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  1. Drachnyn

    So... Why do Forma STILL take so long to gather?

    Vault Runs are still an amazing method to farm mods to sell for plat and you do not need any top equipment to do those. From there you get your plat to buy slots. If you are starting out you shouldnt really bother with formaing weapons. Those build videos you see on youtube are not meant for people starting out.
  2. Drachnyn

    Problem with void relics

    You should check the wiki page for the item you need parts of. Not the individual relics because those regularly change everytime a frame goes into the vault.
  3. Drachnyn

    Account Transfer (Please Give Feedback)

    This matter is not really in DE's hands. The console holders don't allow this because they want you to stay on their console and spend the money there.
  4. Drachnyn

    Farming Mirage Prime

    The vaulted relics don't drop anymore from missions but Mirage Prime is not vaulted yet. So when lith s7 relic got vaulted, a new relic was introduced that had the chassis, which is currently the Axi H4 relic.
  5. Wow that is loaded. And I have read the entire thing. It isn't all that clear to me so please if you could break your post down to what specific changes you want for the fire modes that would be very nice. I understand that it very clear for you what you want but it isn't for me. To me it seems there is a whole lot in your initial post that doesn't need to be said, where you could instead get straight to the point.
  6. So what changes do you suggest to the fire modes? I am having troubles understanding what you think is wrong with the burst mode and how you think it should be changed.
  7. Drachnyn

    Plz help!!! Urgent

    Do you have an extinguished dragon key equipped?
  8. Drachnyn

    Sortie feedback

    That would make very unhealthy elitist groups since everyone in the squad gets the same reward. "Oh you havent done every single sortie since they came out? gtfo of my group"
  9. Drachnyn

    Weapon Suggestion for Saryn Prime

    Saryn's main problems are Nullyfiers and Ancients (mainly the healers). To adapt to those enemies you have a lot of options: Any high fire rate weapon will tear up nully bubbles (Atomos comes to mind at MR 5) Ancients can either be quickly eliminated by using high single target damage options (like Vectis or Hek) or with radiation status effects.
  10. Now we just need the polearm stance attacks to be worth using over the quick attack combo (not counting twirling spire). Because as it stands now the normal combo attacks just slow your windmilling down.
  11. Drachnyn

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    Still no fix for melee momentum on heavy weapons.
  12. Drachnyn

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Gonna quote myself to bump this question to the next devstream.
  13. Drachnyn

    reported for nothing

    Yes. Again: You can go back in if you leave, but the guy cant leave if you dont.
  14. Drachnyn

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

    And knockdown resistance from melee momentum remained shadow nerfed sadly.
  15. Drachnyn

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Will the shadow nerf for melee momentum and knockdown resistance be reverted anytime soon?