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  1. Your mistake is targeting a frame you want. I know, silly right? But some of these frames are locked behind mid/end game content. Just look at Grendel, you have to do Abritrations for his fat ass. Your best bet is to not focus on a singular goal like Wisp. It'll just kill your desire to keep playing. Take what you can and build on it. Eventually you'll get Wisp, just don't rush it. Though if that isn't enough for you, then look into trading items for plat. This might be a shorter path for you. Grinding out the plat through trades until you have her.
  2. So I waited this out until we got back to the Dojo and the bug... well became obvious. Yea.. animation froze me. This is why I couldn't use unstuck to get out cause even if I did, I just couldn't move.
  3. I have one better where I did get the UI Could receive items, could chat, could check out menu, can't use powers. can block? Same thing too. I was on a grineer ship as the mission ended and set it blow up and left. Got stuck in this Unknown, this Nothing. I am in the walls, between realms, wedged between dimensions and stuck in the forsaken dimension! Surely I'll invent personal lore for this.
  4. Yea it is better to just Park the Railjack in some distant spot and go ham murdering stuff until you lvled up the ship enough.
  5. I like how people complain about RNG in a... looter shooter game. 🤦‍♂️ Yet at the same time don't propose something helpful that the Devs could maybe use. As for Railjack itself. I'm having fun with it and quite enjoy the new content. I got so much to go through now! Liches, Railjack, new frames to master, weapons to farm up, etc. Even Nightwave is less of a grind these days and I don't mind the occasional Nora praise now. Go on, tell them how much of a 1 man army I am. Inflate my ego, baby!
  6. Archguns are a hard thing to balance given you can call them down in the middle of normal missions.
  7. The mining is just fine, don't be lazy.
  8. Is that a Markiplier reference? If so... nice
  9. You'll have to get some ship mods and upgrade your skills a few times. Then it gets significantly easier. You'll also need a pilot that knows how to gtfo out of trouble and avoid it. This will take time for people to learn and eventually it'll get less stressful and more entertaining.
  10. You don't know the lore then if you can't see how Railjacks are necessary for future content. For someone who has so much you seem to be having trouble with this that the rest of us seem to handle just fine. I don't care about Saryn's 4 to win. I use Ember's 2 to win with her amazing armor stripping. Or I run around as Gara with 2mil+ shatterstorm damage and laugh as everything I try to hug dies. But you know what, let's assume you are the god you and have gained every frame and weapon, forma 'ed it all up to the best of your ability and having nothing to do. Good for you! It is as this point you've exhausted the game's content and it might be time to take a back seat and grab another game to fiddle around with for a few months while DE makes more stuff. Me on the other hand I still got plenty to gather, make and forma up. So I am happy with that. Go, find something else to play while DE makes more content for you to burn through.
  11. If you can't handle rivens, the parkour, or the higher enemy spawns, then you aren't close to the "end game" of Warframe. You signed up for a looter shooter space ninja fighting game... in space. What the is the update? Space ninja fighting in space! I don't see the problem here. If you want them to tweak old, forgotten game mechanics then forget it. Tweaking stuff, never makes it much better. They would have to reinvent that content and there's no point now when Railjack is the future of Warframe.
  12. You are not seeing the potential here. This will become the core gameplay. When it comes to explorer new content, going to the Sentient world, exploring other solar systems you'll need a ship for it. The orbiter can't jump to another solar system but the Railjack can. The potential is massive here. Especially if they can start in cooperating the normal missions into Railjack. So I am loving this new expansion I see where they are heading regarding the lore and teaser trailers, we needed this badly to explore that stuff and take Warframe to the next level. Did you know if you look through your sunroof you'll see your Railjack? This is too cool. 😄
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