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  1. Our clan as been doing this for all DE events, hence why we’re always called “elitists”. We kick people who don’t get the minimum because we want people who will actually commit to our clan and not just sit around and do #*!% all just to leech off of our players. Our goal has always been to get the top spots in events and we don’t want people in the clan that do nothing and then get the same glory as those who tried their absolute hardest
  2. You're absolutely right, It's as if hard earned rewards mean nothing anymore
  3. We are still waiting on this new "gamemode" that Scott was talking about which is meant to be for Veterans, I still think they'll change it to the point of where new players can still play it and get just as far as veterans
  4. I understand where you're coming from, the only problem is that the veterans of this game now have nothing challenging or exclusive to earn because DE is trying to make new/old content available for the new player base which leaves veterans in the dust
  5. Availiability wise I mean that when Baro leaves, the price will inflate from newer players trying to get it, as I mention to the last person, it shouldn't be sold off as a regular weapon, it should be put in another event like Plague Star it that was to ever get leaderboards
  6. I'm bringing this up because It's disrespectful to the clans that tried their hardest spending hours and hours in one game mode in order to get the research, if you put it into another Official clan event then I think that's fine but selling it off like scrap makes us think we just wasted our time
  7. *Disclaimer*: This is is not about item exclusivity as much as it is about vets getting spit in the face once more The Ignis Wraith in on sale at the moment from Baro for the second time and quite frankly I find this insulting, the clans who got this weapon earned it by placing in the top 10% in a official DE event. I am not complaining for the sake of keeping it exclusive, I am complaining for that fact that it is more of a "#*!% you" to veterans that worked their absolute hardest in that event. Content that was created as a reward for those who put as much work in as possible is now being handed out like common trash. Whilst RV (Remnants of the Void) give out the weapon blueprint for free (and maybe others but I cannot speak for them), a lot of people still find it insulting and it begs the question, will the upcoming event do exactly the same? Will Baro end up selling the new weapons that the top clans will get as research? the newest weapon we got was the Prisma Grinlok (I think), instead of giving out weapons people fought hard to earn, take advantage of the Prisma and make better weapon variants. This has happened twice now where Baro also sold a skin that was also from one of the official events. It just seems like you're making a clan's achievement worthless. Some people may think i'm "Crying" about this but that's no the point, it's making the clans who have the research useless and will inflate the price.
  8. It doesn't make total sense at all, if you want it to be an official clan event then we do need more information then going in blindly
  9. Why nerf the amprex? It was perfectly fine where it was, not OP and not under powered. there are multiple weapons that are still OP with rivens and haven't even been touched! This is getting so petty. like your general ruling for editing rivens is "Oh a lot of people use it? Oh lets nerf the ones we have already #*!%ed and keep the over powered weapons alone). Stupid.
  10. I have had the exact same problem, it's incredibly annoying especially when you have a form of OCD where everything has to be exactly in the right place, I had to completely re-design part of my room that I built because of this issue 🤬
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