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Aklex Prime's 3 Second Reload Animation


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I just want to point out how lazy and weird looking the reload animation of the Aklex Prime. It's as if the reload speed could've been only 2 seconds or even 1.5 seconds with this animation, but since the stats say 3 seconds of reload speed, the animation was just put into slow motion. This could have at least had a different reload animation to further suit the reload time of the gun. I don't think ninjas would be reloading a gun that is so simple and easy to reload this slow. Here's a YouTube video of the example.


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15 minutes ago, Ada_Wong_SG said:

I suppose animate the slide and magazine and throw in fanciful reload.

or this for the joke factor.


The first/second reload of the first video should be Aklex Prime's reload animation, but a bit faster to fit the three second mark.

And the second one is just funny af XD

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