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What's The Most Effective Ways To Farm Endo?



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Top locations for Endo farming:
● Arbitrations
● Grineer Arena (Vodyanoi, Sedna) (3 Nekros, 1 Nidus)

Alternative, less effective options:
● Hieracon, Pluto (Excavation, 25% chance for 400 Endo in Rotation A)
● Derelict Survival (10% chance for 400 Endo & 10% chance for 320 Endo in Rotation A)


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"most effective"

Public or team farm?

Public -

arbitrations are a new way to get heaps of endo,

your daily sortie is "very likely" to give you a sculpture

Hieracon, Pluto

Team farm -


Since arbitrations came out on console I have gone from

approx 150k to 500k endo

whilst also gaining millions in credits

My first daily mission is now an arbitration for the double credits whilst also gaining endo.

Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.

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20 hours ago, (PS4)de_sch0sch said:

But the loading time to get in and out of cetus ... no thanks.

on my SSD and solo it takes me about 10 seconds if that. of course you are on console it takes a lot longer. 

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