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  1. I just want to give a big thank you to DE Because they've finally nerfed Khora, which a huge part of the community absolutely wanted because of her whipclaw being absolutely overpowered compared to other warframe ability 1 tools as it could do very high damage and chain between enemies without line of sight. DE did the best thing ever-they changed Khora, but it was'nt in the test cluster/server! So nobody would know DE would do it! Unlike Ash, Atlas, Zephyr changes etc. The change to Khora's whipclaw no longer being able to hit enemies that are not in line of sight is a welcome chang
  2. Really want to thank DE This time around! I've been making a huge amount of platinum for selling my Exodia Contagion's these past few days ( i've made just over 3k.) Mainly because of this incredible change the community wasn't told about in the patch notes! This change below has made quite crucial changes to the Exodia Contagion's mechanics making it very hard to produce red crits. This is exciting times for any platinum trader! Make sure to Sell fast before more of the community find out as youtubers are making videos about it, so you don't have much time to take advantage of unaware ex
  3. I know that as a community, we are all grateful for DE's changes to Helminth over these past weeks. From the highly praised decisions they made of tweaking certain warframes abilities to not be as powerful when subsumed on other warframes, and now the addition of Marked for death no longer being powerful for players to overwhelmingly pick it so much anymore so people choose other abilities less picked instead. But DE you haven't done enough, the helminth system is still too broken and people are exploiting it in ways that are not fair for the game against the Ai. You should absolutel
  4. So. A feature intended for Veterans and Somewhat invested players (Mr 15 or above). Has for some bizarre panic reason been N E R F E D, Like come on DE, It's not even funny anymore Now you nerf something that isn't even out yet? Honestly i don't see what you thought was bad about some of the abilities, like you said Rhino's roar could only be replaced on Warframes that already Have a Damage boost ability and not used at the same time with others at all "Special case", so what gives with the nerf here? And then you lower the Helminth Consuming room to Mr8? I'm a clan leader, and belie
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