bad, really bad. I can't imagine what strenuous thing a mostly static screen is doing, but my guess is particle effects and other useless fluff. Less important but still embarrassing, when are the four 'in-game achievements but not trophies' adde
  6. @[DE]Megan I believe this is incorrect. Based on other streams using this system, if you earn the drop but fail to manually claim it during the campaign window, e.g. the hour window of your stream, it is lost. I appreciate the visibility of the new system, but like others I am less excited about manually claiming drops. I understand this is a Twitch technology problem outside your control.
  7. I agree that a screenshot is unneeded here, but let's not pretend that you were incapable of it somehow by being on ps4.
  8. Uh, yeah you can. They added a button on the controller just for screenshots. Take one, copy it to a USB stick, attach it from your computer.
  9. I don't care about the value of the thing, I'm too lazy to try to sell my spare parts, with the state of in-game trading being what it is. I would rather be given something that's difficult to obtain, or some plat-exclusive cosmetic I was never going to pay for anyway. I see this as wasting a gift in the gift rotation.
  10. Yikes. That's pretty easy to earn while just playing the game to earn Protea. Would encourage a repicking of these rewards. --- Just to make it clear, I checked my foundry, and in addition to the one I've already crafted and mastered, I have 3 full sets, and 8 barrels. This is not hard to get in any way.
  11. Yeah I do. I don't care about the economy for that one lame grind. That was the Braton Vandal, but that's my point, they might as well do it again for the other one. Also, I'm well aware it's not a Corpus weapon, in case anyone else wants to chime in with that.
  12. How about that Lato Vandal, that's Corpus themed, amirite?
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