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Torid and Heavy Caliber accuracy glitch?


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Heavy Caliber reduces Accuracy by adding Spread.
more importantly, is that the Accuracy Stat is a guideline at best. it's transformed through a formula from the actual Stats to the obfuscated number you see on the Arsenal Stats.
while 100 would be absolutely perfectly Accurate, and 0 (or as close to 0 as you could get, 0 is technically impossible, so like 0.00000001) would be ~180°... the areas in between are a huge gradient.

there's diminishing returns on Spread just like anything else in mathematics - 100 is not really all that much more Accurate than say, 50.


anyways in short, as you can see by firing the Weapon, your Accuracy is not going down by 27x. not even close.
or otherwise basically ignore the Accuracy Stat and only give care to the actual effects of Heavy Caliber, Tainted Shell, and Vicious Spread on Weapons.

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