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  1. Redirection does nothing, the only thing that can give Inaros shields is one of the smeeta abilities but shields are pretty much useless anyway.
  2. Literally any amp is a giant improvement over the mote so you're good to go.
  3. I'm just going to assume this is about last week's prime time. If you didnt get the drop make sure your accounts are correctly linked or consider relinking it. For the missed drop: you're very likely straight out of luck.
  4. You are looking at content that was abandoned long ago. Getting a Fluctus makes that mission a lot easier and getting an Itzal lets you use it's second ability to have real brakes.
  5. At MR 16 I told myself to not care about ranking up anymore. Eventually I got bored and ranked up anyway. Now I realize that high MR really has a great benefit: high standing cap. Everytime a new syndicate get's released I am glad to be high MR.
  6. There's an easy fix for that: dont let the son of your grandmother's child or whatever type something dumb in the chat. Or alternatively just turn off the chat like a normal player.
  7. Are you sure you are checking the right email address?
  8. Standing Cap is still an issue since getting to max rank takes a long time if you dont have a high mastery rank. Daily Standing caps are brutal for low to mid MR people.
  9. I know the position you are in because a friend of mine has hit the exact same wall with Profit Taker. At his Mastery Rank it would take almost a full month of daily standing to reach max rank at Solaris United which is just too long, especially since you have to go out of your way to get standing for it unlike the normal syndicates which can just level up as you go. The Standing cap should be higher for Solaris United since the content gated behind max rank isnt bad.
  10. Isnt that the point of spy vaults? That you need to figure out a way to get through faster? Do what you like i guess. Adapting is kinda the point of spy vaults though so I'm not sure how much of your self imposed "veteran" status is true.
  11. This is still not aligned correctly.
  12. Because for whatever reason DE decided that the Hema farm needed to be worse.
  13. Dont worry DE will nerf Maiming Strike into the ground with melee 3.0 ... when it finally arrives in 2035
  14. I dont see the importance of that at all. Neither for nightwave nor for Plague Star.
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