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  1. Watched at 3 different partners for more than 30 minutes a few days ago, but I received nothing 😞 and previous drops worked.
  2. Please fix the strange straight lines that appear when using Link and it seems to me that there are other similar abilities that are also seen with those lines. By the way they are on the right track with the emissive colors, although they still have to be fixed, I think they were more noticeable before, especially in Prisma accessories. and thank you!
  3. Apparently the emissive colors have been broken, the Saryn Orphid Skin no longer has its shine (it should look pink like the Syandana), the Prisma accessories/skins also stopped having their emissive effects correctly. And I found another bug, when using Link, there is now a straight line under each link, this makes them look bigger, coarser and annoying in each line.
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