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  1. - Railjack's atrium shows the default skin from the inside with wear and tear when a different Railjack skin is applied, I think the design team forgot about this matter. Also the exterior "Wear and Tear" UI is glitched, it goes back to default every time. - Please allow "On-Call" crew member to use weapons with mods in regular missions like it is on Railjack, also either lower the call cooldown or higher the spawning time. - Creating "Logs" section in the game would really help us read what we missed if some important message showed up or a dialogue, for example if Lotus said
  2. Is there a plan to make another Umbra frame? See you there DE!
  3. How could adding something that already exist would consume the developer's time? Most of Warframe content is cosmetics and has nothing to do with gameplay experience, but most of us like it anyway, and this is one of them whether you agree with it or not. Not everybody hate Solaris like you do, I'm pretty sure there are so many players who want them on the Railjack, I've seen many posts about it, it's not just me. You can hate them all you want, but they are well designed, if DE removes everything that players hate we'd be playing an empty game, because everybody is different, and h
  4. Railjack's exterior "Wear and Tear" UI is glitched, it goes back to default every time. Please allow "On-Call" crew member to use weapons with mods in regular missions like it is on Railjack. The auto movement after picking up something from the ground is really bad, sometimes I pick something up next to an edge and I fall into the abyss,or I trigger an alarm by auto moving to detection lasers, please change it so we stand still, this bothered me for a long long time :( Thank you DE for your hard work <3
  5. Why not?! if you don't want them don't hire them, is it that hard? why limiting other people to your likings when you can just simply not hire the one you don't want.
  6. Yeah, also the rescued targets in rescue missions.
  7. Please allow our crew to equip our Warframes animations, also add energy colors to attachments. Is there a plan to train our crew beyond 3 points in the future? Maybe full female/male versions of all syndicates, like a male New Loka and a female Arbiters of Hexis, etc. Other crew factions like Ostrons and Solaris? Please fix the electrical hazard still affecting the HUD and Tactical menu even after being repaired, it continues to glitch the HUD after the mission is over in the Dojo. I'm hoping this fixed the Tactical menu, as it's removing the mini-map when used, the only fix f
  8. Please either revert back the Railjack "skills" energy system to what it was, or let it use the energy efficiency of Warframes as well, because for now sharing energy with Warframes is really forcing us to use large energy pool builds for it. This is like the old system of Archwings when they were using our Warframes' health, shield and armor before it was changed, I remember back on the day we were only using Warframes with big HP for Archwings. Now I feel it's the same with the Railjack energy system. Thanks for the update!
  9. - Forma time isn't right, everybody complain about it. - Aura forma is different than what I said, maybe read the whole thing first. - Even though I had 20 mil I still don't like the new system, I have friends with low credits and they had all these avionics maxed but not after the update. - How is that gonna be manipulated? - The game is still gonna be free, nothing I said will change it. - Either buff the other auras capacity or debuff Steel Charge? why is it special than the others? - If you really care about new players you wouldn't be talking about credits be
  10. I love immersive features, that's why I asked, nothing in the world can please everybody.
  11. But these options already exist if you wanna buy with real money, it's an option for all players to either pay with credits and ducats or plats from trading. What's the problem with getting extra attribute from items you can acquire with no real money?
  12. Cool it's nice to know, I'll look into it. Thanks!
  13. I'm talking about universal stats, like all chest armor give a fixed number unified with all chest armor parts. it's just an idea.
  14. Are you talking about mid-game before preparation? I never seen that option.
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