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  1. Yea the slow movement speed really didnt do it any favor with an area that large.
  2. I dont know what threads you were reading but everyone I read talking about that was worried that DE wouldnt do reworks anymore, not that they think they shouldnt. Ah yes the evil content creators ruining everything with their evil spreadsheets, giving their thoughts about which abilities are good on which frame. Some abilities are just garbage on some frames, regardless of if a content creators says so or not. Helminth abilities are inherently competing with each other because you can only use one at a time. You want to try out stuff for yourself and that's great but that doesnt
  3. Please revert the nerfs on marked for death. It was never overpowered in any way and nerfing it from damage dealt to health lost makes it completely dead in a team setting. This ability shouldnt be as worthless for something locked behind a high helminth rank.
  4. As someone who is deaf on one ear that would help so much.
  5. They managed to fix basically the same problem with titania's lantern, now they just need to apply that logic to lifted status.
  6. The pax charge thing sounds like a newer bug, back when i used wuclone it just reloaded manually anyway and ignored the existence of pax charge.
  7. To me sticking to some dictionary definition means losing specific meaning, afterall that would put things like baro kiteer in the same category as dog days, hostile mergers or scarlet spear. To have a specific meaning in the context of this game we need to adapt the definition of the term.
  8. Unfortunately this helps very little when the actual complaint people like me have is that there is no halloween mission. Not calling nights of naberus an event is just a consequence of that. Sticking to whatever random definition you see fit is not intrinsically better than what some people (myself included) understand when someone says the term "event" in the context of warframe. For me that term includes having a special mission. I dont consider baro kiteer an event either. Ultimately this thread is entirely useless because it's both missing the point and kinda condescending.
  9. This mentality brought us to games like aliens colonial marines. Just take everything that a brand gives you, no matter how S#&$ it is, and throw your money at them. This is not how things get better.
  10. But if it isnt part of the norm people got used to, why are you wondering about people not calling it an event? Sure, if we want to follow the strictly technical definition of "event" you are using, then it is an event. But that doesnt invalidate the norm that people got used to in the context of this game, meaning a mission to go along with said event.
  11. Hello 7 month nightwave series...
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