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  1. Not on my end, everytime I go hunting for them they always stay up in the sky, and if I wait for more than 5 minutes they disappear, not to mention that they sometimes spawn inside objects like infested masses in the map, you can see that's not just me complaining about it, the issue isn't the same with the birds in Fortuna. I captured very few of them by going into archwing and hunt them in the sky.
  2. Yeah but we put baits for them to come near it, real birds also land for food! also you do realize we are talking about a game right? it doesn't need to be real or immersive, I'm not playing a bird hunting simulator.
  3. What's the progress on the Railjack Command Intrinsics? is it coming soon? Also can you please fix the spawn location of Avichaeas? they always spawn way up in the sky very far away, and they're barely noticeable, or at least make them land or hover closely around the call location. Thanks for the fixes DE! ❤️
  4. Is the operator dash bug fixed? I didn't find it in the fix list.
  5. One question: is there going to be a remake for PVP experience? Looking forward to see you DE, stay safe!
  6. Thanks for the update DE! one question though, are you still working on the Command Intrinsics? can we expect it to ship soon? Stay safe ❤️
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