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  1. So Autofill ayatan (mr 10) is more complex and endgame than the helminth system (mr 8 )?
  2. i can't wait! For some reasons i tought they were going to release the list on the 10th august, now i hope the release it this week.
  3. yeah it's a big problem . i was on a ceres surv and i wasn't able to find my kubrow because he's grey and he was in the middle of tons of grineer dead bodys
  4. found 4 valkyr going on hysteria and becaming immortal for ... ever? HOW?!?
  5. as already i said in another topic , they fixed ONLY the broken numbers (before the fix you were able to see numbers with "-" or "e")
  6. That's not a mirage bug , it's a volt sheild bug , if you cast 8 of them and use a high crit chance weapon , you ll see ALWAYS those numbers
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