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Focus: Assigned in loadout?


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It's a user interface/timesink issue for me...

Most frames I'm going to run Zenurik.  But there are times I want to run Madurai or Naramon...can't switch out unless I go back to the Orbiter....which is a bit of pain if you're on Cetus.  Or in the Dojo.  And then when I want to switch to a frame I need Zenurik on...back to operator station we go...and if I forget that I've switched....abort mission and then back to the operator station we go.  It's not a huge deal, but I think it would enhance the player experience.  

It seems like this is something that would have been asked a long time ago so I'm sure some of the community stalwarts can clue me in as to why we can't - but I still need to ask...

Can we get Focus schools assigned per loadout A,B,C per frame?

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