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  1. And here's the video: Notice the color pops a lot more before the customization is applied, then turns lighter and duller after.
  2. I really like the dual energy color addition, but I feel like the secondary energy color overrides the primary one too much and there is not enough separation between the colors (colors blend too much), among other things. This is especially prevalent on the Nyx Athena skin. The first image is with no secondary color The next image is using a yellow secondary color There is next to no red left here, which is what I want to be most prevalent. It's hardly secondary if it's the only thing you can see. Another thing about the dual energy color is that the colors don't seem to mingle very well. The red in the next screenshot seems to become a kind of dark pink when interacting with blue. The red has just been completely changed instead of added to. And maybe this is just me, but I think energy colors in general have been desaturated. They're a lot flatter and whiter than I remember them being before this update. The following is a picture of the Pyra Prime syandana in the new update. And here's a picture of it from a previous update. The picture is not as clear as I would have liked, but it's the best one I have. I've even recorded a video that shows something isn't right as well, but it's taking some time to upload. I'll add the video later.
  3. At least it was more interesting than a tank meta. I enjoyed the cooperation that came from that "glitch" that wasn't really seen anywhere else in the game. DE is doing something wrong where the most fun parts of the game are caused by glitches. It's like they're patching the fun right out of the game. Same thing with the Suicide Trin.
  4. Glad to see the tank meta is strengthening with each passing day! /s This honestly feels just as awful as the Suicide Trinity "fix". Every time something like this happens, I always feel like I should link the clip of Scott saying something along the lines of "we don't want to corner you into playing our way".
  5. Everything's great so far except I found a couple of edge cases where I prefer the old system: Some weapons thrived on quick melee combos, which don't seem to be a thing at all now. weapons like polearms had amazing and useful quick melee combos that just don't exist anymore. I hope with the stance reworks, this can come back. Some weapon passives don't feel right in this new system. Sigma and Octantis's throw mechanic gets in the way of directional slamming. I recommend a hold-to-throw mechanic for that one. Vaykor Sydon's workaround seems fine, but still clumsy, especially on a mouse. That's all I have for the moment. Overall a welcome change.
  6. We need to have a toggle for Nora's chime-ins like we have for Operators. I'm not a fan of Nora regurgitating the same three lines every time I complete an act, especially considering she mispronounces "cornucopia".
  7. I'm talking about her chiming in whenever you complete an act (Like opening 20 lockers). I really just don't like Nora or the Operators chiming in on the missions with the same three or four lines every fifteen minutes (more often in the case of the Operators), or Nora at all for that matter.
  8. And I thought Nyx was bad. She's my current favorite frame and she's locked behind infestation outbreaks! But at least they're pretty common. This though, this is a whole other level of pay-to-sleep!
  9. Can we not just have a toggle for Nora like we do for Operators?
  10. Could someone explain to me what "pay to sleep" means, please?
  11. Thank you for listening to the feedback about Skywing!
  12. Thanks for the fixes, but can you please put Skywing back to the way it was? The Archwing flight model just doesn't feel finished and isn't fun to use while the Skywing model felt like it just needed a little tweaking to be perfect.
  13. DE, you did it wrong, you were supposed to put the skywing model into regular archwing, not bring skywing down to the level of trash that archwing is!
  14. This update is like 3 gigs. Must be pre-loading stuff for Fortuna.
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