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  1. yeah, sadly not enough of them and prisma only comes from baro which is once every 2 weeks with random rewards. That doesn't exactly entice activity or playable reasons to log in until after you find out it's out.
  2. Hello, just going to jump to it as to not make this mega long thread or at least longer than it needs to be. Leaderboards: The weekly leaderboards are useless to an atrocious extent. I'll explain why, 2 individuals from a single clan can do a run and provide a great score and place their entire clan onto the leaderboards. In addition to adding themselves to the solo leaderboards. It would be nice if "Clan" leaderboards had the total accumulation of the clan and the individual leaderboards had the best scores from all individuals. A few years ago a great mistake occurred which was the implementation of the "Eso and So" leaderboards. For newer players or those who may not know, it was a great mistake as it removed the only leaderboard that ever mattered to people which was the Kills Leaderboards. It was a leaderboard designed to take the total accumulation of the clans kills in a week and rank them. It was a perfect leaderboard for newer players to find active clans, alliances to recruit active clans, and for competitive clans to compete during non competitive operations. Not to mention for clans to set bench marks for their own activity. Tl;dr re-implement the kill leaderboards and change the existing way the leaderboards function into accumulated scores as opposed to individual scores carrying the clan. Clan Banlists: Clans should be allowed to have ban lists in their clans. As they can dictate who joins, just like players can dictate who is on their ban lists. There's no reason that a clan can't have a ban list for when an invitation is sent out to an individual on the banlist it should just provide an error to the sender. With that said just to ensure it's not half baked. It would be nice if they were not account banned but ip banned aka if an individual logs on a fake account they still can't join the clan. It doesn't need to say who the individual is but just the same error. Small change like this goes a long way for clan leaders who don't want certain users infiltrating their clans. Dojos: It would be cool if dojo's could receive additional room capacity if they were to meet a specific criteria. I.e be at x rank, or i.e purchase them with plat similar to riven slots. 3 rooms for 60p or something. A lot of clans have so many cool dojos, would be awesome to see what they could do with an increased potential 🙂 PvP/Invasions/Lunaro Rewards: Would be cool if once a year some new weapons/mods came into the reward rotations for PvP wins & invasion completions. Both are stale and it would breathe life those aspects of the game. Similar to how sorties used to change per season and give a new weapon. It would be nice if these did as well. Afterall in order to increase activity you need to deliver incentive. PvP2: Hear me out here; Tenno based PvP. For those who despise the warframe based giga mobility that causes most people to not want to do any sort of PvP... having a slower version as tennos would be really cool. Could go as far as allowing the "skill trees" to have specific effects for your tenno to create a more fun challenge. Prime Items: I've noticed we are starting to really scrape the bottom of the barrel for the weapons we are turning into prime items. Lately they seem lacklustre. At least to me! Is there a chance we can add a new style of weapons perhaps not a "primed" version but a "void effected" version. Like the void can effect the enemies it would be cool if doing X missions or collecting X traces and converting them to power up a weapon could create an unofficial primed version of a non tenno weapon with some small flat % boosts. Or just in general give us more surprise new weapons like the Euphona release! Exilus Mods: Great concept! Good stuff in there right now! Could we turn "Reload" mods into exilus ones?
  3. These are all absolutely brilliant changes from the top of the thread to the bottom of the thread. Good job Digital Extremes! Actually so much new potential in builds and frame usages it's going to be a lot of fun!
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