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Ember World on Fire rework (build up passive)


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The issue with WoF is that it is simply toggled on and forgotten as it sweeps the map of low-ish level mobs.

Here's what I would do to make it more viable and interactive:

New Ember passive - casting powers builds up an "overheat" gauge that increases her power strength and reduces enemy accuracy (heat distortion).

WoF rapidly vents Ember's accumulated overheating, dealing intense damage over time. However, it shuts off once all heat is vented.

This makes WoF into a more conditional nuke that requires some effort to build up... But ideally with a proportional payoff. The best part is that it is self-limiting, due to requiring heat buildup and trading a degree of defensive benefit.


Similar to Equinox 4th, but in this rework, it requires other three of the abilities to build up the points of overheat.


It works like Musou from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. The normal abilities accumulate musou energy to give ember true ultimate.

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