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  1. The best way to solve this is by giving people something to do in the first place because if you arent pilot there is not a lot of stuff you can do. There is the artillery gunner and maybe one person crafting stuff. Going outside is usually frowned upon as is the side gunners using abilities. Boarding parties and things to repair happen much less frequently now. Shooting from the side guns is pretty awful aswell because you are at the mercy of the pilot's flight path. I think DE should make the ground missions/points of interest happen at the same time as the pilot fights the space enemie
  2. I am not sure if Malice still works that way but I had it once where he put a magnetize bubble on me and I tried to shoot him with my opticor, which promptly evaborated myself.
  3. I doubt that it would lead to anything broken op. Many helminth abilities are mediocre at best with little to no synergy. All those abilities are ok on frames with a functioning kit, everything that can be done with subsumed abilities can already be done now.
  4. This sounds highly unbelievable. Have you tried getting a friend who isnt a garbage person?
  5. Same treatment? Did DE announce the removal of eidolon hunts?
  6. Dont forget riven transmuters. The exclusive things are not being affected by daily standing cap and the waybound nodes unlock.
  7. I think that would be an interesting experiment even though I am not sure how good such a frame would be. Roar and Thermal Sunder could make a decent combo if you find another ability to pair with that (fire blast maybe for the additional armor shred). Or you go full on self buff with eclipse, nourish, smite and shock. You could go very speedy with infested mobility, molt and firewalker.
  8. Honestly yes, on frames I dont use a lot I try to get away with as little forma as possible.
  9. I think we need to be able to zoom out before that's possible but that's something DE should do anyway so why not.
  10. Imagine being so delusional that you think a paid version would be something extra and not just the current rewards being locked behind a paywall with garbage rewards for the free tracks instead (many times literally nothing). How much consumer juice do you need to inject into your brain to think that this would be a good idea and would make the game better?
  11. Eidolon hunters complaining about "their" reward being put somewhere else will always be funny because that's the exact way how they got rich.
  12. Personally I would never drop range but sure. It still feels like an out of touch and pointless thing to say by scott. He brought up the attack speed you get by stacking all attack speed mods. I did that a few times for the riven unlock with 3x combo for 30 seconds (or whatever that unlock was) but that really doesnt seem relevant in the current discussion.
  13. alright what are you dropping for two attack speed mods, show me one of those builds. I know that berserker works differently than normal attack speed mods.
  14. If I understood it correctly the things scott mentioned was removing melee stagger from some attacks in the stances and making it so attack speed mods conflict with each other. The first one seems fair honestly and the second one feels extremely irrelevant. Who even uses more than one attack speed mod on a build?
  15. I was a big fan of polearm aerial melee attacks because they made you faster before the melee rework. That felt really good but unfortunately it's no longer a thing. Right now I like scythe and glaive aerial attacks because they are both very fast. Dishonerable mention to hammer and heavy blade aerial attacks, they are just awful.
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