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Smart High Difficulty is needed.


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Seeing as the Fortuna enemies are gonna get buffed back up to harder levels again i hope its done right. I've pointed out in a few threads that the corpus is high damage but projectile based while the Grineer are lower damage but hitscan.

Some of the new corpus enemies seem to have hitscan now which shouldn't have the high damage as even when dodging around you get nailed by them and being killed by something like that you feel slightly robbed. So when the enemies get buffed it should be the projectile ones only. If you wanna keep the opticor ones they shouldn't be able to follow you and zap you so fast. That was the issue with the grineer snipers had for awhile with most people that they would snap to you and kill you even tho you kept jumping around everywhere.

Buff the non hitscan units. You should be taught that you have to dodge, Not punish you for trying to dodge but still getting hit. Most frames already get punished if they have a power that makes them stand still for a moment.

Thank you very much for your time.

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I agree. Although my preference for squishier frames is probably biasing me a bit, I do think that the enemies that have faster-moving projectiles should deal less damage, since it's harder to dodge them. The harder to dodge something, the less punishing  getting hit by it should be, right? I'd probably also tone down the Jackal's miniguns or switch them out for energy weapons for the same reason. Aside from their odd lack of drops, it's the only part about the actual mini-boss fights I don't like.

Also, those Opticor targeting lasers should probably aim where the blast is going to go instead of at the player, since it's hard to judge whether you're dodging it right or not as-is - same thing for Grineer Ballista. Up the damage in exchange.

Basically, I like about 75% of what they've done with Fortuna's difficulty, and just want some finer tuning. It's still several times better than regular tileset 'difficulty'. I'm looking at you, Bombards with your EHP greater than the Sergeant at the same level, powerful homing attacks and CC ability to counter melee attacks. What tactical decision am I supposed to make? Aside from similarly cheap moves.

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Doubtful enemy damage will get buffed back up to where it was, people would just start crying bloody murder again.  Truth is, raw numbers are a poor scale of difficulty after a point - you're either cheesing to survive, or you're not.  Those that don't get wrecked.  Those that do don't get wrecked.

This game isn't profitable catering to cheese, as seen with... virtually every "hard" mode in game.  Also, people are still crying bloody murder over nullifiers, which are actual challenge our powers can't make go away.

DE specifically mentioned elites.  I suspect either this means more elites existing at the same time at higher alarm levels, or only the elites will see a damage increase, but now the elite crewman and standard Moas won't be fazed out in place of elites at higher alarm levels, and thus soaking up spawn slots.  Currently Crewman and Terra Moa's are the standard fodder, and they're fazed out for Overtakers (which have homing weaponry) and those bursa-likes that spew mortars and pulse mines, with trenchers (melee) and the one's with the jet packs applying tons of pressure to the player.  Especially the jet pack, which seems to only miss because it wants to.  The aim on these guys either looks totally broken, or is spot on regardless of your movement.

While everything across the board had jacked up damage values (level 30's should hit like level 30's, not like level 70's,) I suspect the Overtakers were the main culprits, hence having their damage cut in half.  They're basically bombards with a rapid fire Ogris.  Everything else took a hit in the realm of 5-10 damage, more so if it was AoE damage.

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