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(9.8 - 9.8.4) Game Is Crashing When Hosting


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Alright, after initial tests the problem still persists. Crashed when hosting. I was playing Tolstoj and when we reached the boss, Warframe.exe reached 1.146.000K in Task Manager. This all points to memory leak, because it takes at least five minutes until the game crashes.


Therefore, looking at the other responses, our problem has unfortunately not been fixed as of yet.

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This is what DERebecca wrote:


Posted Today, 02:57 PM

PSA: LOCKING Until we get more .log files & WAR - #####'s (##### = variable for number of your error)

Are you STILL crashing? Follow these steps:


We need the following sent to support.warframe.com:


Your EE.log file found in \%localappdata%\Warframe


The WAR - ##### that appears after you submit the crash report. EDIT: If you do not get a War - #### due to forced shutdown, let us know.

Standing by!



if everybody sends his EE.log file they might be able to sort it out :)

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Played  Kela De Thaym (Merrow, Sedna) was by myself ok then 2nd player joined np 3rd player joined few mins in Froze ctrl alt del program using 1.4 gig ram were who how do we send our ee.log


Seeing we have to end task after Ctrl Alt Del will it generate info in file or Alt F4 there is never a crash to desktop it just freezes the game, windows doesn't ever freeze.

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Bottom line :

If you prefer performance : select only ***exactly*** 2 threads (or one core) of your 300 euros new shining multi-core multi-threaded i7-4770K. You'll crash when hosting, your video card will be overwhelmmed or over-feeded and the driver will stop to respond a few seconds (Windows 7/8 can unfortunately avoid a BSOD when your video card stop responding and reset some drivers), just in time to freeze+crash Warframe or find yourself alone after some unfortunate "host migration" (your host), that's a fact.


If you favour hosting without glitch : select a maximum of core and threads, your video card will live quietly in peace at 5-10 fps.

Secondly and optionally, find a place to hide, and leave your rig until the mission is over, hence it's now impossible to play at 10 fps with your new shining geForce GTX 770.

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