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  1. You made it to mr 8 without understanding or using the most basic things about movement, I am concerned. Try including bullet jumps into your every day play.
  2. In those hours you waited you could have already started farming and overall gotten a lot more.
  3. This is basically what I have to do and it's not a great solution. High speed camera spins are not exactly helping your orientation when you fly through a room at high speed. Pausing is exactly what the mission doesnt want you to do.
  4. I'm glad PSF is actually better than handspring now. When it still had the forced blocking animation it really was just bad handspring.
  5. Nyx is of course an option with the upside that you dont have to really change anything else in your setup because enemies like the treasurers are exactly what psychic bolts is good for. The more comfy option for me was to just go on my gauss and put magnetic on my stradavar, a few magnetic stacks and a couple of swings from a heavy fragor did the job reasonably quickly.
  6. Consumerism is honestly wild. Why would you want someone else to not have access to something that's just bought with money anyway for no other reason than because they play on another platform.
  7. Fixed of the what now? Can you explain what you mean?
  8. Not only affinity boosters but a forma sink aswell. To me it always felt like lvl 40 weapons, mainly the kuva ones, were a direct response to forma star plague star.
  9. Creator modes reverts story changes like purple lotus or the SU rank 5 reveal. You can get old lotus back right away.
  10. oh that's actually a big brain strat to get your fan concept noticed by DE: just have the initial be a letter the warframe alphabet doesnt have yet.
  11. Less lifted status is always great, I hope we see lifted status gone completely in its current form.
  12. when will deimos arcanes be buffed/changed/reworked? they are still incredibily weak.
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