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  1. Have to say I agree. This seems to be a very accurate description of what Im seeing go on. Seeing it enough has driven me entirely off anything to do with rivens. I won't buy,sell, or use them. If the weapon sux itll suck. Ill hit 30 and scrap it. If i like it ill build it and see if its effectiveness is worthy of mention. If its not then moving on.... Thats what nerfing hard work leads to.......total evasion of the system entirely or for some they just flat out quit. I can honestly say in the last few months of crap patches and now the next riven nerf ive lost over 20 friends/clan
  2. Tbh popularity shouldn't dictate riven dispo. It should be TOTAL rng otherwise all your doing is kneecapping the market which essentially drives the platinum trade. At this point i dont even bother with rivens anymore. If its trash without one it will be trash at some point EVEN with one so why waste time on a maybe........
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