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  1. Take care of yourself tenno. They said they were working on it but it had issue at a bunch of places not that they will never do it btw.
  2. Welcome to the forums tenno. I do understand nuances in blades and curves but honestly excal already suits that description. Don't you think that doing a second frame with a skill using a sword would be redundant no ?
  3. Well thats one hell of a long patch note XD Oh and btw Thanks a lot for the summoning crew ability. This made my day ^.^
  4. Hi there tenno ^.^ for defense and MD i use octavia for interception i either use octavia or limbo if grineer for disruption i use inaros with the khora ensnare ( remember you only need to kill one ) For the boss fights i roll in a ball and cry XD thinking about the ropalolist
  5. Welcome to the warframe forums tenno ^.^ An Uncle Roger fan maybe ? I don't wanna seem biased or do an hasty judgment but the dances moves have been recorded by a Women so i guess they may be more suited for feminine characters ( if you accord certain types of movements to genders) I dont mind adding more but from my point of view the currents ones are amazing. Well i'm kinda biased because i'm quite a fan of Danielle works on Saryn and Octavia ^.^
  6. Ha thats what a lot of tennno did but honestly i measure mine in Vor's monologue
  7. The main problem i found with dry dock is not only the actual size but seems like its multiple floors high ^.^ I may be wrong but once i destroyed my entire second floor poof it was buildable ^.^
  8. Welcome to the forums tenno. Thats not a modulating voice app thats text to speech for quite shy and same for cephalon jizo ( and also grind hard squad ). A lot of apps can help you achieve your goal let me do some research ^.^ tryed voice mod ? https://www.voicemod.net/free-voice-changer-software/
  9. Thx for the intel to be honest i was not really sure if it was only the first time ^.^
  10. Its sold by baro but only if you show up with inaros prime ( or own it i think ) ^.^
  11. Cool Thats a nice drop list ^.^ I dont wanna sound weird but i'm starting to get worryed about Dani. Any news ? Ha ! Finally meeting you on the forums A7 ^.^
  12. Usualy we have all previous years reward avaible during the celebrations Thats why i collect dex furis. So i also hope they will be avaible this year ^.^
  13. Oh the solo only missions where you can't bring a friend? I would like it to allow us to join but warn us that we will be equipped with the same gear as you so we don't nuke everything and ruin the experience ^.^
  14. can or can't see anything about the refine button because i'm not sure. I also have questions about that part ^.^ .
  15. Well most of the time same missions type on the same planet are actually changing the map layout selection ( ground or ship for example and level ) or even factions ( like infestation vs current controlling faction ) but yeah some are really repeating themselves like Eris still has dark sector XD ( i know bonus xp )
  16. Well you need to build/repair a wreckage but wait have you done anything in railjack because if the answer is no you have a lot of work ahead of you. btw those requirement just changed ^.^ Tier 1: -4 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed+ 1 Wreckage Built Tier 2: -7 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed + 3 Wreckage Built Tier 3: -Full Avionic Grid Maxed+ 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made).
  17. well in my case i would go with probably not enough i made what i need but after my build was done i was just done i did not tryed anything else. i'm 10 intrinsict everywhere tho but having all trees should not be a requirement maybe combining it. At least 1 maxed tree and/or X number of wreckage could be a good idea.
  18. You guys are having a really interesting question. To be honest i'm asking myself the same question now ^.^
  19. yeah i get the idea. Look ^.^ Always keep in mind there is a tenno out there with 5 legendary core , over 50 veiled rivens , over 500k kuva , All weekly socketed ayatans since the release of ayatans ( and more ) and Millions of credits And still not max rank , no maxed prime mods , mostly not maxed builds and still called "Inexperienced" . At one point its just a matter of doing what you want
  20. hahaha some people will always calls other "Inexperienced" its always funny to see ^.^ I also get that ... a lot ^.^
  21. Well it would be boring if she only answered here and not in the stream same goes for all the questions ^.^
  22. thats a case of excal prime as @rapt0rman said ^.^
  23. Nice ^.^ So Q&A huh ? Are we gonna have a place where all our allies ( lich and crew members ) hang out ? like i don't know a bar with a super catchy song ^.^
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