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Equinox Rework Concept


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Equinox is one of my favourite frame ideas, and I've been thinking about this rework concept for a while.

This concept re-imagines Equinox as a Samurai in Day form, and a Ninja in Night form.


Day mode: Kills add a small amount of armor (Like overshields, but with armor)

Night mode: Stealth kills are not seen by enemies.

First Ability - Metamorphosis:

Switching to Day mode gives brief invulnerability and automatically draws aggro from all enemies in range.

Switching to Night mode gives brief invisibility and a speed boost.

Second Ability - Chaos and Confusion:

Day mode: Chaos - Enemies attack each other to get to you. Faster enemies will attack slower allies if they get in the way. Enemies will not raise an alarm.

Night mode: Confusion - You're more difficult to detect, and cause enemies to walk into walls or each other rather than face you. Enemies will not raise an alarm.

Third ability - Divert and Distract:

Day mode: Divert - Draw enemies away from allies in range by roaring a challenge. Grants health to injured allies, and grants armor to you for every ally healed.

Night mode: Distract - Sends enemies towards a ghost alarm, removing all aggro. Enemies ignore allies for a short time allowing for finisher attacks.

Fourth ability - Crow and Cloak:

Day mode: A high status heavy blade exalted weapon that draws aggro and slows enemy attack speed.

Night mode: A high crit twin blade exalted weapon that grants brief invisibility on stealth kills.

Yeah, I'm terrible at naming stuff, but I think this concept gives Equinox a few different and fun tactical choices. I personally love the idea of switching to day mode, hit 2, then 4, then switch to night mode, and slash through the crowd for a wicked multi-kill.

Probably OP, but hey, it's a wish of an idea!

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Equinox has parts to her that are good individually, but together don’t really mesh well. A rework for her would not necessarily replace her existing powers, rather  blend them together and make them work together.

An example I just thought off the top of my head:

Passive- Equilibrium, but now the conversion is 1-1

Ability 1- Metamorphisis

Shift between day and night. The transformation bypasses the “in between” state and simply changes straight to the opposite form. Day form gains 30% increased sprint speed and 50% bonus damage (stacking additively with serration). Day form has 150 shields and 450 health. Night form gains casting speed, increased shield regeneration rate, and and increased overshield cap (power strength). Night form has 450 shields and 150 health.

Ability 2- Rest and rage

Same as is, but the duration on affected targets refreshes every time a new target is affected.

Ability 3- Pacify and Provoke

In addition to the current damage reduction and power strength buffing functionalities, enemies within the radius are drawn towards or away from equinox depending on which form is activated. The effect of this ability is conserved between transformations while its active.

Ability 4- Mend and Maim

The effects now last for a set base duration of 30 seconds

Mend now deals impact damage and grants shields and overshields based on the amount of damage dealt.

Transforming will change the function but preserve the enemy hp counter.

Recasting Maim will refresh the duration and distribute enough damage to kill enemies in range.

Recasting Mend will refresh the duration and grant health, shields, and overshields, draining from the counter based on how much is actually given to allies.

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