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  1. I have waited 6 long years for this to happen XD DE pulled the biggest troll on pc hoarders
  2. What does a man have to do to get less hovering over, less about, less redundant menus & less stupid UI design around here? Clearly feedback isn't working out.
  3. Before Patch After Patch No complaints here. Mighty happy with it.
  4. I feel like crewships & boarding party missiles need their own special enemy markers in minimap/gamespace. Most of the time me or my teammates will die thanks to not knowing where the crewship even is & 7/10 times I won't be dodging a boarding missile because I have no idea where it was deployed from.
  5. Fix the 50% intrinsic loss on mission completion please. And maybe tone down on the stupid exponential intrinsic requirement.
  6. So much for "listening to feedback". As said before, this just means they have 12 other chances to flood you with duplicate. The immediate next weapon maybe different but it doesn't mean it will be one you don't have, it can just be a duplicate of a weapon you previously owned. Once again, shoving rng in to make content look artificially lengthy. A lot of people agreed that it wasn't a good idea in the workshop thread but you guys still went with it.
  7. That simply means they have 12 other chances to flood you with duplicates. Plenty partners made a lot of good suggestions, listen to them. This rng heavy system to make content look artificially lengthy is just stupid.
  8. This should have been a feature instead of the current stupid way of grind, really really disappointing. Previous removal of Kuva/Mods from thrall drop table was disappointing enough. Every time you accidentally add something quality of life that makes the game feel more rewarding instead of absolute boring grind, you just remove it later on just because it wasn't your intended way. You guys really need to learn to "do not fix it, if it is not broken". All these rollbacks makes me wonder, do you hate players being efficient in what they are doing or something?
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