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  1. hah do u think it is so? they even made test server but at the same time they still upload updates full of bugs
  2. i am not talking about 10 years old pc. dont be stupid. at least 3-5 years. and i said i have pretty good pc. and still have 50 fps. learn to read and to think before talking
  3. sorry if it's wrong place to post it. in this case tell me where i should post it. but i'd really like DE to see it and finally do something USEFUL. i gonna talk about so called ENHANCED GRAPHICS ENGINE. we all know that warframe's optimization are far from perfect. i dont want to say that it is awful but considering the fact that they are going to add that useless dynamic shadows/light foolishness and do nothing to improve performance, i can conclude that optimization is going to become really awful. i have gtx 1060 6gb, ryzen 1600x and 16 gb ram. and i still have fps lower than 60 when play
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