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(9.8 - 9.8.4) Game Is Crashing When Hosting


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https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/104253-update-98-984-crashing-issues-infothread/ See this thread for further info, please direct the conversation here.







I've been experiencing crashes only when hosting (solo and coop as client works fine) after 3-5 minutes of gameplay or at loading screen if players join prior to starting the game. This issue came up after this update. Also joining other people that host and crash, host gets moved and new one crashes again is not much fun.

CPU/GPU temps are normal, nothing is overheating.
RAM/HDD tests are fine.
Antivirus found nothing.
Drivers are up to date (AMD - not using beta drivers).
Game is already port-forwarded.
Switching the game's setting 32bit/64bit or dx9/dx11 does not help.

Support ticket containing EE.log: #61870

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I crash when host is passed to me, the game just freezes and i force quit the game.


When i start out as host i last maybe 5 minutes then crash.


Not only do i crash, when i go back to mission it says session is longer available.  Then i am stuck zoomed in on planet unable to back, escape, or select a mission.  All i can do is logout.


I don't feel like playing because i wasted an hour getting disconnect losing mods and experience.

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I've had the game locked up twice in the start as a host.


First happened with 3 players and second with 4. In first scenario there was only one other during count down and another one joined after it and game locked in the "waiting for players screen". Second time there were full party during countdown and crashed immediately after the countdown.


I did host a game with only one other player succesfully so for me the crashes started to happen with 3 or 4 players. But it's pretty small sample size.

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I can confirm that the crashes still exist despite 9.8.3.


It seems to me that this has possibly to do with a network code memory leak, because I always see that Warframe exponentially increases its ressources used in the Task Manager and then freezes up whenever you are hosting a match.


Usually Warframe is around 600.000K, but since the new patch whenever I host it hits up to 1.130.000K in the Task Manager.


Don't know whether that helps at all.




Maybe has to do with the fix that was supposed to fix graphics lag for the host if certain weapons were used or many physics objects were displayed.


Edit 2:


To quote


in thread https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/103455-constant-crashes-after-the-98-update/




From what I've discovered so far, freezes only happen for the one that is hosting the session, and only if the third and/or forth person joins the session.

Another thing that I've discovered is that this seems to be happening mostly to people who have 2 core CPU's, for example I have such and couple of friends from the clan as well. And people who have quad core CPU's don't have any freezes, though I'm not so sure about that, but friend from a clan never had any freeze from when the patch came out, and I and others with dual core CPU's constantly have them.


Also I do remember that devs did patch the game to fix some issue with single core CPU's, so could there also be an issue with dual core CPU's?



Maybe this helps to fix the problem?



Edit 3:


Just looked up the patch notes.




Made a large number of optimizations to improve host frame-rate (especially when fighting many NPCs).


Maybe these optimizations caused this possible memory leak/bug?



Edit 4:


After some research, this mainly occurs when four players are in the party, but does not occur when playing solo or with one other person. Maybe having a full party somehow causes a glitch in the network code, if dual cores are the CPUs used in the host's machine?

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