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    Protea Bug

    TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: Shooting an explosive weapon at your feet normally knocks you back / makes you flinch. As Protea, if you cast 2 while the explosion is going off you will be immune to the thrown back/flinching animation. The same thing happens if you roll before the thrown back animation is played. This also works with Protea's 4th ability. Does not work with Protea's 1st ability. VISUAL: I do not have a visual but it's pretty easy to replicate, just shoot a Kuva Bramma at your feet as Protea and spam 2 or roll REPRODUCTION: Use a Kuva Bramma or any explosive weap
  2. Actually this happens at random in any map depending on your ping.
  3. If you go to the Outdoor map of the Index. If you go out into Operator, walk forwards into a wall, then 5 again you can clip into the wall very easily.
  4. You can scan your pet Vulpaphyla with a Synthesis Scanner to get Standing.
  5. I was doing a Vault Run with a random squad. We were in the tier 1 tunnels doing the 3m survival and I was in my necramech. My Wraframe (I think) was outside of the door before the thing started and I was inside the survival room killing things. I decided I wanted to pop a Molecular Prime so I pressed 5 and it put me in operator, I pressed 5 again and it said invalid target. I spammed it - Invalid Target repeatedly. I had to hop back in the mech and go down to the vault because I cant wander around as operator. I tried reviving myself and I just respawned as my Operator. Twice I tried it, both
  6. If you throw one of the new Fishing Rods in a mag bubble, it will get stuck. After the bubble expires the lure will be returned and you will be forever frozen. You will be a statue until the people in your mission extract. You can aim the pole and look around but that's all you can do, /unstuck does nothing and trying to use any buttons other than esc and right click does nothing.
  7. The Helminth at the back of the room has no collision
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