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Is This A Trend Or Just Me?


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I wasnt here pre U7 but has DE always done this?: tell us how the next major update is gonna be during a livestream then slowly leak and implement elements of the update into the game prior to release in order to get feedback to make the major update even better. Instead of just releasing hell on us all on the exact day of the update implementation and watching everyone in the forum point out every last flaw all at once.


I only really noticed this for the survival, the recent warframe buffs/nerfs, and the fact they are talking about Necro's abilities before even having it in game.


Sorry if this was something pretty obvious :P

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It is a good design choice.
Better than the uber-lump update on a Friday that makes parts of the game impossible.

Instead we get a solid lump update, with most of the bugs and complaints from the more controversial updates out of the way, on a Friday, but at worst we have some derpy bugs and a weekend of resources.

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