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I found a use for Nyx


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10 minutes ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

YES! it is I, the Meta! if you aren't using Saryn with an Arca Plasmor or Ignis Wraith, then you're a scrub who needs to git gud! look on in Envy as I clear rooms with ease and make the game less fun for everyone else! huzzah!



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13 minutes ago, -AoN-CanoLathra- said:

Uhhh..... Sorry for being an idiot here, but what are you doing?

abusing Nyx's 4 with trinity, mesa, and rhino

Rhino is invincible, so he grabs all the points, and Trinity and Mesa sit in my 4.  With the right mods I can stay in it for over 10 minutes, so I can AFK index, and my friends don't hate me for it.

If you guys want, I can post my build and the 2 good spots we're using to avoid nullifier enemies and keep mesa at a good angle.

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