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  1. Sounds like you got penalized for playing with randoms. It's honestly a you kind of problem, just recruit people from recruit chat if you don't want randoms joining you or leaving mid eso/so.
  2. "We logged out together" should be the new theme song
  3. I managed to login but chat server seems dead & it look me a lot of tries before I managed to get in.
  4. looks like servers died for me before I could go and recheck, good thing it's back. Otherwise I imagine the owners jacking up price back to 200k plats again
  5. lucky for you, tennocon baro doesn't even have the primed chamber in his inventory xD you can rest easy now
  6. Imagine getting the servers nuked by player's login requests xD
  7. +1, same issue. Looks like no tennolive armor or sword skin for me.
  8. Servers got fried it seems, can't login to game on PC. Seems like Xbox players also having same issue.
  9. Now if they could only fix the game freezing and crashing while other players are trying to load in, that would be nice. Also, very cool armor placement btw...
  10. Basically the shield of sisters....idk about their hp cuz I am still stripping their shield.
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