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  1. Ash Prime was not name dropped, Ash was. And they said when they first talked about this that it would be permanent.
  2. Yeah I think the last post is right. There are a few in... I think the Lua spy vaults that pop up and have security consoles on them.
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/ktd9wCy Whenever I use prime melee weapons theres always this annoying weapon trail that follows me, even when I have them set to invisible while holstered. Tried setting energy colour to black but it's still there, just clear.
  4. Ninja also didn't use giant hammers, greatswords, chainsaw claws, electromagnetic knuckle dusters, or rapiers. Real ninja also weren't psychic children controlling biomechanical torture victims. So the argument of "Its ninjas!" Is silly, even putting aside whether melee is overpowered or not.
  5. That's not the point, but thanks for the unsolicited hot gamer tip. I'm saying you should be more likely to die in melee range. Whether that's accomplished by making enemies do less damage at range or more damage close up, either option would work imo.
  6. People keep saying Melee is a risk vs reward thing but it isn't. I think a good solution to this imbalance would be to make that TRUE. Give enemies damage falloff at range/make them do more damage in melee, or decrease their accuracy. Give ranged enemies more telegraphs rather than just having them ventilate you from 30 miles away and every direction.
  7. Honestly the problem for me with both Shield Gate and Finisher Silence is I dont want to rely on really narrow windows of invincibility to survive. I get that they're strong but its stressful to me.
  8. I know I'm going to get insulted for this but I do really wish there was an easier survivability solution for Banshee than "Subsume Pillage or jump everywhere" I dont think it's an actual problem with her kit. I think soundquake aside her kit is pretty well realized for a sniper type character. Its just... I'm not good enough to play as her and it makes me sad cause I think she looks great and I do think her abilities are fun in low level content where I wont get shredded instantly.
  9. My guy are you on the internet? Buff women are extremely in in MANY MANY corners. Grendel's body shape is less popular which is a shame, but, it is still on occasion big boy season.
  10. You think Fusilai is more iconic than Volnus?
  11. You every tried to do a Lua Rescue Sortie? (One mission doesnt justify the entire ability admittedly but)
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