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  1. Drachnyn

    Frost Rework

    I like all of your changes. Still keeps his snow globe role intact but also makes him a lot better in other stuff with the carriable snow globe.
  2. The little explosion Opticor shots create are supposed to be magnetic damage. The wiki says that and so does my testing against sentients (just firing on the ground next to them without any elemental mods installed gives them magnetic resistance). However if the Profit Taker shield is on Magnetic, Opticor cant harm it as seen here: As Opticor is clearly a weapon its AoE should be able to damage that shield.
  3. The relic approach? I can get behind that. It would make the missions with warframe parts in the reward tables more interesting like sedna disruption or infested salvage.
  4. Neat concept, how will it work in warframe? Suggest enemies and/or mission types that demand our best gear. Ideally without just being the biggest bulletsponge the world has ever seen.
  5. Out of the varying degrees of "hell no!" i have to your suggestions, this one takes the cake. If you want a meta group for a mission go to recruit channel. No mission requires a meta lineup of frames to finish. Due to your lack of explaination I am going to hope that you are complaining about some abilities having not enough range and I agree with that. How does this ruin your experience, you dont have to use maiming strike at all? Do you want them to get carpal tunnel for using the best melee attack in the game? You're missing out the part where you are basically sacrificing a weapon slot for a self damage weapon that doesnt kill you. I am also sure that Path of Exile has far weirder builds and combos. Ah yes endgame. I hope you realize that whatever you understand with "endgame" will differ from what other people understand with it. So instead of claiming what isnt endgame how about you explain what you understand to make "endgame content" in this game, as empty as that phrase sounds by now. A little communication without immediatly trash talking your teammates can go a long way. And reading the rest of your post makes me wonder what your problem with speedva is: the game is too easy for you but at the same time you complain speedva makes it too hard? Zealoid Prelate is nothing like sargas ruk or lech kril because you can actively end the invuln phase. The recent bossfights have a surprising amount of actual boss mechanics which is good. More to the point though: what would make a good boss fight for you.
  6. I wish there was a vaccine to prevent it entirely. Or the ability to remove it without having to wait a week. It's not that big of a deal for me as it is for OP but it's an annoyance that doesnt really serve a purpose.
  7. Dead Eye isnt used for the same reason Chroma doesnt use Serration. It's just too small of an increase compared to using 3 Corrosive projections, leaving the eidolons with a minimum of armor. If you are going for an off-meta group without a strong chroma and use shattering impact instead then sure, it'll help you.
  8. As Ash you just need to recast invisibility outside of enemy sight. Or you just go Ivara or Octavia and it's done.
  9. I assume they consider staying in the mission forever to farm orokin cells as exploit. Apperently they dont want people to be punished for it so I guess they acknowledge that people didnt consider it an exploit. This is a bit like the time where they stopped endless capture mission spawns.
  10. So how fast does it diminish and at how many hyenas does it start? Will I feel it when i just move through the mission regularly and kill every hyena in my way?
  11. Neither soma nor carrier got primed with nekros. We are also limited to 2 Prime items per new Prime access (not counting sentinel weapons). So for every weapon you include, another doesnt get in. I for one dont understand why Mirage Prime got Akbolto Prime and not Akzani Prime. I wouldnt give those too much importance though, we are getting a weapon primed afterall. If you want a prime scythe then go for Reaper Prime. Currently not all that great of a weapon but we have never been closer to melee 3.0 and a melee balance pass like guns got last year. So as always: patience. Where exactly is the deception there? You get exactly what the page says you will. These bundles arent worth buying but they dont lie about what's in it.
  12. More possible rolls on the mod table increases the chance to see the mod you are looking for, not for each roll but because of more rolls overall. Look at the official drop tables at the drop tables for exploiter and the tusk thumper for their resources. Those go over 100% by their own. I'm applying the same logic to the mod drop chance booster.
  13. Drop chances in this game can go above 100%. The mod drop chance booster would bring specters to 200% mod drop chance, meaning 2 mod drops.
  14. Farm the silver grove specters for Growing Power.
  15. Not even restricted to having to use the same ability slot? This thread is wild. Lets hope this will never get included like this in the game but here we go: Stats: Atlas Passive: Octavia Inspiration 1: Saryn spores 2: Volt shield 3: Vex armor 4: Trinity Blessing One frame to rule them all. Obviously you would take different mods depending on what you are doing, if the mission allows mass murder then mod for range and strength, For single target like Eidolons and Orb mothers strength and duration. Rage/Hunter adrenaline for both. You'd probably have an arcane energize in there or two. Originally I went for Inaros' stats but his energy pool is fairly small. Atlas provides a for non prime frames fairly high base energy pool of 150 but also has 100 more base armor than chroma. There is an arguement to be made to just go for wisp because of her 200 base energy. The lower base armor would be less relevant due to Blessing being in the kit but i'm not quite sure.
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