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  1. I think it's a UI bug. I completed the daily 'mow them down' when it first appeared a day ago, yet today it appears undone, along with its duplicate mission. You can tell them apart by the time remaining countdown. I did solo survival to complete them as usual, seemed to get to 140, then started back at 1/10/20 etc, until I finally got the in game completion bark. But now back in orbiter, they show uncompleted again, but opening the Nightwave screen gave me a level up, even though they also appear uncompleted there.
  2. My Transmission palette has just come thorough, though I have not watched any more Twitch since yesterday. Perhaps there was a delay in sending them, perhaps they are pushing them out manually. No way to know unless someone official says something @[DE]Taylor
  3. It seems like the drops are mostly broken (even though some people got the drop?) but there's no one in the office to actually look into it. Better to wait until Monday/Tuesday and try again.
  4. @[DE]Taylor What's going on with the drops here? I watched for a while, didn't get it. Unlinked and relinked as per the directions, watched some more, didn't get it. I don't want to watch Twitch all day in the hopes it's going to start working. We need to know you're looking into this on your end. Update the first post or something.
  5. Ah, good. I came here to report that I did not get the drop on PS4, was watching as g_chabala on Twitch (desktop, linux, chrome).
  6. I must report that I did not get the drop on PS4, not that I mind missing out on a statue. Edit: now 20 mins after, the statue has arrived, so success. I was about 7 minutes late to the stream, but I watched the remainder, which would have been more than 30 mins. May I suggest making the threshold much lower for drops, like 10 minutes? And ensure that watching the last part of the stream works just as well as the beginning?
  7. from https://www.warframe.com/contest-rules : that's most of the good countries, right?
  8. Hehe, I also didn't get the ducat drop on PS4. Typical console drop woes I suppose, eh? @[DE]Megan
  9. It's still a valid point. Host migrations are a critical issue without a solution, and devotees are fluff. I'd prefer them to focus on solving critical issues instead of just speaking about them and delivering fluff.
  10. Relax, they said it was going to take a while to get the drops out to everyone. If there are real issues with the drop, expect everyone to get it, like with the Ash Prime issues.
  11. Thank you @[DE]Megan. I watched on Twitch (desktop, linux, chrome). PS4 player, obv. Days prior to the stream I unlinked from Mixer completely to avoid issues, as well as unlinked and relinked my account with Twitch as is often recommended.
  12. @[DE]Megan hear us, the ducat drop is not working for PS4 players. What's going on? I want to be sure the Nekros Prime drop is going to work, this is not helping.
  13. It's all about the the other two squadmates carrying them
  14. One doesn't just optimize away 14 GB of data. This is more like 'Oops, we left in a WIP version of Orb Vallis that was wasting disk space'. Except even that wouldn't be 14 GB. I want details DE.
  15. This kind of thing troubles me. Did you just stumble upon 14 GB of bloat in your game? Were there a few DVDs worth of full motion video hanging around that you realized you didn't need? That's nearly a 30% reduction in size. What did you do? How foolish were you being with our disk space?
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