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  1. DE being lucky they have no competition in the kind of game they are making does not mean they have a good idea of what they are doing but nice try.
  2. This is the funniest thing you have ever posted. Got any other of those #good-jokes you wanna share with us?
  3. We clearly use different terms for some things but I think I can understand what you mean now. You would call this strategy an exploit but not cheating then?
  4. The thread asks if it is a bug or abusive mechanic, it is neither. Some people in this thread imply that DE is going to punish people for using this strategy because they punished people for abusing bugs in the past, which this strategy is not. Exploits to me mean like the thread asks, bugs and similar things. Things that get "fixed". Coolant raknoids being an insanely good affinity farm also wasnt intentional but the people farming them were perfectly within working game mechanics (stealth affinity bonus and enemies losing attention after a certain amount of time). Therefore no one was punished. The amount of affinity gained from coolant raknoids was nerfed however. If something works as designed, then there is no reason for players to not use it. Otherwise we'd have to run every single build or strategy by support first. I trust you realize how insane that would be. Game designing is not just a black and white of intentional or not intentional. Some design desicions come with with consequences or trade offs. DE didnt go the fully randomized stage location route because they decided it would be bad. Players finding an optimal route is a logical consequence of that.
  5. With plague star you as player are still operating within the working design space of the mission. The place you go to make the next stage choose the nearest site is not locked off, you are not glitching yourself into some place you arent supposed to be. Your made up example makes no sense, you are talking about something completely different than what people are doing in plaguestar. As a dev you cannot possibly think of every single way players are doing with what you made and like I said earlier in the thread I would not be surprised at all if DE went ahead and nerfed the farm. The important difference however is that no bugs or glitches are being abused here, players just recognized the game mechanics and are using them to their advantage while still staying within the constraints of those game mechanics.
  6. Just because it offers very little benefit in regular bounties doesnt mean doing the same in plague star makes it an exploit somehow. You are perfectly within bounty design when forcing the spawn point. People use it in plague star because it's beneficial, mission optimization does equal exploit however.
  7. Bounty stages choose a location near you at the end of the last stage. Archwing lets you travel around the plains fast. There is nothing bugged about it. It works as designed.
  8. Picking a room with good spawns in survival vs one without good spawns is also free, what's your point?
  9. You misunderstood what I meant with punished. Many people got their account banned in with the khora affinity exploit and the nightwave encounter host migration exploit or got their hostile merger scores permanently removed because they used negative crit damage rivens. That's the big difference to the other examples I listed, where no bugs or glitches or anything like that were used and therefore people were not punished with bans or score removals. What I'm saying is that the plaguestar strat is an example of the latter. Everyone doing this strat is firmly withing the design space of the mission and therefore not exploiting anything. DE might nerf it and I would not be suprised at all if they did, afterall they have a huge incentive to not run plaguestar at all because it provides free built forma. But that doesnt make something an exploit.
  10. People get punished if they use mechanics that are not working like the khora thing with spamming the venari ability, when some people abused host migrations to farm nightwave spawns or when people used negative crit damage rivens to cause a damage underflow. People dont get punished if everything is working as designed, like when the ophelia farm was nerfed with new enemy behavior (trade ban is a different case because it's a janky automated system and has nothing to do with exploiting) or when the affinity amount gained from coolant raknoids was massively reduced because people farmed them with stealth kills for insane amounts of affinity. Edit: another example was people abort farming intrinisics at the start of railjack in the veil galleon. You gaining some affinity even if you abort mission was up to that point intentional, DE simply decided to nerf that until nothing of the farm remained.
  11. It really isnt an exploit though. The spawn point is a fully intentional one, the game choosing a bounty stage location near you is also fully intentional and unless I am mistaken traveling around after completing a bounty stage is also allowed. Just because something is beneficial doesnt mean it's an exploit. You are only using things that are working as designed.
  12. I view the ophelia thing less as fix and more as nerf. They changed enemy behavior, which was functioning about as well as it was coded, it just turned out that the spot was too strong for DE's liking. I could very well imagine that when DE made that specific part of that specific room they didnt expect people to camp there. The drone spawn point however is a fully intentional one. Some people in this thread are completely poisoned by extremely equalizing mission design where nothing matters and every mission has to take forever with no way of speeding up even the most boring parts.
  13. Do you have connection problems/slow internet speed in other games aswell?
  14. Building limbo for max range stasis in a defense mission is also part of the game and it is without a doubt the wrong way to play. This whole principle of "I play the game how I want to play it" stops working when you go into public groups. People are making the tradeoff of only getting like 2 or 3 tridolon hunts in per night in exchange for not having to deal with recruitment chat. You're acting like more experience players are not adjusting for slower people at all. There is a big difference between someone not being experienced yet but open to learning and improving and people like you who shut everything down by saying you dont pay my sub I play how I want.
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