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Login Failed. Check Your Info.


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Try to use a VPN software like Hotspot Shield or any other software and turn in on.

It worked for me and hopefully it'll work for you too.

And if it's successfully worked, you can close the VPN or the software and resume your game normally.

After that try to login without the VPN.

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Yeah same problem here. SEA server.

I was playing just fine yesterday.

Now I login just fine on the game's website.

Can't login the actual game and the official alert app.

I changed my password, checked for caps, even typed it out to a text document and copied and pasted it to make sure I got it right. 

Reset router. No dice. 

Used Hotspot Shield as some suggested but it caused the launcher to not update at all.

DE pls


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The same for me. I can login through the app but not from the pc. Is this a region problem or on my end? Everything's been working fine untill yesterday when the launcher got a small update. "Login failed. Check your info" started to appear after I input the correct information.

(and it's obvious that the game's resolution changed for some reason too)

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