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My idea of ​​a new weapons specialist Frame


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Hi, have a little suggestion here as I imagine a weapons specialist frame. 


Frame-Name: Camouflage


Skill 1: Grenade

Throws a grenade that leaves a cloud. The damage and status type depends on the chosen energy color (max. 3 active granades)

Skill 2: Loophole (Time based Skill)

Imagine a 180 degree barrier that is impenetrable to enemy projectiles for 15 seconds. At the end of time, the barrier explodes within 5 yards and stuns all enemies for 5sec

Skill 3: Combat-standing (Time based Skill)

Set up a tower that fills up ammunition from everyone in the group. He also gives a 10% damage & fire rate increase within 20 meters for all team members

Skill 4: Weapon readiness (ToogleSkill - Frame only)

While this skill is activated, all weapons will be charged in half of their reload time, and will consume only half of the ammo needed. With automatic reload of a weapon, you get a bonus on CritDamage and CritChance of 10% for 5sec


Passiv Frame Skill: 25% holster speed / 25% larger magazine capacity


What do you think?

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well it's not a bad effort, but I'm not so keen on it.

- name isn't great, but that can easily be changed.

- Grenade seems kind of gimmicky, and I'm not keen on the energy colour thing, as I already dislike it on Chroma for interfering with fashionframe. plus Vauban alreayd has Grenadews across his entire kit.

- Loophole isn't bad, but shields that aren't 100% protective are barely ever gonna get used. Volt and Atlas are never really sought after for their barriers whilst Frost and Gara are staples of Defense.

-Combat Standing, again, not keen on the name, but I do think a frame that gives ammo would have a place among the team, and it would being able to use ammo hungry weapons like the Boar Prime and Prisma Grakata a bit more loosely without worrying about running dry. some might disagree though, and say "just use ammo mutation".

- Weapon Readiness is fairly decent in concept, but also strikes me as being quite similar to Harrow, who can also fire faster, reload faster and have more crit with his 2 and 4. 

overall, I dunno how I'd feel about this frame, but I appreciate the time you took to think of a concept. 




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