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  1. Asset caching is still broken leading to some pretty excessive load times on some pretty powerful hardware. Load times should be nearly instantaneous after first load and they aren't. See the following thread for more details: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1240808-asset-caching-is-broken/
  2. Volt Prime & Odonata Prime are obtainable from Baro Ki'Teer by way of relics Axi V8 & Neo O1. Vaulted or not. If you check the wiki page you'll see that Axi V8 & Neo O1 are suppose to show up together. Axi V8 has been available twice now without Neo O1 making it impossible to complete Volt Prime & Odonata Prime.
  3. So this is the second time since Axi V8 Relic has been available without its partner Neo O1 Relic making it impossible to complete Odonata Prime and Volt Prime. According to the wiki - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Baro_Ki'Teer - the last time Neo O1 Relic showed up, not including Tennocon relays, was 2018-06-29.
  4. You missed the point here. The base orbiter should always be loaded because it acts as Warframe's central hub. When you look at it from a design standpoint there is very little reason to unload this considering how basic and simple it is and because you as the player are always here even if it is just for a brief moment before the next mission. It's not like other games which can have some fairly extravagant hubs which would require loading and unloading of said areas. Decorations can be loaded and unloaded as needed. It's just that the base orbiter needs to be loaded at all times. The amount
  5. @Naroxas44 It's not the performance that's the problem. It's the caching that's the problem. Stuff like the Orbiter and the Landing Craft should always be cached and stay cached when you first log in. The last visited tileset should be always cached until you visit a new one or visit an open-world. There is no reason to have everything be repeatedly loaded and reloaded and processed and reprocessed again and again. Much of the stuttering that people are reporting recently is clearly the result of caching not functioning properly. If you've been reading around the forums you'll start to ge
  6. So... shameless bump. Still having excessive load time issues as of version 29.6.2 I've been reading around the forums regarding possible fixes for performance problems and decided to try them out to see if that would solve the loading issue. So the following I tried had no effect: Disabling Windows Anti-Exploit for Warframe Clearing the DirectX Shader Cache Clearing the nVidia NV_Cache Disabling nVidia Shader Cache Running Warframe With A High Priority Verifying & Optimizing the Warframe download cache Special note: Uncapping the framerate apparently doe
  7. Asset caching are simply assets (textures, geometry, shaders, audio, ect.) that are held in memory after they've been loaded and processed for the first time allowing for subsequent faster loads. I don't know what kind of assets are being cached in Warframe to speed things up, but it's abundantly clear that it's been broken recently.
  8. Update 29.6.0 just dropped. Caching is still not functioning. To anyone reading this and thinking I'm nuts for posting this let me just drop this here. I have a fairly powerful system. Or at least it was when I got it almost two years ago. Warframe currently sits on my SSD which has a max transfer speed of about 500 MiB/s which is seriously overkill for a game like this. Pair that up with an nVidia 2080 8GB and you get quite the performance. After numerous "ensmallening" updates I started having substantial stuttering problems which I was able to trace back to
  9. So I came back to play Warframe again after the latest unvaulting to find out that asset caching is broken again. The game is force reloading all assets no matter what options are selected causing excessive load times on repeat missions and returning to the orbiter and in mission stuttering. How do I know this is broken? Because I was having near instantaneous load times and smooth performance the last time I was playing and now I'm not. Last time I logged in was during the last Baro visit and I'm pretty sure it was still working then. I've already gone through the reins
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