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  1. Honestly really good and well argued thoughts. It's a shame this thread is mostly people doom crying about nerfs, but this is a great idea.
  2. Get a Moa and Install the Blast Shields mod. Much more survivable than a Sentinel, and arguably better than a Vulpaphyla if only because it has longer uptime
  3. Her design is actually centered on being Sailor Neptune. Which, honestly is maybe the one valid reasons to be upset about her idle animations. Michiru wasn't bubbly, she was elegant and poised. They arent going to do the rest of the Sailor Guardians though, so it's fair enough to make Yareli a bit broader in terms of personality.
  4. It has to be the Sarpa specifically. Redeemer wont do it. Stropha might? But I haven't checked
  5. Happening to me too, didn't realize dying was the trigger
  6. Hes a pragmatist who wants to kill the Sentients like we do, but that doesn't mean he's good. At the end of the day he is still Corpus, anything that hurts the bottom line goes bye bye, and while that includes the Sentients it does also include us. Don't forget that he tried to trap us in his void permanently. And if you listen to his lore entries in the codex, it's very clear he's not as different from the Corpus as he pretends. He dresses it up pretty but hes still a soulless money grabber.
  7. I could be wrong about this or it could have been a feature they talked about but didn't implement, but I believe operators in hubs are invisible to players who haven't completed Second Dream. They aren't in missions though I think so
  8. Really, just the title. I love Little Duck, and I think those transmissions have a lot of good character. But I dont have to hear the intro speech every time. I know how the conduits work. I know how the demolishers work Leave in the ones where she let's you know you got a buff from a Conduit, or insults you for #*!%ing up because those are useful audio cues for information but if the Lotus doesnt have to tell me five times about reactant when I have this setting off, Little Duck can trust I know what I'm doing.
  9. Y'all know that peace signs aren't sexual right
  10. I really hope they buff mods like Blunderbuss, in addition to adding more mods. Also make Split Chamber 100% Multishot instead of 90% so I dont have to slot Vigilante Armaments on every rifle to satisfy my ocd
  11. "Is Warframe anime now?" It literally always has been lmao. It's a game originally conceived to be about space ninjas made by western developers. Most of the "ninja" aesthetic in the game is entirely based on anime, and (*lightly*) Japanese film. The game has always worn these influences on its sleeve.
  12. To be honest I dont have any strong opinions. I think it's a valid change. Stacking Sonar is like, basically pointless. So I dont think losing it is a huge deal, and the other changes seem good.
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