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  1. 321agemo

    Merry christmas from D20 !

    Happy holidays
  2. 321agemo

    PC Login/Sever Issues [RESOLVED]

    look 3 post above yours.
  3. @Firetempest I remember those missions. There was another incident where it was a mobile defense mission, changed to Old spy, than to exterminate, then to capture (while it still displayed you need to kill x enemies). Its funny now, but back in the day it was fustrating as hell.
  4. hopefully this will fix the network problems i've been experiencing for the past month.
  5. 321agemo

    Aerial Acrobat Captura Contest is Live!

    IGN: 321agemo https://i.imgur.com/SBFAT10.mp4
  6. 321agemo

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    There’s not much I can add that hasn’t already been said by a lot of people. - Currently, only trails offer the players to have 4+ people to do the mission. There isn’t another mission in the game that lets you do that (aside from captura). - Trials are also one of the few missions in the game that require player co-ordination that extends beyond a friendship door. - Many people use Trials are a way to earn credits & Boosters. I know at least a few people who will do a trial, and then go straight to doing a normal mission to take advantage of the booster it received from the trial. IMO putting the trials on temporary rest is a terrible idea (without anything replacing it).
  7. 321agemo

    Roadmap: 2017 & early 2018!

    @[DE]Rebecca hope you guys have a nice christmas~~
  8. well the last time (i think) they did LoR they took 1hr so.... probably. video for evidence:
  9. 321agemo

    Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Desktop, mobile, both the same problem. Im sure they're looking into it but its pretty frustrating that i have to “login” everyday if i want to post anything.
  10. 321agemo

    Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    @[DE]Danielle has the auto-sign out thing been looked at yet? we got a thread starting and more people are experiencing it: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/821433-forums-acting-a-little-wonky/
  11. 321agemo

    Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Are you referring when you get a major update on your wf client? If so, you just run the launcher and it will search for any new update automatically. ----------------- Profile is a bit broken as well. Before you could see the upvoted post and the quantity of upvotes. Now it just displays “1” for any post that got at least 1 upvote.
  12. 321agemo

    Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    @[DE]Danielle the PSA and Megathread tag is still available to everyone i believe?