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Gaze Problem Build With Riven



So i have Gaze kitgun but i say parts.

Chamber : Gaze

Grip : Ramble because of 37 meters

Loader : Zip

Pax Arcane : Charge because i love Infinite Ammo.

The problem is the mods im using good mods but the problem is lethal torrent if i use or remove it and use other mod.

if use you know kill your ammo but i have pax charge.

Q ; you are using riven mod ?

A ; Yes

Gaze Satitis

100.3% Critical damage

159.5% Multishot

-21.6% Damage Against Infested.

Q : What is your problem on lethal torrent ?

A : so im think to remove it and use other mod.....Primed quickdraw , frostbite , hydraulic crosshairs or other thing.

So good luck to help me. Meanwhile im going to Hunt Krillers & Cryotics

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Images problems...i go to say status on forum.
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going to notice dmg fall off if u remove lethal torrent but that only on high tier missions 

if u just want to make the weapon more efficient then go for primed quickdraw

here's my build (hope imgur is working, its not xD)


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What did you remove for the Riven instead of Lethal Torrent?

Typically Lethal Torrent or a Crit mod is what you swap out for a Riven unless that Riven has +%Toxic on it then you'd swap out a 90% mod or +%Crit to replace a Crit mod though that's not an ideal roll most the time due to Primed stats. This is assuming a status based build. If you're going flat DPS then it doesn't matter much just pick what gives the most but for a Status build you don't want to lower the main Elemental weight you're using by dropping the 90% Elemental mod on a non-Slash weapon.

The sweet spot is 90% + 60/60x2 for a Hybrid build.  Eh, Rivens and the Primed Banes for Secondaries can be frustrating.

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