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Nintendo eShop Prime Access Packs - A Question


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So, I was browsing around the forums for a bit, checking latest staff replies as I normally do, and I ran into something that caught my attention. Not in a bad way or anything.



We've received some feedback that the content descriptions under the eShop for Prime Access and Prime Vault are not entirely clear. We've listed each pack and its contents below. 

Prime Access has two packs available for purchase:
Warframe: Chroma Prime Access Pack includes
2625 Platinum, Chroma Prime Warframe, Rubico Prime Sniper Rifle, Gram Prime Sword, Exclusive Chroma Prime Glyphs
Warframe: Chroma Prime Accessories Pack includes - 
1365 Platinum, Imugi Prime Armor, Impetus Prime Syandana, 90 Day Affinity Booster, 90 Day Credit Booster"

I haven't been able to check the pricing on either of these packs yet, but I'm curious if the cost of the Chroma Prime Accessories Pack went up at all because there's 1365 platinum included with it now.
Never had an option to buy plat along with the 90 Day boosters + Prime Cosmetics, so my question is this:

Is it still $49.99 like the pack you can get from Warframe's website directly?

Or is it a bit more because of the added 1365 platinum?
At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to me as I already have the accessories for this Prime Access, I'm just curious.

Could it be because there are just two Prime Access related packs available on the eShop and not the four we have access to on Warframe's site?

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This is exactly how Xbox and PlayStation do this. I'll dig up a link on prices, can't find Nintendo online however. 

It is $59.99


There was a recent post saying this pack is about $80 on Nintendo eshop, but that is the price for Prime Access no picture to indicate they knew what they were looking at. 

Here is PlayStation


I don't see much reason why Nintendo would up charge it so much, won't believe it until I see it. 

Being Xbox main, I prefer these packs, the plat & booster is great value, arguably better deal unless you buy the max value on PC which I believe just overall comes with more plat than console packs combine. 

With that being said, we also don't get the same daily plat discount bonus, instead of a plat purchase discount we get a single use market purchase discount, 25/50/75% off most single items like a warframe, weapon, potato, single forma, ect. 

We still get seasonal discount plat purchase, so we can kinda double dip, and to top the cake, we can buy Tennogen with platinum, discount can't be used, but that's the real deal here on console. 

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20 minutes ago, (XB1)Evilpricetag said:

This is exactly how Xbox and PlayStation do this. I'll dig up a link on prices, can't find Nintendo online however. 

It is $59.99

Yeah, I wouldn't imagine Nintendo would charge any more than the other platforms for the same items.

My main issue was if they were offering platinum along with the base accessories pack for the same $49.99. (not sure why I thought that, because that obviously isn't the case).
Thanks for clarifying that for me. I may have to see if I can get on my brother's Switch later and double-check the pricing.

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