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  1. Can we remove the restriction for lich aggro only rising and the lich only spawning on your own nodes? i'd love to hunt liches together with a friend but atleast one of us is slowed down by cooping instead of pubbing
  2. That would probably mean the overall time would drastically go down aswell.
  3. I think it would be great but i have heavy doubts DE would ever that. Boosters are a very accepted way to take plat out of the market from both newer players and old players.
  4. I think the thralls could and should spawn regardless, they are pretty much just normal enemies afterall.
  5. First of all GHS is notoriously click baity and second do you have bloodrush on your melee weapon?
  6. DE forgot to update that postion after removing the cables that were there before the orbiter update.
  7. Ok this intial idea of only allowing damage from nidus is obviously horrible and will just make people dodge groups with a nidus in them. Why not go the far simpler route of every enemy that dies while affected by the larva gives nidus a stack?
  8. However that also killed a thread about how to build with primed chamber which doesnt fit this thread in the slightest:
  9. IDK sounds to me like they (finally) did excatly what they said they would do. English isnt my first language though.
  10. That makes it sound like DE just put the mod in baro's inventory without thinking, I think we need more prove for that than you just saying so. They also didnt say when it would return. Now I do agree that it should have returned sooner. It would have had the same reaction from gate keeping collecters though. The last point doesnt really say anything.
  11. If I spend 200k plat on credit bundles, does that also entitle me to something exclusive? Asking for a warframe partner.
  12. I didnt play back then so can you please explain to me how that event got exploited.
  13. Join a clan, buy the dragon key blueprints from the orokin lab and hunt for orokin vault mods in the Derelict. Some of them are worth a nice bit of plat and it's reasonably consistent.
  14. I loved Invasions in Darksouls but I dont think it would work in this game. Warframe is not a game built for PVP and DE knows it. They have said in the past that stalker mode is basically ready from a technical side, they just dont know how to implement it. The only way I see it coming in is if you just invade AI specters and DE calls it something like reliving stalker's memories. Keeping it to DE employees only would likely mean that only NA players will ever see this stalker mode because of how matchmaking works.
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