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  1. This sounds very promising and a great compromise across the board. Good job! I just hope the kuva per purchase will be worth it & not fall into the same deathtrap that kuva disruption rewards give players.
  2. good changes to the conclave one, it makes sense. As much as I dislike pvp, I understand that. Any changes to Kuva Disruption? Or could you release the statistics over the past couple weeks of Dropped Kuva from Kuva Survival versus the new game mode or just a graph depicting how many people play the mission per day? I can't help but feel like it's gone down since release(expected) but never gone up or went steady. 😞
  3. I'd actually like this change. It would be a decent time saver and a huge resource sink. I can see myself building more of what I actually need just because I can, but at the same time it will get me to play more often.
  4. After playing each of the game mods a number of times I have some feedback on the given topic listed briefly below. Mars is alright as it currently is. The spawns are working perfectly fine & consistent especially for lower mr players. It should be good for their difficulty level. It's well balanced from rewards to the actual mechanics. Jupiter is alright I guess. I find the map tileset here great. The rewards on the other hand are sort of lackluster specifically because of the hexenon drops being included in the rotation rewards. The mobs on the map honestly spawn more than enough of it from drops to account for taking it off. Uranus being a midtier planet is fine imo regarding the credit drops that occur, the mobs spawn plenty although for a Darksector & for the amount of mobs the amount of polymer that drops is confusing as the survival should not drop more than a disruption mission with infested enemies. Especially when infested enemies have naturally just more spawns. 20 minutes of survival on Uranus I can receive upwards of 18,000 Polymer(resource booster) 20 minutes of Disruption on Uranus with a resource booster & the 25% since it's a dark sector you get roughly 10k. Neptune is okay for its rewards as it's not an end game planet imo. Mob spawns were fine as well. Lua is absolutely perfect. Only thing that could be better is wave 20+ there's sometimes a demolisher that doesn't actually spawn Kuva - This needs to be either completely reworked to "randomly move with the fortress and other kuva maps) or alternatively rework it entirely. I'll explain below. The spawns are very poor in numbers and needs a huge increase. The spawnpoints of the demolysts often are incredibly far away from the conduit, and if they are close they are sometimes increasingly further away than some of the farther spawns because the quick path to the conduit is a locked door so the demolyst needs to run down 5 hallways. In no way possible is this an efficient method to farm Kuva. It's by far, as of this moment, the worst possible method and it's completely inferior in every single way to the Survival variant(same as on Uranus). Spawns: it's almost 2 - 1 in regards to spawn numbers for survival Map layout: Survival goes 3 in one room then moves to the next. Disruption is the same 4 conduits and they are often in very weird places that require constant parkour to get to or in general it's not in an ease of access both for the players and the ai. I've seen the ai completely bug out trying to go downstair cases and fall into the holes in the tile set because they were coming to one of the points. Gains: Survival I can get about 20,000 kuva in 30minutes along with a great number of resources. In Disruption it's almost half of that. Things I've tried: Map nuking => this makes it not effective because you now need to run down the endless hallways for the kuva drops Map nuking 2.0 => Kill everything, wait for cat buffs and then go pick it up to maximize gains. The kuva drops eventually despawn. (even waiting for booster it was still worse by far) Waiting at conduit => Took too long because of the navigation issues I've previously mentioned and it's just not efficient in general. Waiting at conduit and rushing to the demolyst => same issue Speed starting the conduits => still much slower than survival waiting to put all the keys in at the same time => the slowest method I was originally of the opinion that if you added the Kuva drops from the demolysts to the end of round points(and allowed the booster to effect the drops(not the round reward) then it may actually be worth speed running it to keep it a bit better, but not by much, than kuva survival making both effective. Although further opinions regarding the tile set being a constant annoyance from their spawns has led me to think 3x3 in the same room is still more efficient. I hope you consider moving it around as it would make it more efficient although if that's not in the cards, the kuva drops should be added to the end of round rewards to at least compensate the tileset, the team coordination requirements, the speed running, and more importantly to make it worthwhile to go. Until a change occurs I don't believe I'll be going back as it's not worth my time when kuva survival is just twice better.
  5. Is there any discussion going on regarding the Kuva obtaining methods on a non time gated mission(Kuva Disruption) versus Kuva Survival? As it currently stands my teams can get 20K+ kuva per half hour on Kuva Survival, however on Kuva Disruption no matter what we do(speeding it up, slowing it down, grouping, splitting) it always is considerably less. We've gone from starting all keys at the same time and nuking the map, killing 3/4 immediately and then hunting for the kuva to waiting and grouping. It always comes out much less than the survival. Idk if others are having this issue, but I'd love to see... since it's a team oriented mission that since in Survival the team is awarded with Kuva by sacrificing an objective(health pod) for Kuva in Disruption protecting the conduits(an objective & killing the demolyst also an objective) the kuva they drop gets added to the end of round complete screen(if someone has doubler of kavatt buff the normal kuva(350) remains the same however the rest is just tallied appropriately. Especially in kuva disruption where some doors are locked and there's multiple hallways that if you do nuke the map it requires you to go through them like a rat looking for cheese lol.
  6. I feel like there's a huge issue regarding the Kuva Disruption. From what I can tell if a time gated reward stacked efficiently can out perform a speed running team(specifically due to having to travel to other peoples dead demolysts to pickup kuva) than it's not exactly worth doing, it feels like it's a downgrade despite fighting more difficult enemies on a map tileset that's genuinely more difficult/confusing. I think that specific aspect should be reconsidered and tallied to the end of round kuva reward with it's double/quadruple(if you got buffs) added to the "350" reward. As opposed to dropping it on the floor and running around looking for it. It's quite a time waste and thus not even remotely as good, from what I can tell.
  7. Tolle Leute und sehr gute Spieler, würdest dort sehr gut reinpassen!
  8. Hate to break it to you but I got over 30k and I didn't even do wave 30 let alone 41+. You might want to keep trying the game mode to figure out how to earn more points in a round because 30k-40k starts at round 21 and finishes at 29 in that area.
  9. With all due respect, but what about them? Their score didn't go backwards, it went up. Therefore they didn't cheat. Afaik they released a guide with somewhat meta strategies(haven't seen it personally). What more do you want from them? I mean short of them running the event for other moon clans you can't ask for anything better out of that. Unlike most clans they even put their strategy out there early on and not at the end of the event.
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