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  1. From past experience, I'd say it's par for the course. I bind Alt-Fire to RS click-in, does it still give you trouble trying that? When it comes to Controller, DE tend to be rather poor about it for PC users. I mean, sure, understandable to a degree in that likely the majority of players on PC are K&M users. However seeing as they advertise as Full Controller Support on Steam, I find it somewhat dubious; War Within landed, and it was not possible to finish with controller at the half way mark in the cave, something that would have been obvious if they'd tested with controller. Chains of Harrow didn't co-operate with the UI for controller; again, obvious immediate issue if tested. Indeed, most of the time new UI comes into it, Controllers get borked. Personally, my rule of thumb is that when a new update with new functionality lands, assume that Controllers are broken for at least a week when they get people to go over it. The day that doesn't happen, well, that'll be surprising. Steam Big Picture helps a lot for binding management, speaking personally. Not sure how new changes play into that, been on a bit of a break for a while as it were.
  2. The way you balance the colour palette, considering how narrow it is (least, as I can tell, colourblind) is really nice. From the light source the eye naturally notes the metallic shine as it moves to the shaded sides, whilst the cloth-like aspects have weight to them, clearly being moved by something; her own movement, perhaps, or wind. The overall effect I feel is a sense of a snapshot of a moment, leading into or from something else. Best of luck with future digital pieces, and colour efforts.
  3. Thematically, I can understand the logic behind it. But, that in doing so they've made it hard to parse what the different states of them are meant to be, is a definite step backwards. And, once again, there's this penchant for employing a kind of blue tone. I understand having favourites, but we still need to be able to parse information and thus, colour contrasts are important. Though we should all be more than familiar with the UI teams...complicated relationship with colour contrast and UI stuff. See the High contrast "Blue on blue" for the more recent example. Hopefully, we'll see some resolution in good time. Don't want to be waiting years again for legible lockers, personally.
  4. In as much as regular Warframes and Sentient, I suspect it's due to their biological aspect rather than strictly technological. Infested basis, thus out of their "ball park" in theory. Then you've got Revenant, which from what I recall of the quest dialog, put itself in reach of some kind of tendril the Eidolon uses to construct itself which went...badly. Personally, I wonder if the way Gara killed the original Sentient the Eidolon are mere fragments of, involved a notable amount of Void energy. If so, could Eidolons in some form be a cross between a Void Echo, and actual physical materials? Alternatively, if not necessarily Void based, could it be Transference usurped; Transference being about the relaying of a mind to an available body, then the "will/spirit" of the Eidolon itself could have become too much for the system to manage, corrupting what we now know as "Revenant"? If there is more Void at play than not, could Eidolons be similar to the Lua ghosts? From there, perhaps simply having the ready availability of Sentient remains allows the Eidolon to manifest, whilst these ghosts seem to be devoid of anything they could use in that fashion. Certainly wondering if it's a weird play on "Ghost in the Machine", at least. Sorry for going on, any event. Best speculation I have on matters at present.
  5. Well, fire does crop up in various purification rituals here and there, dealing with spirits or such. Good hunting, any event.
  6. Bolarola are truly adorable. Snow pangolins for the win
  7. I didn't expect to see anything for the meagre offerings I put on the Inktober thread, so to find a unexpected "thank you" in the form of a new glyph was surprising and really caught me of guard. Between both my somewhat amateurish ability and missing the last few days (moving yay), was admittedly a struggle to tamp down the self-doubt to take part and nerves to take part at all. Long burn stage fright, I guess? So...thank you @[DE]Helen for the Inktober thread, and @[DE]Megan and @[DE]Rebecca for shining a spotlight for everyone as it went by. Now I'll have a nice reminder to push past the self-doubt and keep trying on the creative front whenever I look at the glyph. All the best to everyone.
  8. It's a curious question. Especially pertinent as, if I understand correctly, the fall of the "Omegalyst" that Gara killed was post Collapse...and thus, whatever effort the Warden was making after that, to keep the Eidolon in check, was after Orokin availability. Throw in the extremely specific circumstances of what Revenant has now become, seeing as it's quite literally that, and a Prime of Revenant is awfully bizarre. Warden, sure, maybe. But that's a bit of an issue to mull over. Guess we'll just have to see what happens, really.
  9. Can't say that it's anything particularly impressive, but here's current Operator set up.
  10. Indeed. So, if Umbral mods are just as much cultured as the Skiajati from the same material...does make me wonder really. But, again...relies on mods being grown as much as anything else.
  11. I wonder if part of it could tie into just how mods are created in the first place. Could it be possible that Umbral mods aren't made but, like Umbra himself...grown? Though that then would still require it being influenced by Umbra's hatred of Ballas and the Sentients for its fate; poor term as it might be, a sort of "directed evolution" as part of the transformation from Dax to Umbra. Sadly, I've nothing to really lean on as a basis for mods beyond general "the Orokin are very partial to incorporating organics into their technological constructs".
  12. Wasn't aware the Unairu ability manifested something physical, what with not personally having it as yet, but an interesting point. Granted, if Wisps are of the Void...makes for a whole other mess of disturbing implications if true. Though would offer why employing them in construction of amps occurs, as you'd figure Sentient fragments would make poor substance to channel Void power through. Funny how much intrigue surrounds essentially cute, fancy pet rocks. Least, from where I stand. Sometimes important information can come from the most innocuous of sources, after all. Apologies for going on, any rate.
  13. And in some ways, if the "observer" theory is true, their absence on the coast makes a kind of sense; despite the presence of Vomvalysts there, Teralysts (least as I've seen) never go toward the coastal water bodies. Similarly, they're only where Eidolon vapour is generated, which is absent along the coastline. Thinking about it, if they're extensions of the Unum in some form, could being able to use the Wisps as material be like how she grants the Ostrons the flesh of the tower as needed? Though again, this is conjecture and supposition. Just interesting seeing where things can go if followed through.
  14. Whilst theory on my part, what if the Wisps aren't actually Sentient in origin, but some form of creation by the Unum to monitor the plains and locations of arisen Eidolon? They're strictly tied to the shorelines of the plains, and are utterly benign...whilst also floating into the sky and vanishing if left be. Could they be some kind of...cheap DIY remote camera construct using stones or the like, to check on Eidolon activity, and thus more common at night so Unum, and thus her Quills, are appraised of the locations and positions of Vomvalysts, Teralysts and the like. Not like the circle thing doesn't seem like a camera or eye to me, after all. Of course, this is just conjecture on my part. As it is, we just don't know what Wisps are and odds are, probably aren't going to any time soon. Apologies for going on, any rate. Just figured might offer an alternative explanation really.
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