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  1. If they could just remove the timer on the weeklies this would go over so much more smoothly. That is honestly my main issue with Nightwave right now. Burn out is quite possible when you got something asking you to complete 10 nightwaves, 3 sabotage, 3 spy, 4 halls, etc etc in one week. That's just bloody insane. Nightwave feels like a battle pass and it right off the bat was very disappointing to me that it mimic the battlepass format. I rather it didn't because there is a lot of useless stuff in the rewards I don't care about. However, there is a few useful things I do care about and that is where the problem sets in. People say you can just skip it, skip it and don't have to do it all. That Umbra forma says differ. You sure you wanna pass that up, hm? What about those formas and potatoes? What about that Nitain or those aura mods some of which are very important to builds. You can't exactly skip it all and sure you can skip some but you'll miss out on other stuff you'll need in the future like that Umbra forma or those nitains. So skipping is not exactly a smart option. This is why people feel obligated to complete it and you don't want that.
  2. All I would like is the weekly challenges to not expire until the entire thing is over. I don't think that is too much to ask right? The dailies can expire but those weeklies can be rough to complete with so much going on. Events everywhere! Barely get time to focus on weapons or frames (aka getting more and forma-ing up). If the weeklies the pressure to complete all nightwave stuff wouldn't be there and I can do it more casually while working on content I want to focus on. Not content I fear I'll miss out due to a timer.
  3. All I would like is the weekly challenges to not expire until the entire thing is over. I don't think that is too much to ask right? The dailies can expire but those weeklies can be rough to complete with so much going on. Events everywhere! Barely get time to focus on weapons or frames (aka getting more and forma-ing up). If the weeklies the pressure to complete all nightwave stuff wouldn't be there and I can do it more casually while working on content I want to focus on. Not content I fear I'll miss out due to a timer.
  4. It says week 7 on your Navigation display. DE also said 60%-65% is what needs to be done. So yea... around now with all I got done, with all the fugitives I've completed. I should be closer than 27.
  5. Ok so we were told we had to do what? 65% of Nightwave to get everything correct? Well it is week 7 and I've done every mission except for 1 that was worth 5k and I am sitting at rank 27 and not close to 30 like I would've expected by this point. Someone's math is wrong!
  6. Ok but why the blue face? Is he sad? He looks sad. 😞
  7. So apparently this is a hostage I had to rescue. Seriously... wth o.O
  8. Checked animations for Gleaming Talon online (mod I have on my Flacor) and I am unable to do any of them. I think these weapons didn't transition into 2.999? If they did, then they aren't working as intended. Nor can draw just the Flacor. It is secondary or primary.
  9. So far my impression with melee weapons is that they stop doing the quick 3 hit melee animations and just do the stance animations correct? Well with my Flacor if I have my primary weapon out it does the 3 hit animations instead of the stance. If I switch to secondary weapon it works as intended, except the Flacor and pistol changes hands which is disorienting for me. Not sure if this is all intentional since this is my first glaive weapon.
  10. Repeatedly today I've managed to make the funky Penance icon that appears under your aiming cursor disappear by spamming Penance twice. Usually first time breaks most of the shield and if an enemy finishes the rest, Helios can regen my shield completely. So... I do it again! That's the reasoning as to why I do it twice. Why the UI icon vanishes I have no idea. You do have to do it quickly, possibly within 5secs of each other. Also the icon doesn't return on continual casts until the timer for it had ran out.
