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  1. have you something planned for dark sectors? or we will keep these one we have untill after railjack?
  2. the 9/8 was Vauban Deluxe anniversary and with it the "tweaks" and the promised rework that was begin worked on. In the meantime we had nyx, titania and wukong rework that were announced and released in a span of few months. How much we need to wait for vauban rework?
  3. ahwww , i was starting to having fun! Why did you revert it?
  4. this brings me back to the fusion moa event, the feels. I love you warframe
  5. Will our beloved Vauban get some love too? we have no news since his deluxe dropped this summer.
  6. so you said you will talk about the upcoming reworks (titania and nyx) and if not , there should be a Developer workshop post, but... what about our beloved vauban? When the deluxe skin was released you gave him some "tweaks" and told us that more changes where coming. There are actual changes in the works or we have been just bamboolized ?
  7. hope you are not dropping it on friday , otherwhise you leaving the whole community with bugs for the whole weekend
  8. Clan name: Vortumni Bellatores Clan tier: Shadow Clan Clan platform: PC Clan role: Warlord (with Architect permission)
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