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  1. Looks like this is the bug i have. Auto swapped my alt fire mid mission-_-. Now that I've seen this it went like a breeze. I'll spread the work around knowledge but this NEEDS to be addressed. Its going to discourage a lot of players if they don't catch what's happened. I failed for over an hr to notice and abandoned till I did some digging hoping for a hotfix whilst I looked. Other then this issue I've found this VERY entertaining to play and share this players cheers!!!
  2. Loving how the xoris can't hit protea in the new quest to get her main print for me. Makes the whole thing totally worth the time. Nothing like a lvl 10 specter you can't damage.
  3. I'm curious when this will be going live myself. At least a timeframe of when to que the download. NVM red text 11:11est
  4. Yeah like I said. It got nerfed because people wanted to be able to spam without repercussions. Situation awareness. You think irl battles aren't fast paced yet common sense dictates you don't SMAW your squadmates at 10m. This same issue comes up with all explosive weapons and yet I've yet to die from my own or get knocked down because I fired it at a wandering squadmate . You want to know why the bramma got nerfed there you have it. People wanted to use explosive weapons where you shouldn't then wondered why they became worthless entirely.
  5. I don't think the weapon would have been spammed so much if self damage hadn't been removed. I mean c'mon shooting an explosive point blank should ALWAYS damage EVERYTHING. That's the point of an explosion. I don't know why it was felt self damage shouldn't be a thing but if this is supposed to have any reality based elements shooting yourself in the foot bloody hurts whether a bb gun or a .40 cal. I mean i get it sci-fi space ninjas yada yada but we swing swords and shoot bullets things bleed warframes are based at least partly on a former human body hence bombs to the face still would sting. Kinda break your own lore with this whole thing is all I'm saying.
  6. Is some attention going to be paid to the MULTIPLE broken Nightwave daily and weekly quests? Just did a third extermination above lvl 40 and got squat..... I find it insulting that MY time wasted doing things i get no reward for along with countless others. I mean how hard is it to make sure things WORK?
  7. I would if I were them. 90 % of the saryn users i cross paths with just sit and spam miasma. If I wanted to sit still i would do that myself. I'm not here to be a decorative feature i came to be entertained. Watching someone else play can be done in twitch etc. Sure you do you as long as its not removing the entertainment i came to enjoy or i simply won't play with you. It's not hard logic to fathom. If people are leaving nonstop perhaps its because others have abused this tactic so much that its become more of a waste of time to wait and see if the user intends to sit and spam or actually play. I for 1 don't bother either way. You start spamming I'm gonna park at your feet and consider it jam session till wave 5 then im out to find a spam free squad. "We all lift together" is quite amusing at this particular moment though its not the only thing I'd play just the only song i can mention lol.
  8. Just helped 3 others kill their lich and each one dropped 250 kuva........
  9. Chat is bugged. Scroll indicator is now dead center of the chat screen. Links cannot be clicked unless I press LS 1st to make chat full screen.
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