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  1. I'm late to this post, but I concur. Why does the energy drain scale if your energy doesn't?
  2. So, I've been using Sevagoth quite a bit the past few days, and these are the changes I feel he needs. Points: -Increase the damage, percentile, and/or blast damage armor ignoration on his 1st and 2nd abilities. -Increase the HP and Armor of Sevagoth's base form. -Increase exalted shadows Armor *slightly* and health, by a lot. -Change Sevagoth's 3 to a duration based ability -Make Sevagoth's Shadows 1 not have a target limitation, or increase how many enemies it grabs. Bugs: -Most of the time, Sevagoths exalted claws can't block or heavy attack. -(P
  3. Sevagoth still remains bugged in many ways (Naramon not working on his claws, can't power attack most of the time but you can other times, same with blocking), and his shadow form is still too squishy for something that big and slow.
  4. Sevagoth's wraith form still cant heavy attack most of the time, and please consider giving Sevagoth (base form) more health and armor, and give his wraith form more health. With how slow it is, its ridiculously easy to kill and really ruins the fun. Naramon's melee counter also doesn't work on wraith form.
  5. There's a bug where sometimes using Sevagoths shadow wont heavy attack. You either have to switch to Sevagoth and back to his shadow or wait a bit before heavy attacks work.
  6. This update broke the gladiator set bonus and somethings wrong with how melee crits are working. Tatsu at 16% cc is constantly red critting whereas Stropha is only orange critting at 32%cc. The gladiator set no longer works on helios nor does it work when applied to melee or your warframe.
  7. Me too, but instead of "KK", have it be "M" as a million number placeholder KK doesn't make sense
  8. Nope. In Europe, its pretty common to use commas instead of periods when showing decimal values, but even Europe also uses commas in their numbering (I.e 255,000) Besides, I am asking DE to also add an option to make it toggleable, for those who want it to be.
  9. As the title says, I have issues (dyslexia) reading large numbers unless there's commas, and I think adding commas to damage numbers would be a welcome addition to the game. If anything, make it a toggleable option in settings for those who want it. Commas greatly help me with reading and seeing numbers correctly. I'm sure many others would appreciate this addition to the game, so let me know if you do.
  10. As an Ivara main that relies heavily on dashwires for extra CD, I second this. It's really annoying.
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