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Elemental Damage



I'm a new player and for some reason I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around the damage system. I've watched plenty of videos, but something just isn't syncing. 

As I understand damage, when I hit something the main damage of pierce, impact, or slash occurs. What about elemental damage? If I've got a +10 heat mod is that damage also applied or is it only applied if a status effect is procced?

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All numerical value on your weapon are applied at the same time on a single shot.
If it says  +10% heat on an all stat physical weapon, then you will do slash+puncture+impact+heat damage to the enemy.

Status chance only affects status effect.
Each element( physical included ) has a special effect when status chance procs.

For example, Heat will set the enemy on fire dealing damage over time and cause them to panic,
Impact will stagger the enemy,
slash deals damage over time,
puncture will reduce enemy... damage?

So yeah, when you hit something, everything occur at the same time.

To be noted ; Each enemy has a damage resistance applied specifically by its current type of armor.
Some enemies take more damage to certain elements while others are highly resistant to them.
You can learn more about each enemy's weakness by scanning them with a Scanner and visiting the "enemy codex" tab in your Orbiter.

But as a quick recap,
Grineer most encountered weakness ; Puncture/corrosive/radiation
Corpus most encountered weakness ; Slash/Viral/radiation ( yeah I know magnetism and impact too for shield, but shhhh )
Infested major weakness ; Slash/Gas
That's from memory, might not be entirely accurate.

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IPS (Impact, Puncture, Slash) and Elemental damage are always applied when you hit an enemy regardless of status chance.

Status chance determines how often any status is applied to the enemy, including the three physical damage types. Even with multiple damage types on a weapon, only one will apply status for each proc, preferring the type with the highest numbers. For example, if a weapon has 50 Impact and 100 Slash, the latter is twice as likely to proc.

IPS values are also weighted to be four times as likely as Elemental for each point of damage, so on a weapon with 25 Slash and 100 Heat, each are equally as likely to proc.

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