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  1. Clan Name: MRaider Clan Tier: Ghost - Rank 10 Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord New rooms and decorations, not shown in video due to the large amount of content that can't be covered in 3 minutes. Featured Picture: Featured Video: Aperture Science (GLaDOS & Wheatley): Kuva Lich Trading Hall: Ant and Wasp: Spider Expo: Robots Warfare: The Grudge 2 Black Room Scene: Trading Center: Void Secret Room: Grand Hall: Space Lounge: Loki Prime Vault: Main Hall: Personal Quarter: Decorated Labs: Tenno Gardens: Tenno Restaurant: Trophy Park: Passages and Corridors: Caves: Graveyard: Good luck!
  2. We travel as warriors to the stars ✨ It shapes us into what we are 👫 With valor shining from our hearts 💖 As light coming from dying stars 🌟 We make our journeys last so far ⏳ We mark the galaxy as a scar ✍️ As Grineer Queen sends her maggots 🐍 We dreamers send them back to atoms ⚛️ We fly, we fight, we die, we rise 🙋‍♀️ we make our history in the skies ☁️
  3. Thank you so much for fixing this issue ❤️ it was making me lose my mind!
  4. Poor Zege, he doesn't have a chance, let the poor guy live to celebrate Christmas with his Fugriff family 😂
  5. Hello DE, I'd like to suggest these ideas: 1- Adding a button to toggle all placed decorations at once (blue and yellow tint) to be rendered during building mode in dojo, in order to see how the room will look like afterwards, similar to view room colors and lighting. 2- Be able to move a room with its decoration from one node to another. 3- Be able to donate platinum directly to our dojo's vault and also be allowed to buy orbiter decorations inside the dojo with stored platinum. 4- Adding a DPS indicator for selected weapon in the arsenal UI. 5- Allowing companions to share our equipped mods on current equipped weapon simultaneously. 6- The ability to downgrade maxed mods by choosing the desired level for each individual build (i.e. Warframes, weapons, etc..)? 7- Difficulty slider for PVE in options menu in order to make the game either easier or harder? thus harder difficulty yields better loot than the easy one, which will make the game more challenging. 8- Allowing us to sell our resources for credits like you did with fish oil and meat. 9- Some specific augments work like exilus mods while the rest don't, changing all augments to be equippable in the exilus slot, or making an extra slot only for augments. 10- Changing the relic system, because more primes means even more relics to cover them, and the chances of getting a specific relic is getting lower and lower over time. 11- The possibility to make the jukebox in our orbiter load custom music from our hard drive. 12- Buffing the mod "Cautious Shot" to negate damage completely at maxed, as self-damage weapons are still killing us with that mod equipped. Thank you DE for this amazing game! and thanks for the update!
  6. Clan Name: MRaider Clan Tier: Ghost - Rank 10 Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Featured Picture: Featured Video: Trading Center: Golden catwalks leading to trading posts surrounding a big fountain, you can even jump inside it and find a secret hidden there. Void Secret Room: I am a big fan of this design, I remember how amazing it was the first time I saw this room very long time ago (like 6 years ago), and I couldn't resist not to build a duplicate in my Dojo, with of course an extra special touch. Grand Hall: This area is really large, I designed it into three levels, the big park in the ground floor, the malls in second floor and the seating area in the last floor, all linked together with patios for overlooking. Ant and Wasp: After watching Ant-man and the Wasp I had an idea of making real ones in my dojo, but in insect form. Spider Expo: I love spiders, and I always wondered if the void has one, so I created a massive Orokin Spider, disabled by the Tenno and preserved in a gallery along with other items, an Orokin space ship and a Grineer Helicopter. Robots Warfare: The Orokin robot is decimating the poor Grineer robot. Yeah I always wanted to see that. The Grudge 2 Black Room Scene: I love the Grudge series, so I wanted to create a horror scene which was my favorite, when Kayako Saeki emerges from the water inside the black room, holding her hands to the edge of the plate while her head is slowly emerging until you see her eyes. Space Lounge: Mass Effect has a big influence on this one, with an Orokin touch. Decorated Labs: All labs are now decorated with small details. Loki Prime Vault: The legendary Loki Prime deserves a primed vault to honor his presence. Main Hall: It's the core that holds the whole Dojo together, where all Tennos arrive in upon visiting. Personal Quarter: A place you can climb until you reach your personal space, including your desk, computer, fish tank and your bed. Tenno Gardens: Tenno theme mixed with Orokin can create amazing atmosphere. Tenno Restaurant: A big staircase reaches to it with a big patio and a balcony. Trophy Park: All trophies I earned during all these years are stored here in this room. Passages and Corridors: All links between rooms and halls are fully decorated. Caves: Mars and Fortuna caves to remind me of them when visiting my dojo. Graveyard: I wanted to create a creepy atmosphere, influenced by Silent Hill, and a graveyard is the best choice. Good luck to all of you.
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