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  1. The latest patch broke the timer of the game. Invasions, arbitrations, fissures not resetting. Baro timer broke and he is not showing up for lots of players. Zealot codes aren't being delivered immediately and so on. They broke more stuff with this little patch than fixes xD
  2. Same here. Fresh outbreak, did 3/3 on ceres but didn't get any code.
  3. More partners will leave sooner or later if game stays in its current boring state. I don't blame them.
  4. Pearl gain vs cost ratio is just so bad. Either increase pearl amount per run or decrease item cost. 4050 pearl required for new items (minus mods). That's about 81 runs. I won't be surprised if people get bored from doing 10 or less runs because it doesn't feel rewarding at all. Funny event idea but badly executed as usual.
  5. Still no fix for the decor bugs mentioned here
  6. How it used to look [Image source: https://youtu.be/KoTY7H2R7wk?t=220] How it looks now It has been over 3-4 months since this bug arrived. I am surprised it isn't fixed yet.
  7. You only need to verify your device once & with all the charge back scams happening here and there, this is the right thing to do. I don't understand why anyone should complain about this if they know their email login credentials. This is totally just a one time thing, unless you change device frequently which is unlikely.
  8. With that, kindly add a sort by "recent" option for relics. I am tired of manually tracking every relic I am getting recently.
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