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  1. From what i could tell, prelate is just immune to viral procs like a few other bosses.
  2. Are Primary Kitguns done being balanced? they are kinda bad right now. When will we get seperate modding screens for khora and the pseudo exalteds like steve promised over a year ago?
  3. Seeing how many minmaxers are in this thread: what are good tips against the zeloid prelate on steel path? I've tried baruuk (to quickly kill the small infested) and a gas lesion (against prelate and while that worked it still took quite a while to finish him off. Before anyone suggests it: viral proc doesnt work on the prelate.
  4. What did you end up using against prelate?
  5. Have you by chance done the zeloid prelate yet? He seems like quite the tanky lad to me.
  6. That's your interpretation of it and while I can see how you get to that interpretation, it doesnt exactly sound like how you describe it now to me. To me it sounded like DE thought the introduction of an unlimited combo weapon (the xoris) lead to the overwhelming damage output. To me if they meant it like you think they do, it would have said so more clearly.
  7. The player choice instead of xoris or you're doing it wrong is just fake. Now you're doing it wrong if you arent using your best rivened weapon as statstick but of course since that is individual it wont show up in DE's statistics. Now of course they know about rivens applying to statsticks, I know because i asked in a devstream thread over a year ago and they did answer on stream. Literally everything was ignored from the workshop thread.
  8. So everything ignored from the thread? Rivens and Augments applying to the pseudo exalted abilities is also unintended and you've known for over a year now. Why is that not fixed yet? Finally make the modding screens for those abilities. "Xoris or you're doing it wrong" just doesnt matter because it's just a statstick anyway, we are going back to "Amphis riven or you're doing it wrong. Woohoo, what an improvement... Remove the need for statsticks. On top of that give true exalted weapons access to acolyte mods. Those weapons are abilities and should be stronger than regular melee weapons. Otherwise what's the point of spending energy and giving up your melee weapon if the exalted weapon you get out of it is weaker.
  9. Happened to me aswell, after hitting a lich with temporal blast I only did fifth of the damage I did with the same attacks as before.
  10. Worked in dark souls, wont work in this game. Give it up, we dont need DE to prove a fifth time that they cant make good PVP.
  11. Combo is already restricted on excal and baruuk, with excal's waves not profiting from combo at all and baruuk's waves not being able to build combo. So even if they had access to bloodrush it would be limited by restrictions already placed on the weapons.
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