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  1. - Please allow us to move rooms in Dojo with their decorations. - An option for copying a group of decorations all together, also the ability to move a group of decorations at once. - Allow Deimos pets to equip armor like any other pets? Thanks DE!
  2. Yeah it's weird some of them move constantly and some don't, I was testing this bug with an obsolete room that I can destroy later just to see how to fix this horrible bug. But I can see xPolga already figured out a way to remove the transporter. In my case after some testing I was also able to remove the one that was moving from place to another until it ended up inside another room. Let's hope DE will fix this bug soon, btw I quoted this whole thread in the last update as a post.
  3. I had to destroy a room for this bug, and after many testing I realized that the transporter moves randomly to another area every time you spawn to it.
  4. Thanks for the update DE! I have some requests: - Some augments fit in the exilus slot and some don't, why not make them all exilus-friendly and we're all gonna be happy 😀 - My aura mods are always jealous of Steel Charge, they wanna be 9 year-old one day! Please DE make it happen 🙏 - Please allow us to use front and side weapons simultaneously for the main pilot if they're not mounted by other players, unless they are planned to be used by NPCs in the none-existed Command Intrinsics in future. Or maybe you can make the side slot for utility tools like weapon jamming or tractor
  5. This bug still exist and it happens from time to time, the only way to fix it is by re-launching the game. Even if the email isn't shown as complete, the game will still log you in if you already did this before, it's a bug with the UI, because your email is written in Warframe windows registry, and you can change it there as well.
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