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Twitch drop monster? NO THANKS


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we do not want to watch streams just for a drop... we don't want to watch random streamers who we don't care about, muted and minimised, wasting resources, for a drop in the game we play.... 
Its not going to get viewers being interactive... its not going to make people play the game more... 
and if there's exclusive twitch drops.... that's more obviously saying 'come give this guy view time mute it we don't care, you want this exclusive RIGHT?? 
its just a pointless idea, purely for streamers to gain inactive audience... don't do this... twitch prime bullsh*t is enough already..

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we actually want to watch primetime/devstreams, cuz its the devs, its about whats new ingame... its not just about the free drops, everyone in the devstreams/primetime, are active in chat... 100% guaranteed people will mute just a random streamer for drops and never engage.

don't bother :facepalm:

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Oh I've got news for you: Those larger viewer counts for Prime Time and Devstreams? Most of those people are just there for the free plat, not to hang out with the devs and community team. You do have dedicated players trying to check out the upcoming content or participate in contests but they're outnumbered by the !plat spammers (not just the ones typing it because memes).

Twitch Drops aren't a terrible idea. It's a mutually beneficial thing for all involved even if most of the time it's just some decoration. Yes, there's some partners I don't care for but there are some I was already following on YouTube and new ones I discovered because of the Drops program. I may not watch their streams or videos frequently due to time but the ones I do enjoy I'm right there hanging out in chat with other people and having a good time with the people I enjoy watching.

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The twitch drop events are for seeing something you are interested at. Not for watching 24/7 to get as much as possible. So if you don't want to watch: don't do it. But I like the ide new a. Not for watching all the time. Just to watch a single stream and getting some new ideas, news and impression from warframe. To get free drop aside is nice. 

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I don't mind the twitch drops. It's always fun to find new streamers to watch

however where they went wrong is the "chance" to get something

27k credits for watching 1 hour? LOL!!!
what am i supposed to do with 400 display glyphs?

so you watch 1 hour and you get trash with a technically unrealistic chance to get something fancy

what this causes is now that i will go on the 24/7 twitch drop feed, Mute the Browser, set quality to 144p minimise and let the stream roll until the end of the event. 


if you want it to have meaning and be worth it you need to do a couple of things

1- make it a guaranteed exclusive reward (not the credits or display glyph BS)
2- make it a reasonable amount of time to watch 1-2 hours TOPS
3- give the content creator something to show for his stream that no one has seen yet.

basically: make me want to watch the stream and not only muted minimized 24/7 for the duration of the event.

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