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Virtual Moa Idol Lambeo~


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6 hours ago, Julian_Skies said:

Sometimes images get broken in the forums.

Yours are broken for me right now.

Imgur often have this problem.


19 hours ago, Neptlude said:

wut link? wrong thread?

Due to Imgur being wonky, it doenst show for everyone unless they been to the link.

Tinypic sould work alot better in this case and i recommend you change it to that instead.

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25 minutes ago, Neptlude said:

Kinda wish stasis field actually just block shots or completely freezes em 



I agree, sorta like a Frost's snowglobe, but without the freeze effect, or vice versa, or both.

But really, this Moa is super cute and the design look great as a humanoid. Now i really want my own humanoid Moa like this.

Also, really nice work on the field effect, looks cool

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