  11. A bit more thought into my previous suggestion which was to remove the time limits from weekly acts and turn the entire Nightwave thing into "episodes." First the time limits: Let's just remove them. We can keep the time limits on the dailies if you wish, but the weekly ones are where the big standing cash is at. These shouldn't expire at all. Instead they persist until this season of Nightwave is over. With each passing week, a new set of challenges is unlocked for Nightwave. This way players who can't get through the Nightwave content this week, can still catch up later and complete the challenges. They won't feel like they are missing anything. Episodes: Once this Nightwave season is over. I'm figuring a new one will start soon after. What could be done is that this season's get bundled up into an episode of Nightwave that new players can active and complete at their leisure. What they may missout on would be dailies and following the story as it changes week from week but they can at least relive the previous season this way. The episodes I think is a good thing to try now given in the past players had missed events and the content that came with them and people were asking for these things to return so that newer players can check out. I also think it is sad that DE has made 1 time content that no one can relieve. If it was a once a year thing, sure not a big deal since it'll come around the following year but it isn't and hasn't been like that. Anyway, that's my suggestion. 🙂
  12. I'm with OP here. I can farm the Exploiter Orb with no trouble, even solo if I wished. Yet I am time gated with Solaris United because of the daily cap. I didn't bother working on their standing because well... kinda was busy with nightwave for the past few weeks instead! Funny that. I get it, that there are somethings players won't be able to do like sorties since they haven't progressed far enough. However for some of us this stings cause we busy with other content in warframe like me with Eidolons, frames, weapons, sorties, etc etc and didn't really care to farm up the standing for the profit taker since I felt I can do that once I finished everything else. Nightwave dropped, knocked my to-do list out of whack (yes I have one for Warframe to keep me organized). Started doing Nightwave and well here we are to this mess. I'm capable enough to solo Exploiter Orb, sorties, did the bloody 60 min kuva survival with 1 friend, and so on. I have endgame stuff but not access to this one thing. It sucks! It is one thing if I willingly choose to not do this one challenge it is another that the decision is taken away from me. Maybe next week I don't want to do that one. Or for the next few weeks I am too busy and will skip out on a couple 5k challenges, but this week. I got time and want to do it but just can't. That's not right.
  13. Yea I think the main problem with Nightwave right now is just the time restrictions. Better off to not have it all. Hell not even the seasonal thing but an episodic thing. This way future players aren't missing out on anything and can play through the previous nightwave challenges and complete the episode of it and move on to the next one. Future players could also pick between current and past episodes to do without feeling the pressure to clock in hours to complete content that they will miss out on. Just an idea.
  14. People think it is so easy to code something 1st person into this game. It is not. It will be a lot of resources spent on a side project to satisfy a few who are too addicted to shooters can't adjust to a game that has more than "pew pew" in it. Just to give you an idea of the obvious things they would need to change: 1) Create a whole new skeleton for animations that works for all frames cause newsflash, to animate in 1st person perspective takes a distorted skeleton to make it look right. Just look at the work put into Mirror's Edge. 2) Using a new skeleton requires making a whole new batch of animations with that skeleton. I'm sure they got a way to transfer most of it over like for emotes but for things like holding the gun in your view will probably require new animations or new features in the engine to hide part of the frame from clipping the gun, blocking your view and or both. Or even new models for the frames that just show their limbs in first person. 3) Then there's the whole disorienting feeling of seeing boobs/massive cod piece or vastly different bodies sizes and types when you look down at your own character in first person. Or how about the height differences because you use different frames? Now imagine that height difference when you pop in and out of operator mode in 1st person while fighting an eidolon. That just gives me a headache thinking about it! 4) A new set of Parkour animations just for 1st person so you have an idea of what is going on when you move around. You will need the visual indications of when you grab a ledge, bounce up a wall, bullet jump (maybe some woosh lines), etc. You'll need animations for when you are knocked down besides your camera falling to the floor cause yea, you gonna get knocked down, stumbled and thrown around especially in Vallis. 5) Visual hud indications when frames use certain powers because you will not move while casting but without some animation or indication you'll think you are stuck when you aren't. Additional visuals for when you are hit with by certain status effects (freeze, impact, knockback). Some kind of visual indication of when you are in operator mode because trust me you will forget in the heat of combat if you are locked in first person. 6) Deciding when 3rd person should be used for small instances like when hacking a console, going into operator mode, using your UI (foundry, mods, arsensal, etc). 7) Melee 2.9999. The sheer volume of animations there would have to be tweaked in some way so it won't be disorienting for the player. That or they just have your limbs flailing around you like some silly arm puppet at a car dealership. Just take a moment and try to visual melee in first person. Spin attack, fist combos, dagger combos, staves, hammers, sword and shield, etc. Then there's the auto parry that will certainly have your arms waving infront of you ~~like you just don't care!~~ This is just stuff off the top of my head. I'm sure DE themselves could probably rattle off another half dozen additional issues they'll have to overcome to bring this to life in warframe. Even if it was a toggle, if it is a S#&$ty toggle no one will want to use it or use it for long. Those who do will like it for a day and get frustrated in the coming weeks with how boring or lack luster it feels compared to other games who built themselves around 1st person. This is not a worthwhile investment for them right now. Not when they got much planned and working on so much more for this year.
  15. They actually fixed all my bugs a few hours after I reported it, lol. Guess someone else beat me to it.
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